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Pimp Our New Ride - Part III

Right now the plan is to open up the community based blog for signups later this evening, with posting beginning tomorrow. The only problem is the name.... We've been through two iterations of the naming process Pimp Our Ride and Pimp Our Ride - Part II, but I've yet to get a keeper.

I was initially leaning toward calling it Wizbang Community, but (no offense to JimK) it's didn't exactly knock my socks off. Here's the list of other possibilities I culled from comments on the initial post and my own thoughts.

Wizbang Commons
Wizbang Exchange
Wizbang Bomb Squad
Wizbang Nation
Wizbang Crossroads
Wizbang Lobby
Wizbang Cafe
Wizbang Bar & Grill
Wizbang Lounge
Wizbang Crossroads
Wizbang Backpage
As of now I'm leaning toward calling the site Wizbang Nation, but I've already changed my mind several times today, so that's not a real strong commitment on my part. I've really got no idea what the final name will actually be...

This is your last chance to weigh in on those choices or suggest a new one before launch...

Update: Two late challengers - Wizbang Exploded and Wizbang Powder Keg

Update 2: It's late and I'm tired and cranky, in no small part due to small children who think midnight is half time for a nights sleep. No signups tonight. I'm one line of Javascript away from the finish line and I must sleep... The name is picked. It got a lot easier once I separated the URL that will be used from the actual name... Monday signups open, and Caption Contest winners will be announced in the morning...

Comments (46)

Wizbang EOD("Explosi... (Below threshold)

Wizbang EOD
("Explosive Ordnance Disposal")

Wizbang's Fuse(your ... (Below threshold)

Wizbang's Fuse
(your chance to set it off!)

Of the ones you have listed... (Below threshold)

Of the ones you have listed there, I like the Bomb Squad, and Crossroads.

Wizbang Mine(watch y... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Mine
(watch your step!)

OK, that's dumb.....

Wizbang Community Exchange<... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Community Exchange

From the list, I like Wizba... (Below threshold)

From the list, I like Wizbang Nation best.

Here are a few other suggestions:

Wizbang Brownshirts

Wizbang Post

Wizbang Philharmonic and Choral Soul Circus

Wizbang Six Pack

Wizbang Six-way Light Bulb

Wizbang Cat Toss and Fiddlin' Extraordinaire

Wizbang Spittoon

Wizbang Blotter

Wizbang Paddle of Pleasure

Wizbang Malcontents of Chocolatey Goodness

Wizbang Light Switch of Momentary Brightness

Wizbang Salt Lick

Wizbang Corral

and lastly:

The Wizbang Cobbler's Corner and Saddle Repair

wizbang cantinawizba... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

wizbang cantina
wizbang soapbox
wizbang speakeasy
wizbang alley
wizbang taproom
wizbang watering hole

wizbang harangue
wizbang manifesto

wizbang run amuckwiz... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

wizbang run amuck
wizbang parley
wizbang diatribe
wizbang guild
wizbang coterie
wizbang: fellowship of the readers (lol)

I always thought your place... (Below threshold)

I always thought your place had a bit of a lounge feel to it.

Wizbang BOOM... (Below threshold)

Wizbang BOOM

Leisure Suit Wizbang<... (Below threshold)

Leisure Suit Wizbang

Wizbang Secondaries

Phosphorus Wizbang

Wizbang Napalm

Fuel-Air Wizbang

The Wizbang Bullpen... (Below threshold)

The Wizbang Bullpen

Don't use "pimp". You'll gi... (Below threshold)

Don't use "pimp". You'll give visitors, search engines, and advertisers the wrong idea and no one will take it seriously.

See this:kbcafe.co... (Below threshold)

See this:


I like bar & grill and back... (Below threshold)

I like bar & grill and back page best.

Backpage... (Below threshold)


I like Wizbang Lounge... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

I like Wizbang Lounge

I rather liked Wizbang Gang... (Below threshold)

I rather liked Wizbang Gang.

I also like the "Wizbang Mine" mentioned earlier, ignoring the bad humor. It can be considered a takeoff on things like "My Yahoo."

Alternatively, it can have the double entendre of a place for digging up valuables. You could be a real bunch of mother loders.

Wizbang Bang ON... (Below threshold)
U.P. Man:

Wizbang Bang ON

Hmmm.WizBang Emera... (Below threshold)


WizBang Emerald City.

Since we already have have ... (Below threshold)

Since we already have have "The Cotillion"...

...how about:


Or "Imaginary Friends".

Whatever. People aren't gonna NOT sign up because of the name.

Since I'm still Jones'en fo... (Below threshold)

Since I'm still Jones'en for the Aristocrats DVD, and harangue seems to be of the list, here's a couple more:

Wizbang Community Thang

Wizbang Bombers

Wizbang Hangout

Just to help with the indec... (Below threshold)

Just to help with the indecision, how about:

Wizbang Alliance

That's a Wizbang!

Wizbang's Territory

Wizbang's Turf

Wizbang! FusionWhy... (Below threshold)

Wizbang! Fusion


It just sounded good.

Wizbang! Pop-off or just Wi... (Below threshold)

Wizbang! Pop-off or just Wizbang! Pop
Planet Wizbang!
Generation Wizbang!

Any thoughts?

Wizbang Forum... (Below threshold)
Cole in Texas:

Wizbang Forum

I like Commons or Nation fr... (Below threshold)

I like Commons or Nation from that list...and hey, I never said "Community" was sexy,...just descriptive. :)

Whatever happened to Wizban... (Below threshold)

Whatever happened to Wizbang Gang? I thought that was the one you were leaning toward.

Although now I think I like the Wizbang Bullpen better.

The WizbangersThe ... (Below threshold)

The Wizbangers

The Wizbangers Ball


Group Wizbang

The Plaza at Wizbang

Wizbang Plaza

Wizbang Square

My Fellow Wizbangers

Wizbang Federation

The Wizbang Gang

Bomb squad is the way to go... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Bomb squad is the way to go.

The Wizbangers?... (Below threshold)

The Wizbangers?

If this has not come up;<br... (Below threshold)

If this has not come up;
WizBang Forum
WizBang Bar Association

I'm thinking "Nation of Wiz... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking "Nation of Wizbang". Then all the readers could be the "Fruit of Wizbang".

Wizbang BlowbackWi... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Blowback

Wizbang Collateral

Wizbang Shrapnel

Wizbang Ricochets

Of the ones listed, I like ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Of the ones listed, I like Wizbang Bomb Squad.

My two favorites aren't on the list -- "Wizbang Gang" and "The Wizbangocrats." I think that last one might be an original...


Wizbangapalooza?Or... (Below threshold)


Or maybe Wizbang Opinionpalooza?

I'm sorry. I just can't stop....

OK.. I'll chime in.... (Below threshold)

OK.. I'll chime in..

Wizbang Tango

Wizbang Your Head

Wizbang Theory

Wizbang Your Thang

Wizbang Backstage

I know.. But I'm tired and I have some monumental gas pains right now..

Wizbang Amateur Hour<... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Amateur Hour

Wizbang Jam

Wizbang Gratuitous Traffic Generator

I like "Wizbang Bar & Grill... (Below threshold)
not Tony:

I like "Wizbang Bar & Grill" myself. Maybe you could get Lileks to design the graphic for it.

Wizbangery... (Below threshold)
David R:


Wizbang Tides(the eb... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Wizbang Tides
(the ebb and flow)
Wizbang Scribes
(vox populi)
Wizbang Thoughts
(voice yours)
(what say you)

OK, it's probably too late,... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

OK, it's probably too late, but

Wizbang's Wizkids!

Wizbang's Short Fuses... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

Wizbang's Short Fuses
Wizbang Shockwave
Mother Of All Wizbangs (or just Wizbang Mothers)

Otherwise, I'd vote for the previously-mentioned Bomb Squad

Wizbang Nation sounds prett... (Below threshold)

Wizbang Nation sounds pretty good to me.

Fallout... (Below threshold)


Wizbang Wizardry(in ... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

Wizbang Wizardry
(in their own words)






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