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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Many a snowman : A woman looks at snowmen installed at the Arbat, a popular pedestrian shopping and entertainment street in Moscow. (AFP/Denis Sinyakov)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (140)

When Fadwa pull the detonat... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

When Fadwa pull the detonator on her 10 lbs of Semtex, the Israeli's knew that their ruse had worked.

"Say any of you guys wanna ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Say any of you guys wanna join the filibuster on Alito?"

"Bueller?... Bueller?..."</... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Bueller?... Bueller?..."

"There's one missing a head... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"There's one missing a head, Yep that boy and D--- tiger have been at it again."

It became obvious she wasn'... (Below threshold)

It became obvious she wasn't in Choclate City anymore.

Helen Thomas, still angered... (Below threshold)

Helen Thomas, still angered by routinely being snubbed by the President and his Press Secretary, sets about selecting a date for the annual White House Press Club dinner.

Nice one, Freakyboy.... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Nice one, Freakyboy.

What do I have to do to get... (Below threshold)

What do I have to do to get a cappucino in this frikken place?

Canada mobilizes its armed ... (Below threshold)

Canada mobilizes its armed forces to protect its sovereignty over the Northwest Passage.

Miss Lewinski was delighted... (Below threshold)

Miss Lewinski was delighted, as she thought to herself, "Just let em TRY and find a white stain THIS time!"

How am I supposed to find S... (Below threshold)

How am I supposed to find Senator Kennedy in this crowd?

All she had to choose from ... (Below threshold)

All she had to choose from were beady-eyed, bald men with bad teeth....it was the worst pick-up place in history.

Siberian shriners on parade... (Below threshold)

Siberian shriners on parade!

Cindy Sheehan speaks to a "... (Below threshold)

Cindy Sheehan speaks to a "standing room only" crowd in Russia.

Reuters: "Enthusiastic thro... (Below threshold)

Reuters: "Enthusiastic throng turns out for Al Gore's 'Global Warming' speech."

So when exactly did Calvin ... (Below threshold)

So when exactly did Calvin get a decorating license?

...And finally in the news ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

...And finally in the news today, Michael Jackson was seen shopping again, at a mall in Russia. Sheesh, enough already!

After perusing the local si... (Below threshold)

After perusing the local singles once again, Svetlana knew she had no other option left but to register at www.myforeignbride.com!

"Men...their all the same, ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Men...their all the same, cold hearts and ice between their legs!

"Tell me, comrade, is this ... (Below threshold)

"Tell me, comrade, is this the queue to buy a loaf of bread?"

Aware that her can of mace ... (Below threshold)

Aware that her can of mace would be of no use against their frozen advance, Svetlana pulls out a bottle of cherry syrup and quickly disperses the infamous "North Pole's Frosties" sled gang.

"Pssst,sailor: how can you ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Pssst,sailor: how can you live in a place like this? Sailor...sailor!

Al Jazerra reports:D... (Below threshold)

Al Jazerra reports:
Dateline Washington DC:
A group of fat white Western males, some mockingly wearing the Fez, surrounded a Muslim woman today...........

"You guys come here often?"... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"You guys come here often?"

Snow many men, so little ti... (Below threshold)

Snow many men, so little time.

Marvin...?... (Below threshold)


Thanks Rodney. I blame you... (Below threshold)

Thanks Rodney. I blame your OTB contest for getting me hooked on these silly things. And to everyone, please accept my apologies for the pre-morning coffee spelling error. Choc-O-late! Doh.

Teresa Heinz Kerry is seen ... (Below threshold)

Teresa Heinz Kerry is seen warming up the throngs of supporters out to hear her husband speak on global warming.

Now that the sun's out, the... (Below threshold)

Now that the sun's out, the line should die down soon...

In yet another New York Tim... (Below threshold)

In yet another New York Times "staged photo-op" scandal, it was revealed today that Cindy Sheehan's annual Winter Solstice protest in Crawford, Texas featured artificial supporters. When asked for her comment on the scandal, Sheehan replied, "I fail to see how the demographic makeup of the protesters changes the fact that President Bush LIED to the American people."

"Senator Byrd! Senator Byrd... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Senator Byrd! Senator Byrd! I know you're hiding here somewhere."

She couldn't prove it, but ... (Below threshold)

She couldn't prove it, but Nancy was convinced the security searches on the Air Alaska flights were not performed at random.

Maureen Dowd, still looking... (Below threshold)

Maureen Dowd, still looking for her man in all the wrong places....

Mexico may get all the ink,... (Below threshold)

Mexico may get all the ink, but screening for illegal immigrants sneaking across the Canadian border was no piece of cake either.

(Freakyboy's Chocolate City... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

(Freakyboy's Chocolate City comment made me spit on my monitor - best one so far)

Weegie said: How am I supposed to find Senator Kennedy in this crowd?

Easy - he's the only pasty white blob with a red glowing nose.

After years of communism ba... (Below threshold)

After years of communism bankrupting the system the once great red army is all white.

Calvin!!!... (Below threshold)


The Russians learn the hard... (Below threshold)

The Russians learn the hard way not to let France design their winter army wear.

Nan Pelosi initiates phase ... (Below threshold)

Nan Pelosi initiates phase one of her newest plan to take down the Republican majority: voodoo snowmen.

After constantly accusing P... (Below threshold)

After constantly accusing President Bush of being a tyrant Helen Thomas "accidentally" shows up in siberia for a surprise Presidential press conference where she was promised to be the only reporter to ask questions, Damn Bush is funny.

Hillary looking for plantat... (Below threshold)

Hillary looking for plantation workers.

Dan Rather scooped the worl... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather scooped the world with his report on Zogby polling which confirmed that Hillary Clinton's would win in 2008. When challenged by the fact that Zogby's pool of "likely voters" consisted of 501 snowmen and one woman who did not speak english, Rather replied that the accuracy of the poll had not been disproved, so as a responsible journalist he would stand by his story.

Toto, I think we took a wro... (Below threshold)
J. MacKay:

Toto, I think we took a wrong turn. This dosen't look like Chocolate City.

A local resident stumbles u... (Below threshold)

A local resident stumbles upon Frosty the Snowman's clandestine cloning experiments designed to build an army of jihadist snowmen.


Frosty the Snowman II: The Clone Wars

Wonkette meets The Kos Kidz... (Below threshold)

Wonkette meets The Kos Kidz

Anna began to wonder if the... (Below threshold)

Anna began to wonder if the rumor of a resurgent FSB wasn't true.

Freaky Boy!Freaky Bo... (Below threshold)

Freaky Boy!
Freaky Boy!
Freaky Boy!

(I'm not even going to try after that one!)

World diplomats gree... (Below threshold)

World diplomats greet the new Hamas ambassador...

"A lone dissenter taunts so... (Below threshold)

"A lone dissenter taunts soldiers of The People's Republic Of Coldennia brought in by the government to quash the weeks-long protest."


"Maureen Dowd finally meets a man with whom she has something in common." [see: Moon Monkey's]

Members of the Pajamas Medi... (Below threshold)

Members of the Pajamas Media finally enlist.

"Democrats court the crucia... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

"Democrats court the crucial 'person-of-snow' swing vote"

"Which one of you is the re... (Below threshold)

"Which one of you is the real Karl Rove?"

"American Idol Looks For Si... (Below threshold)

"American Idol Looks For Simon Cow Replacement."

A UN Weapons inspector chec... (Below threshold)

A UN Weapons inspector checks Hell to see how the European demands that Iran stop producing nuclear weapons have fared.

There once was a woman from... (Below threshold)

There once was a woman from the North,
compelled by her genes to go forth.
And what did she buy,
with that gleam in her eye?
Another bargain, for what it is worth.

"Call me a bigot, but all t... (Below threshold)

"Call me a bigot, but all these Canadians look the same to me"

I knew I should have hung m... (Below threshold)

I knew I should have hung my uniform by the door.

Her father's request that L... (Below threshold)

Her father's request that Linda pack a flamethrower suddenly seemed eerily prescient.

Hillary secretly conducts i... (Below threshold)

Hillary secretly conducts interviews with potential vice-presidential running mates seeking someone more intelligent and electable than Kerry or Gore.

Judy sensed that the normal... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

Judy sensed that the normally warm relationship between her and the rest of the DNC changed after she stated that maybe Bush wasn't *completely* like Hitler.

"Are snowmen necessary?"</p... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Are snowmen necessary?"

It's beginning to look a lo... (Below threshold)

It's beginning to look a lot like MoDo
Ev'rywhere you go...

(damn that was close, Peter... (Below threshold)

(damn that was close, Peter)

Sarah was saddened that the... (Below threshold)

Sarah was saddened that they had not heard her pleas not to look back at Sodom and Gommorrah.

"Excuse me, could you tell ... (Below threshold)

"Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to Narnia?"

"You know, liberals are rea... (Below threshold)

"You know, liberals are really cold sometimes."

A new amendment to the Welf... (Below threshold)

A new amendment to the Welfare Reform Act requires welfare recipients to search for their check in a controlled environment to build up motor skills. Here a welfare mom is placed among a throng of snowmen in this seasonal setting. On-lookers have been seen placing wagers on the event.

What do you guys get from s... (Below threshold)
Silver Bullet:

What do you guys get from sitting on the ice blocks, polaroids?

The Russian chapter of the ... (Below threshold)

The Russian chapter of the ACLU promptly filed suit against the mayor of Moscow alleging racial and gender discrimination, as well as for installing imagery that might cause someone to think the word "Christmas."

A judge eliminates this gro... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

A judge eliminates this group of contestants at the Hillary Clinton lookalike contest for being "too warm and personable."

On a weekend trip to the no... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

On a weekend trip to the northern cryogenic wasteland formerly known as Canada, the visitor stared silently in wonder that any of these people had been silly enough to listen to the demented rantings of a former Tennessee tobacco farmer named AlGore.

Socialist policies produce ... (Below threshold)

Socialist policies produce shortages, resulting in long lines to purchase carrots, coal, and tophats.

The metabolically-challenged have been given priority access to the remaining resources. A Winner Of Life's Lottery, shown above, attempts to use unfair advantage of movable legs in order to move up the line.

Though not as deadly as Orc... (Below threshold)

Though not as deadly as Orcs, the Snowmen of Mordor are still fearsome. Sam Gamgee attempts to infiltrate their ranks as they prepare for battle.

A still shot from Stanliy K... (Below threshold)

A still shot from Stanliy Kubrizcki's new film "Ice Wide Shut"

Barack Obama stumbles upon ... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama stumbles upon the unfortunate sight of several of his fellow senators including Kennedy and Byrd sun bathing nude.

The Democrats start rallyin... (Below threshold)

The Democrats start rallying their voters for the 08 elections...

"A woman needs a man like a... (Below threshold)

"A woman needs a man like a fish needs needs a bicycle," declared Maureen defiantly, even as she continued to wonder why no one seemed willing to buy her a drink.

'Something Went Horribly Wr... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

'Something Went Horribly Wrong In Fargo'

As seen above, the North Dakota State Police investigate reports that some American Idol contestants were forced to wait in line too long. When the kids were questioned however, noone complained so carrots,twigs and pieces of coal were distributed to all. No charges were filed.

Unfortunately, a single, lo... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, a single, lonely old woman was the only person that showed up to hear the Ray Nagin-Al Sharpton White Chocolate Choir's opening performance.

One of you will start talki... (Below threshold)

One of you will start talking soon or you will feel a taste of my hairdryer on "High".

In Soviet Russia, even the ... (Below threshold)

In Soviet Russia, even the snow men had to stand in line for carrots

Looking for Mr. Goodbar.</p... (Below threshold)

Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

It had been a long time sin... (Below threshold)

It had been a long time since she stopped into her old haunt for a drink and some company, but upon walking in she discovered the clientele had changed since her last visit, and that the new crowd lacked the warmth of her old drinking buddies.

Why so glum fellow Air Amer... (Below threshold)

Why so glum fellow Air America fans?

I'm not so sure about this ... (Below threshold)

I'm not so sure about this hat?

Cindy Sheehan is speaking n... (Below threshold)

Cindy Sheehan is speaking next, quick put on a happy face!

March of the Snowmen...... (Below threshold)

March of the Snowmen...

Snowmen for global cooling

She now regretted telling h... (Below threshold)

She now regretted telling her husband that it would be a cold day in hell before he could go out carousing with his buddies again.

The snowmen had to be built... (Below threshold)

The snowmen had to be built outside of Chicago because they were not unionized.

A Palestinian woman looks o... (Below threshold)

A Palestinian woman looks on in wonder at compelling evidence that Hamas signed a peace treaty with Israel and Hell froze over on Friday.

The Vermont judicial system... (Below threshold)

The Vermont judicial system is a PLANTATION
and you cold white folks know what I mean!!

Jane Q. watches hell freeze... (Below threshold)

Jane Q. watches hell freeze over waiting for insightful commentary from Ray Nagin about rebuilding New Orleans.

Local Director, Alexandria ... (Below threshold)

Local Director, Alexandria Magsumov surveys the cast and crew of the upcoming play, "Snow Day in Hell".



Snowdom and Gomorrah: "I to... (Below threshold)

Snowdom and Gomorrah: "I told you not to look back".

The horrors of dihydrogen m... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

The horrors of dihydrogen monoxide

"Which One Of You Gentlemen... (Below threshold)

"Which One Of You Gentlemen Called For A Snow Blower?"

"Finding a Democrat with a ... (Below threshold)

"Finding a Democrat with a personality is much hard than I thought."

"Finding a Democrat with a ... (Below threshold)

"Finding a Democrat with a personality is much harder than I thought."

The construction workers ga... (Below threshold)

The construction workers gather to begin work on the "bridge to nowhere".

The opening scene to the mo... (Below threshold)

The opening scene to the movie adaptation of CS Lewis' little known classic "The Lion, the Witch, and the Snow Globe"

Celine Dion's Canadian Tour... (Below threshold)

Celine Dion's Canadian Tour.

"Checkmate!"... (Below threshold)


It looks like these "cats" ... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

It looks like these "cats" could use
some real "snow." I'll call my hook-up and
provide the straws.

"Where is the bathroom?"<br... (Below threshold)

"Where is the bathroom?"
"over there by the yellow guy"

Hillary Clinton, in her lat... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Hillary Clinton, in her latest speech on Iraq, fails miserably at warming up the Moveon.org crowd.

A lone reporter interviews ... (Below threshold)

A lone reporter interviews Kerry, Kennedy and other pathetic losers who predicted that "hell would freeze over" before Ali-o-to would be confirmed. Turns out even that could not stop an up-or-down vote.

A first time customer views... (Below threshold)
Charles V:

A first time customer views patiently at the new Heidi Fleiss male prostitute bordello outside Las Vegas. The customer is awaiting a male component sexual arousal in the Ice Man Cometh Gallery and Bar. The Gallery has proved popular with first time guests. After the conclusion of sexual activity the icemen's genitals melt off. "Just what I was looking for" said Senator Hillary Clinton after her recent visit.

Admittedly, the new alterna... (Below threshold)

Admittedly, the new alternate version of New Orleans came across as a bit cold and detached.

"I feel so over dressed..."... (Below threshold)

"I feel so over dressed..."

Al Gore leads other environ... (Below threshold)

Al Gore leads other environmentalist on an anti-global warming protest recently held in Moscow.

"Dang! I left my bottle of... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

"Dang! I left my bottle of cherry syrup at home!"

The feminist from San Franc... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

The feminist from San Francisco realized she misunderstood the ad for the event, and this was not the "MOSCOW CELEBRATES NO MEN" rally.

"Frank!! Where are you? T... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

"Frank!! Where are you? This is not going to get you out of shovelling the driveway!!"

"And stop taking apart my brooms!!!"

"Hmmmm. The other parents ... (Below threshold)

"Hmmmm. The other parents at the office never talk about this sort of thing."

Am I the only one that thought of that particular Calvin and Hobbes strip?

"Okay, but I'll need to war... (Below threshold)

"Okay, but I'll need to warm up now and then, and it's $100 apiece."

Lucy realizes she's in Narn... (Below threshold)

Lucy realizes she's in Narnia again, and the witch has been busy with her magic wand.

Hillary in a runup campaign... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hillary in a runup campaign trip to the New Hampshire primary, once again polarizes voters.

AP BREAKING: New Winter mov... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

AP BREAKING: New Winter movie blockbuster announced. Searching for Bill Watterson

When life gives you lemons,... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

When life gives you lemons, make lemon-aid.
When Islamic fanatics give you nuclear winter, make ...

"Jees, why do all the poten... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Jees, why do all the potential 2008 Democratic candidates look the same?"

Hey,anyone need a snowjob?<... (Below threshold)

Hey,anyone need a snowjob?

Canadians turned out in rec... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Canadians turned out in record numbers to cast their votes in the recent election which sent the Liberals packing.

Even after building her own... (Below threshold)

Even after building her own army of "perfect men," Cindy Sheehan can't get a date.

Radical islamic fundamental... (Below threshold)

Radical islamic fundamentalists try moving their protests to Moscow, succeeding only in freezing their fezs.

The famous Shrine Circus ru... (Below threshold)

The famous Shrine Circus runs into problems on their world tour when they landed in Moscow.

Disheartened with her first... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Disheartened with her first attempt at Creation, Mrs Jesus nonetheless declares; "back to the drawing boards...tomorrow I'll create fishes and ponies, and on Monday I'll try making Democrats again"!

Hello, my name is Monica, a... (Below threshold)

Hello, my name is Monica, and I am a snowblower.

As seen at this year's Busi... (Below threshold)

As seen at this year's Business Opportunity Fair, the Discount Cryogenics display has not been the hot bed of interest the investors had anticipated.

Ruth Buzzi's disco career f... (Below threshold)

Ruth Buzzi's disco career flopped with the release of her lone video, "It's Snowing Men".

Gov. Blanco is seen here pu... (Below threshold)

Gov. Blanco is seen here putting the final touches on preparations for Ray Nagin's arrival in the "State of Vanilliana".

Everyone is dressed in whit... (Below threshold)

Everyone is dressed in white ..... shoot. I wonder if they'll notice? Hmmm, what would Martha Stewart do?

Snowman Greeter: "Welcome t... (Below threshold)

Snowman Greeter: "Welcome to White Wonders Country Club."

Mrs. Seif: "Thanks! My husband asked me to stop by and get Lynn Swann's autograph. Is he here today?"

hillary goes to hell to cel... (Below threshold)

hillary goes to hell to celebrate her 2008 presidential victory with her master Satan.

Cirque Du Snowleil baffled ... (Below threshold)

Cirque Du Snowleil baffled Russian audiences.

Is this the A boarding pa... (Below threshold)

Is this the A boarding pass line for Moscow's new Southwest destination?

More Proof of Global Warmin... (Below threshold)

More Proof of Global Warming: Normally Everyone in Toronto Would Be Frozen Solid.

Calvin and Hobbes The Movie... (Below threshold)

Calvin and Hobbes The Movie

Creepy as ever, Tim Burton'... (Below threshold)
T. Harris:

Creepy as ever, Tim Burton's foray into the field of snow sculpting exudes a familiar theme.

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click the link to read the winning entry. The contest is now closed.






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