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Pimp Our New Ride - Part II

Tuesday I mentioned the need for a name for the new community based blog opening up soon. There were 60+ ideas submitted. Here's my short list of finalists (in no particular order):

"Wizbang Soapbox"
"Wizbang Community"
"Wizbang Gang"
"Wizbang Harangue"

Given those four choices, I'm looking for a little discussion on the merits (or demerits) of each. Remember someone's taking home a copy of The Aristocrats DVD for the winning entry. I'll let you know which name I pick Friday.

Right now the plan is to open up the site for signups this weekend. There's still lots of behind the scenes work to be done, but the most critical part is finished. The author registration process is fully automated, thanks to several months of mulling over the details of how to accomplish the task, and the superior MT plugin programming skills of Chad Everett at Everitz Consulting (MT-Notifier, MT-Moderate, etc.). The plugin, called MT-GetPublished, will probably be released commercially in the next month or two.

Note: I'm not including WIZBANG POP! among the possibilities because I think that might actually be a better name for the Wizbang Celebs site than the current name. That's one I've got to mull over... Because I like it so much I'm going to send Woodman a DVD copy of The Aristocrats as well...

Comments (26)

Wizbang Gang sounds kind of... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Gang sounds kind of dirty.

Well, I'm obviously partial... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm obviously partial to "Community." I think it speaks plainly to what you are building. There's no way to misunderstand, no "diary" branding to turn some users off (diary still makes a lot fo people think of little girls drawing unicorns and the cute boy's name with hearts over the I's)...and the word "Blog" is overused.

Soapbox makes it sound like a rant site. I don't even know how you try to convince people "harangue" is good. ;) It sounds confrontational and mean from the get-go. While "Bang" is a great play on words...do you really think you can promote that with a straight face, or get others to promote it? You will forever and always be "the site with gangbang in the name." The community will NEVER be judged on its own merits.

I like it when things say what they are. Wizbang Community says precisely and exactly what it is.

That's my pitch. :)

Oh, and I like Wizbang Pop ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and I like Wizbang Pop for the celeb site...speaking of, is there an rss feed coming for that?

Community is overused and s... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Community is overused and stuffy. While not on the list, I like Wizbang Crew.

I love Wizbang Gang, unless... (Below threshold)

I love Wizbang Gang, unless you're trying to go for a stuffier name.

'soapbox' and 'community' s... (Below threshold)

'soapbox' and 'community' sound an awful lot like what Townhall.com is getting going and have none of the somewhat offbeat vibe that Wizbang has going for it...I was partial to 'harangue' when I first saw the suggestion, but it might be a little much...I guess I'm another vote for 'gang'

It is so obvious, since thi... (Below threshold)

It is so obvious, since this is a conservative blog only one name will fit:

Wizbang Nazis

I mean aren't we all a bunch of white Christian, supremacists facist pigs seeking to rule the world and destroy the Republic.

Actually in all seriousness I kinda liked:

Wizband Soapbox

Hey, bcb0225Destro... (Below threshold)

Hey, bcb0225

Destroying the Republic is supposed to be a secret! One more “whistle blow” from you and we’re going to have to ask for resignation!

I submitted “Soapbox” because it is going to be a place for the public to express their views. When did “Soapbox” become a negative thing?

'Wizbang Gang' might be a t... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

'Wizbang Gang' might be a title that could become the butt of too many jabs from elsewhere.'Soapbox' is ok but not very zippy-snappy.
'Wizbang Community' souunds like something that happens in Jay Tea's hometown on Friday nights. Yawn...
'Harangue' probably wouldn't have been my choice, but it speaks precisely to the dialogue that the site is being designed to invite. Excellent title.

Since “Wizbang Harangue” wa... (Below threshold)

Since “Wizbang Harangue” was my suggestion, of course I like it best……

I agree somewhat with the commentors who worry it might be misinterpreted, or that some folks might just not “get it”.

But I think a little tag line that spells out the definition of the word could clear that up, and maybe look kind of neat too.

On the plus side, I think it would definitely stick in peoples minds. I have never seen it used elsewhere, so I think it is unique, and somewhat Google-friendly.

And on top of all of that, “The Aristocrats” is at the top of my Amazon wish list. So please, help a Penn and Teller fan out here.....

Lacks Wiz-zaz!... (Below threshold)

Lacks Wiz-zaz!

jmaster:That's all... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:


That's all well and good that you were the author of the "harangue" concept,but if you do make it to the top, and get chosen as best-in-show, just try to remember those people at the bottom of the heap. Those who were supporters, back when you were a nobody! All I'm asking is,"can I at least borrow the DVD sometime"?

How bout the name "Wizbange... (Below threshold)

How bout the name "Wizbangers"!?

Wizzup with that?... (Below threshold)

Wizzup with that?

Moon Monkey,Of cou... (Below threshold)

Moon Monkey,

Of course I’ll share my bounty. I’ll never forget the little people who made it all possible.

And don’t be so hard on yourself. As long as folks like Rodney Dill and McGehee hang around here, you will never truly be at the bottom of the heap.

I'm not really sold on any ... (Below threshold)

I'm not really sold on any of them...if I had to pick from the four I'd go with Community, but (no offense meant to JimK) I find that be almost as trite as Blog - but, as JimK says, it does speak to what's built.

So, with that in mind, I question why the name of this "area" or "section" of the wizbang site must be prefaced with wizbang. In the spirit of Wizbang Community, why not "The Corps" or "The Set" or "Bang Town"?

To be clear - hear we are at Wizbang - reading the blog, gettin' all frothy over Joel Stein or some other moonboob so we head over to The Corps to vent a little or rebutt. Then, a few hours later, Chuck(le) at LGF refers to some diddy he read in The Corps over at Wizbang: "Rob really brought up a great point about blueberry poptarts over at The Corps on Wizbang." Eventually, of course, everyone just knows where the The Corps is - it's at wizbang - where ya been, everybody knows that, it's just behind USMC on a google search.

So I'm trying to seel the name - just maybe another way to think about the naming. And I'm bored.

So I'm trying to seel the n... (Below threshold)

So I'm trying to seel the name - just maybe another way to think about the naming. And I'm bored.

Uhhh, yeah, see what I was trying to say here (before the typos and such)is I'm NOT trying to sell that name - just another way to think about the naming. And I'm bored...but not enough to reeeeally proof read this.

I like Wizbang Harangue, it... (Below threshold)

I like Wizbang Harangue, it sings.

Perhaps Wizbang Meringue, it has zip and it's tasty.

Wizbang Gang Bang. Heh. C... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Gang Bang. Heh. Childish and immature? Yes. Maybe that's why it makes me smile.

I can see it now, whenever ... (Below threshold)

I can see it now, whenever some post that is put up here that the inmates of the DU take particular issue with, it will be pointed out thusly...

"The Wizbang Harangue-atangs...."
As well as with various references to Chimpy McHitlerBurton.

Might not be the best choice for a new site name.

/just saying'

I had a wizbangellation of ... (Below threshold)

I had a wizbangellation of ideas, but none of them got any respect. And then jmaster insults me.

[sigh] This truly is home.

WOW, getting picked for any... (Below threshold)

WOW, getting picked for any part of Wizbang, one of my favorite blogs is just way cool! I hit this site every day to see the takes on the latest stuff going on. One of the few places where it is smart as well as funny. Can't wait for the DVD.. everybody wants to be a cat... cuz a cats the only cat, who knows where it's at.... Ok, so who says a cop can't know disney tunes? Mr. Glock says I can sing whatever the heck I want... go ahead.... make my day...

Ok, so that is the AristoCA... (Below threshold)

Ok, so that is the AristoCATS... but its a good movie too... heh.

I like Wizbang Community, b... (Below threshold)

I like Wizbang Community, because it is what it says, but agree that it's a bit stuffy. Although it's too late for something new I would propose Wizbang Folks as an alternate form of Wizbang Community.

Woodman,Woodman,Woodman...i... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Woodman,Woodman,Woodman...it's obvious the mushrooms aren't working. If you expect to be ready for your closeup when De Mille arrives you've got to get back on your meds,ASAP!

Wiz-Dumb?... (Below threshold)







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