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I sure as heck don't have a dog in this fight...

Let me count the ways this story is utterly irrelevant to me:

1) I'm not Canadian.

2) I've never served in the Armed Forces of Canada, or any nation.

3) I've never set foot in Afghanistan.

4) I don't drink coffee.

5) I've never worked for a coffee company.

Nonetheless, I think it's a good story. Here are a bunch of eager consumers just begging to give a big company their money, and the company's declining the chance. And the politics of the situation are pretty simple -- all they have to say is "we are not taking a position on the war. We just see that a great number of the troops serving our nation would very much like to be loyal customers of ours, and are glad to expand our business to meet their needs."

So, unless Tim Hortons would like to end up with the same type of black eye Starbucks got on 9/11, when an enterprising manager charged rescue workers $130 for bottled water for victims, they ought to at least publicly look into opening a branch in Kandahar.

(Thanks to the ever-gracious Wonder Woman for tipping me to this story -- see here for a better accounting than I have above.)

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You really are the best, Ja... (Below threshold)

You really are the best, Jay.

Thanks for spreading the word.

One slight note on how you ... (Below threshold)

One slight note on how you are involved. The previous canadian government let their military degrade to the point that they don't have the lift capacity to get a Tim Horton's trailer to Kandahar. So if the deal was struck, the US would likely supply the airlift refered to at the end of the article. Guess who pays for that Mr. Taxpayer.

yet, I dunno if you're sinc... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

yet, I dunno if you're sincere or facetious about that point, but I'd have absolutely no problem with my tax dollars going to help our valued and valiant allies from the North.

Even if they are a bunch of hosers.

"Load up that trailer and take off, eh?"


An interesting note:<... (Below threshold)
B. Minich, PI:

An interesting note:

Tim Hortons and Wendys are the same company these days. Should we boycott Wendys? Your wish is our command.

Any Canadians I know rave about Tim Hortons coffee and their donuts. They've been slowly invading our northlands, such as Upstate New York and other areas. I still maintain that this is Canada's secret plan to invade us - get us dependant on Tim Hortons, and then hold this country hostage to them. We should start worrying when they start encroaching on the south, for then our doom will be nigh.

Either that, or we fight back! FIGHT! That's right, we need to saturate Canada with Krispy Kreame stores! Then WE shall hold the upper hand!!

Buy Krispy Kreame - for freedom from Canadian oppression!

JT,I wasn't being fa... (Below threshold)

I wasn't being facetious, just trying to buck up your interest in the story to show you did have a "dog in this fight" even if only remotely.
As to the wisdom of using US airlift capacity, remember Murtha's claim that the military is broken. So either Murtha is wrong and the US does still have enough capacity to help out the soldiers who say "eh" or the time horton trailer is the straw that breaks the camels back.

As to B. Minich's idea of resisting the northern hordes, I stand ready to rally under the "Hot Now" banner when called into the service of my country. Of course, I haven't been able to drink coffee for the last twenty years, so I would probably be one of the best recruits for resisting the invasion as I won't be standing there with the shakes if our nation's caffeine supply is endangered. On the other hand, I suspect that the Navy might have a say in a tim horton invasion scenario as I suspect that the majority of the beans in question are not native to Canada.

There are plenty of America... (Below threshold)

There are plenty of American soldiers over there too...I'm sure they'd be just as pleased to have a Tim's in the morning.

I just hope this gets sett... (Below threshold)

I just hope this gets settled and we get on with building relationships. Canada has been a good ally for years, we need to shore this relationship up and get back to the work of making both of our countries great once again.
Raymond B

Tim Horton's coffee is pret... (Below threshold)

Tim Horton's coffee is pretty good. Their doughnuts are crap, though. Sorry, they make them from frozen dough instead of from scratch. We have them all over the Detroit Metro and I've tried a few. Crap.

It would be nice to see them fly their flag along with the maple leaf, but, their boys are better off getting their doughnuts from us.

O Canada!
Our home and native land....

The Tim Horton's will be we... (Below threshold)

The Tim Horton's will be well received, I know it. We expect more than 2500 customers a day from all participating nations stationed at KAF. It's going to be wild when it opens. I'll be missing the party, but am likely to be there later this summer.

Crispy Creme donuts make me feel ill - too oily. CC tried to get a foothold here in Canada, but all the stores shut after a year or two when the buzz died and people here learned how bad they were for you and there was no decent coffee to be had with the donut. There really is no comparison on the coffee side of things.






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