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Well, that was brief...

I'm feeling a bit off recently. I've had some changes to my work schedule at the day job, and it's thrown off my circadians and my normal routine. I was planning on taking a day or two off -- or at least cutting back -- on my postings here until I adapt, but I'm afraid that just isn't possible. I have obligations to meet, it seems, including one I didn't realize was so formal and one I really could do without.

With that in mind, I suppose I better review my cell phone's voice memos and see what sorts of things I've considered post-worthy when I've been away from the computer. I think another piece on Hamas might be in order...

Oh, and Lair? I don't call to tell you what an asshole you are. Everyone knows that. I call to tell you what particular type of asshole you're exemplifying at that particular moment.

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I also stole your catbloggi... (Below threshold)

I also stole your catblogging, too.

Remember the idea of "Rocky... (Below threshold)
briefs and boxers:

Remember the idea of "Rocky" just kept getting back up no matter how baddly his face was being beaten. JT's writtings are similar. Not that everyone beats on JT ( or is there a subtext to his life that hasn't been discussed yet ) however, despite his feeling out of wack, he still feels the need urge and obligation to get back on that wireless system of his ( home built btw) and reach into the depths of his creative imagination (bottomless) to toss out a seed of thought and opinion. It isn't whether the seed will grow.. as much as giving it a chance to grow.

JT blogseed?

Someone once stole one of m... (Below threshold)

Someone once stole one of my posts. Does that count?






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