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Just Say No, Mr. Governor

A little over a year ago, I was proud to cast my vote for John Lynch, the Democrat who ran against incumbent Republican Craig Benson. Benson was a technocrat, a co-founder of Cabletron (now Enterasys) swept into office to bring "business sensibilities" to government. He apparently left that at the office, bringing only his arrogance and ego with him.

Lynch, I thought, would do a pretty decent job -- at least better than Benson. And for the most part, I've been satisfied with him.

But now, Lynch is jumping on a bad bandwagon -- and threatening to take the rest of the state with him.

Foreign policy is one of the places where the federal government does -- and should -- have supremacy. The several states have no business making individual deals with foreign governments. And in this case, it is abundantly clear what Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is trying to do -- to drive a wedge between the states and the federal government, and the people and the federal government.

Chavez apparently thinks he can entice the American people into taking a stand against Washington's policies, and while I doubt he expects a full-blown People's Revolution, he might be hoping to erode enough support to effect some changes in DC.

Governor Lynch should take a principled stand, and tell Chavez to deal with Washington directly -- not go, hat in hand, begging for handouts.

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Governor Lynch should take ... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Governor Lynch should take a principled stand

He's a freaking democrat, and you expect him to take a principled stand. When pigs like Hillary Clinton fly.

When you vote for a Democra... (Below threshold)

When you vote for a Democrat, with RARE exception, you get what you deserve. What did you expect, honesty, integrity, and character? Zell Miller's retired.

Kitzhaber did the same thin... (Below threshold)

Kitzhaber did the same thing in Oregon. He seemed reasonable enough to siphon off some Republican votes (yes there are a few R's in Duckland) and then at the end of his term veered way left. Burned once, twice smart next time.

Scott j

You think Chavez is trying ... (Below threshold)

You think Chavez is trying to drive a wedge now - wait till he threatens to cut off the cheap oil supplies because the Feds are forced to move against him in one manner or another that he doesn't like!

When this happens (and it could be soon with Chavez's kissing up to Iran) the states who have sold their souls to the Devil will really pay and that wedge will open a divide the size of the Grand Canyon, which is exactly what Chavez is hoping for.

I suppose it hasn't occurre... (Below threshold)

I suppose it hasn't occurred to any of you that Chavez's arrogance in seeking to cut separate deals with U.S. cities for cheap oil (via full page ads in major papers and through the U.S. subsidiary to his country's national oil company -- ever hear of Citgo?) is testament to the utter lack of regard Latin America has for the U.S. under the current president? Mr. Bush in effect has no Latin American foreign policy, has no Venezuela policy (and no oil policy for that matter) and he has fiddled while country after country fades to the far left. Meanwhile, guess who is quickly becoming the new power on the LatAm block? Try China, which is cutting major economic deals across the continent, filling the growing chasm between the U.S. and the countries in our own back yard.

Holy crap ... Sorry, I forgot where I was ... make that "George W. Bush is a god and his foreign policy is brilliant. Death to the Democrats!"

Reid, guys like Chavez woul... (Below threshold)

Reid, guys like Chavez would be saying and doing the same crap if Jimmy Carter were still president.

I can say that because, back when Carter was President, there were guys like Chavez in charge in a lot more countries than there are now. And they were all cooking up the America-hate just as much as Chavez does.

History didn't begin the day you were born.






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