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Can I claim him as a dependent on my taxes?

I've never been a fan of Oleg Dulin. He's just not that good or entertaining a blogger. He apparently reciprocates that opinion, as he's often stated his disagreements and general lack of respect for me.

But that doesn't stop him from using me when he needs it.

The other day, he openly admitted that he counts on me to supply him with material, fresh stuff to be outraged over. He later proved his point when I actually said something non-derogatory about Ted Kennedy.

But when he's not denouncing my evil, twisted way of thinking, he's actively seeking my help. When he ran into a problem he couldn't figure out on his own, he didn't ask for assistance from his ideological colleagues, he e-mailed me. And, fool that I am, I did help him.

Oh, and Oleg? No, I never e-mailed you a specific answer. But I have addressed that point on numerous occasions -- I think the best one was done almost a year ago. nd lemme head off another of your battle cries about "Bush lied" while I'm at it.

I don't expect that to matter to you, though. As the old saying goes: you can't reason someone away from a position that they didn't arrive at by reasoning.

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Did you donate to his blog?... (Below threshold)

Did you donate to his blog? You could deduct that and claim you thought it was a charity to help people like him.

[Jay supplies Oleg with mat... (Below threshold)

[Jay supplies Oleg with material]

Jay: Hi, I'm here for an argument.
Oleg: No, you're not!
Jay: They said this was the argument clinic...
Oleg: No, they didn't!
Jay: You're just contradicting everything I say! That's not an argument!
Oleg: Yes it is!

You know, I have honestly n... (Below threshold)

You know, I have honestly never understood weblogs that exist solely to attack and "debunk" other weblogs... An existance of negativity seems somewhat... counterproductive.

I guess the State of Massac... (Below threshold)

I guess the State of Massachusetts should declare JT as a state welfare recepient. After all, whenever he is looking for a new outrage or a new reason to fill good about himself he turns to Massachusetts:

Whenever I feel the need for something to get outraged over, laugh about, or feel good about living in New Hampshire, they always provide me with what I need.






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