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Gore Blasts New Canadian Prime Minister


Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore has accused the oil industry of financially backing the Tories and their "ultra-conservative leader" to protect its stake in Alberta's lucrative oilsands.

Canadians, Gore said, should vigilantly keep watch over prime minister-designate Stephen Harper because he has a pro-oil agenda and wants to pull out of the Kyoto accord -- an international agreement to combat climate change.

"The election in Canada was partly about the tar sands projects in Alberta," Gore said Wednesday while attending the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

"And the financial interests behind the tar sands project poured a lot of money and support behind an ultra-conservative leader in order to win the election . . . and to protect their interests."

I am not even remotely familiar with Candian politics to speak to Harper's involvement with the oil industry, but from where I'm sitting I'd think that Canada's election of someone who is in favor of developing that country's natural energy resources would be a boon both for that country and ours.

As we stare down the barrel of a conflict in Iran (though that seems less likely now that we seem to be backing down) the idea of a plentiful supply of an energy resouce like oil in the hands of our friendly neighbors to the north is comforting. If Iran (or some other unstable oil-rich nation) were to take its oil off the global market the fact that Canada has a ready supply would be a good thing. Any reduction in global oil supply, whether it be from a country we buy from or not, is going to drive up oil prices. But more oil coming from Canada would serve to make a volatile market less so. And as far as I'm concerned I'd much rather deal with Canada for our oil than Venezuela or Saudi Arabia.

The development of Canada's oil preserves is in the interest of both our countries. Whether environmental zealots like Al Gore want to believe it or not, neither Canada nor America is going to be ending its dependence on fossil fuels any time soon. While the search for alternative energy solutions should by all means continue, it is folly to discourage the development of oil resources in our own country and it is, by extension, also folly to discourage the development of oil resources within the borders of our friendly allies.

You can read more from Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog.com


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Comments (24)

"it is ...also folly to di... (Below threshold)

"it is ...also folly to discourage the development of oil resources within the borders of our friendly allies."

Not if you are an ardent defendor of our countries environment and parks!!

But dont ever mention the fact that Gore is a partner in a series of Coal Mines that rob our country of it's natural resources...or that over a 1/3 of our country is already designated as national parks!

Has there been a democratic... (Below threshold)

Has there been a democratic election in the last eight years - 2000, 2004, Iraq, Canada - that Gore DID like? At this point, I can only conclude that he is either in favor of tyranny or is too dumb to understand why he constantly finds himself supporting the losing side.

I don't know who is the big... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

I don't know who is the biggest embarrassment, Jimmy Carter or Al Gore. The both seem to have advise for everybody even though the were both dumped at home.

Rob, I have to quibble with... (Below threshold)

Rob, I have to quibble with you on one very minor point. Al Gore isn't an "environmental zealot" UNLESS he sees it politically advantageous for him to be one. He'll say whatever he has to in an attempt to make himself look important.

Does anybody with a mental ... (Below threshold)

Does anybody with a mental age above 18 really care what Gore thinks any more? Does ANYBODY believe what he says, or am I just preying on your fears?

And he still thinks he should be President. Someone should explain things to him: he's not President, he's not Vice President, and he's not even a Senator any more. He holds no office whatsoever.

Thanks be to the little baby Jesus...

Gore is a washed-up, unhing... (Below threshold)

Gore is a washed-up, unhinged political has-been who's making desperate and pathetic attempts to cling to relevancy. I hope PM Harper gives him no thought whatsoever.

This is the same hypocrite ... (Below threshold)

This is the same hypocrite that owns stock in Occidental Petroleum. This company by the way, received the lion’s share of the strategic oil reserve release during his vice presidency. The same company his father worked for as an executive. This guy talks out of both ends overcome by his delusions of a renewed political career.

here's an email I sent to t... (Below threshold)

here's an email I sent to the reporter last night:

To: rd'[email protected]
Date: Jan 26, 2006 11:42 PM
Subject: Gore, Kyoto

You wrote in your recent article:
"Gore warned that Harper wants to remove Canada from the Kyoto accord, which the United States signed under former president Bill Clinton, but has refused to ratify under President George W. Bush."

I hate to nitpick, but this isn't entirely accurate. While former President Clinton signed the Kyoto Treat in 1997 (3 years before President Bush took office I would remind you), he did so in spite of a Senate resolution that directed the administration to reject any climate treaty that exempted developing nations, and that Senate resolution passed 95 to zero. Even Senator "I was for it before I was against it" John Kerry has said he would reject the treaty, and indeed voted that way on the Senate resolution.

President Clinton and VP Gore are signed a cynical treaty that they knew would never be adopted, and who's targets could not be met. They looked sensitive to the environment while their record on environmental issues was far less impressive... fuel economy in cars/trucks fell to 1980's levels during their administration.

It is inaccurate to write that Pres. Bush "refused to ratify the agreement" when 1) it is not his privilege to ratify a treaty, that is the job of the Senate, and 2) President Clinton and VP Gore had 3 full years to push for ratification of the agreement but they never even took it to the Senate.

Is ALGORE one of those guys... (Below threshold)

Is ALGORE one of those guys in the Wizbang Friday Caption contest?

2008 is going to be fun: Clinton-Kerry-Gore stuck on stupid fest.

Al Goredo again shootin fro... (Below threshold)

Al Goredo again shootin from the mouth. He's so successful, LOL.

Hmmmmmm, Al Gore.......... ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmmm, Al Gore.......... wait, wait....don't tell me I know I'll remember if you give me a little more time.

"Has there been a democrati... (Below threshold)

"Has there been a democratic election in the last eight years - 2000, 2004, Iraq, Canada - that Gore DID like? At this point, I can only conclude that he is either in favor of tyranny or is too dumb to understand why he constantly finds himself supporting the losing side."

seriously! it's time these commie democrats start LIKING when they lose. sure, gore technically won the popular vote. but why's doesn't he LIKE losing the electoral thing?

"I don't know who is the biggest embarrassment, Jimmy Carter or Al Gore. The both seem to have advise for everybody even though the were both dumped at home."

exactly! it's time al gore accept that he got dumped by the electoral thing! the american people might have technically chosen him, but who the hell are they? they don't chose. no wonder our international popularity has gone to shit! it's gore's fault!

Bitter much, teddy?<p... (Below threshold)

Bitter much, teddy?

Remind us who the last president was that got a majority of voters in a presidential election.

Remind us what the turnout rates are in the US vs. Iraq and even 'Palestine' for national elections.

Need your experience & opin... (Below threshold)

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Hey Al. Like most Democrate... (Below threshold)
Robert Williams:

Hey Al. Like most Democrates lost so shut up and sit down. The Canadians are our Friends, not you.

Go away and invent another internet or yourself.


Teddy,Losing is all ... (Below threshold)

Losing is all Al and his ilk seem to do lately. So mebbe he needs to come to like it, or stop being such a loser.
Like my pa used to tell us (and this is very true for the national democrat party now-a-days):
"Keep it up and you'll get nothing, and like it. Now find your place, and get in it!"

Rob you hit the nail on the... (Below threshold)

Rob you hit the nail on the head. Canadian oil would be a great boon not only for our country, but also for the USA. So long as an alternative energy source is still a ways off, we have no choice but to work with what we have.

Since when did corporate oil interests become Satan? As a writer above correctly states Gore himself has interests in "earth depleting" enterprises.

What I find ironical about this, is that back in the 80's as I'm sure you recall, academics and chicken little lefties were screaming that by the millennium we would be totally screwed. They predicted an end to fossil fuels by that momentous date.

Sometimes I wonder if these researchers spin doom and gloom scenarios from their findings in order to sell books and get increased funding.

Gore isn't the only critic taking shots at Harper. During the federal election here, Martin kept referring to the "far,far right" in dark tones. The Liberals even had an ad that showed the Canadian army moving into the urban areas like some type of junta staging a coup d'etat. They canned the ad after it was leaked. Martin also stooped to the "Great Satan" scare mongering as a few stateside blogs were quick to notice.

Stephen Harper ran an excellent campaign. He kept his head and his focus.

I watched Gore deliver his speech recently, and I seriously wonder if the guy is emotionally disturbed. There is something not quite right there.

A question: Is there anyone... (Below threshold)

A question: Is there anyone even slightly to the right of Al Gore whom he hasn't labeled "ultra conservative"? Just asking ...

Good point Giacomo.<p... (Below threshold)

Good point Giacomo.

What I find most objectionable about Gore's rants is the obvious gap that exists between reality and his hype.

In the recent speech in which he lambasted the President for the wire tapping surveillance, he leaped to the conclusion that it was illegal - even though he is on record saying there is "much to be learned about the program".

The Clinton administration authorized physical searches without warrants on occasion. So watching Al try for the mountaintop on this is kind of farcical.

I liked him better when he had the beard. He should grow another one, take up dope smoking and stay home listening to the Grateful Dead.

Would you please tell Al Go... (Below threshold)

Would you please tell Al Gore that we have enough left-wing blowhards here without importing them from the States? Harper was bankrolled by average Canadians who were tired of the self-proclaimed moral high-grounders like him, pissing their money away on usless gun registries when they weren't out and out stealing it in sponsership scams.
Furthermore, those environment loving Liberals he swoons about, actually increased the per capita production of greenhouse gasses at a higher rate than nasty old Dubya. Please tell Al to get his hypocritical head out of his ass and go re-invent the internet or something. Canada has had about all the Liberalism we can stomach for a while.

A question: Is there any... (Below threshold)

A question: Is there anyone even slightly to the right of Al Gore whom he hasn't labeled "ultra conservative"? Just asking ...

Is there anyone to the left of Joe Lieberman who doesn't get regularly and repeatedly labelled by most of the right as a looney, far-left, America-hating communist? Just asking...

From what I've heard, Liebe... (Below threshold)

From what I've heard, Lieberman doesn't even count as being on the "left."

I rather liked Mark Steyn's explaining of the Canadian election and the concept of "conservative" as it applies in the North.

Harper's Conservatives are ... (Below threshold)

Harper's Conservatives are much further left wing than Gore's Democrats.

Untrue. Harper's Conservati... (Below threshold)

Untrue. Harper's Conservatives are roughly equal to a Joe Lieberman Democrat.

Al Gore-type Democrats would be left wing of the Liberal party, or perhaps center NDP (New Democratic Party), in Canada.






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