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ABC News Anchor And Cameraman Seriously Injured In Iraq Attack

Jan. 29, 2006 -- "World News Tonight" co-anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt are recovering from injuries suffered when their convoy was hit by an improvised explosive devise in Iraq today.

They remain in serious but stable condition following surgery at a U.S. military hospital in Iraq and will be treated at a medical facility in Germany.

Woodruff, Vogt and their four-man team were in the lead vehicle traveling in a convoy with Iraqi security forces in Taji, Iraq. Woodruff and Vogt were standing up in the back hatch of their vehicle taping a video log of the patrol at the time of the attack.

"He wanted to get out and report the story and not be locked in and taking information from someone else who was experiencing it," said ABC senior producer Kate Felsen, who had been working with Woodruff for the past two weeks.

"I spoke with both of them," Felsen continued. "Doug was conscious, and I was able to reassure him we were getting them care. I spoke to Bob also and walked with them to the helicopter."

Though serious, it's sounds like both men will eventually be OK, which is good news...


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Comments (11)

The way the news came out o... (Below threshold)

The way the news came out on this initially, some people were writing Woodruff's obit. It's like the MSM is actually hoping they die, so they can blame Bush for a reporters combat death.
I hope both of these men recover fully & get home to their families.

Is he related to Judy Woodr... (Below threshold)

Is he related to Judy Woodruff?

Woodruff, Vogt and... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Woodruff, Vogt and their four-man team were in the lead vehicle traveling in a convoy with Iraqi security forces in Taji, Iraq.

This is telling. The Iraqi security forces put the news crew in the lead vehicle.

Sorry they got hurt, but di... (Below threshold)

Sorry they got hurt, but did ABC News have to spend 90% of their newscast time covering that story? Man, talk about the "cult of personality."

The link to this story is t... (Below threshold)

The link to this story is the first time I have seen any indication that anyone else was injured (a soldier). The press has been silent on the wounded soldier (Iraqi, correct?), focusing entirely on Woodruff and "the other guy" who wasn't even tossed a bone by being named in initial reports that I saw.

Then, do we get tallies of roadside bombs detonated or defused, whether the number is rising or falling, the number of injured Iraqis? Nope. We get stories about how many 'journalists' have been killed/injured in Iraq. Which, frankly, leads to more confusion on my part...we're being told by different media mouthpieces, depending on the day, that:

1) Iraq is a very dangerous place for journalists, but they're so brave they're willing to take on the bombs to get the story.

Question: So why can't they ever seem to find any good news? Any at all.

2) Iraq is too dangerous because the Bush administration has done a lousy job with security and has no plan to stabalize the country so the journalists have to stay inside the fortified areas all the time, which is why the stories are all negative and there's no reporting on the good things happening in Iraq with reconstruction even though the good things largely seem to happen in the safer, secured parts of the country where security isn't sucking up the budget.

Question: So why are so many journalists being killed if they have to stay in the safe areas? Follow up: How many were beheaded by freedom-fighting insurgents?

Is he related to Judy Wo... (Below threshold)

Is he related to Judy Woodruff?


Is there any place you can ... (Below threshold)

Is there any place you can send a get well card? I met Bob Woodruff a few years ago and he was a very nice guy. (Wore eye liner though)

Finally, the terrorists hav... (Below threshold)

Finally, the terrorists have injured one of their own.

No Blood for Ratings!... (Below threshold)

No Blood for Ratings!
Bring the reporters home now.

Gee the terrorists would ac... (Below threshold)

Gee the terrorists would acuilay hurt one of their biggist supporters?

No, the terrorists aren't s... (Below threshold)

No, the terrorists aren't smart enough to try and manipulate the outcome of the war via the Western media this way, are they? That would never, ever in a million years be the case, our media are too smart for that.

A 'happy terrorist accident' if there ever was one.






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