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What Will Alito Do About Asthma?

Over lunch I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, who has been playing an audio clip today Teddy Kennedy in the midst of a towering snit of rage over increased rates of asthma among American children. According to Senator Kennedy, more kids have asthma in this country thanks to air and water pollution. Which is something that may or may not be true, but what I found interesting was the way Kennedy wound down his tantrum, asking in a sincere and breathless tone just what Alito would do, as a Supreme Court Justice, to stem this asthma scourge.

Can it really be possible that someone who has been a U.S. Senator for decades is this patently obtuse when it comes to the role of the Supreme Court in American government? Because the last time I checked Supreme Court Justices didn't write environmental policy. Instead, they rule as to whether or not laws written by state and federal legislators are, in fact, in keeping with our Constitution.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this is something I learned in the sixth grade.
If Ted Kennedy wants to do something about reducing pollution he should use his political influence as a U.S. Senator to enact change. Heck, he could even make a difference as a mere U.S. citizen and stop opposing the development of wind energy off the coast of his sea-side estate. Either way, Teddy certainly has more influence over the issue than a Supreme Court Justice.

You can read more from Rob Port at SayAnythingBlog.com


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Comments (14)

I sent this to Rush:<... (Below threshold)

I sent this to Rush:

From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)(http://www.niehs.nih.gov/oc/news/cockroach.htm):

"These data confirm that cockroach allergen is the primary contributor to childhood asthma in inner-city home environments," said NIEHS Director Kenneth Olden, Ph.D. "However, general cleaning practices, proven extermination techniques and consistent maintenance methods can bring these allergen levels under control."

You don't think the EPA's restrictions on pesticide use would have anything to do with Teddy's increases do you?

Well, according to Ted, Jud... (Below threshold)

Well, according to Ted, Judge Alito is the most dangeroud manin America. Word has it while awaiting confirmation he is today in Antarctica melting the polar ice caps with a blowdryer while listening to your cell phone conversations.

Pollution was so bad in Pit... (Below threshold)

Pollution was so bad in Pittsburgh in the 1940s that snot would be black when you blew your nose. Air and water quality has improved dramatically over the decades since, there and most elsewhere in the States.

It would be interesting to try to correlate air pollution levels with reported asthma cases, by county.

Hmm, so cockroaches cause a... (Below threshold)

Hmm, so cockroaches cause an increase in asthma and Ted Kennedy is a very, very large cockroach...Eureka! Ted Kennedy is a large contributor to the increase in asthma cases!


I'm pretty sure Teddy can p... (Below threshold)

I'm pretty sure Teddy can put on that fabulous swimsuit he was wearing recently for his big rescue (too little, too late, Teddy, and we all know Teddy can swim, it's his passengers that have trouble...) and take a dip in the Charles...something he couldn't do back in the day...I've been noting more and more that Democrats are more actively displaying their ignorance of the Constitution and who's supposed to do what...they should have a class or something on the Hill...maybe Alito could teach it.

One of the guys at QandO ha... (Below threshold)

One of the guys at QandO had some great thoughts on the most recent spate of Supreme Court nominees.

The long and short of it is this: Liberal views on the Court make sense once you realize they see the Justices as policy makers. That is why they complain about sexual and racial representation. That is why they talk about Alito "not doing anything." In their minds judges don't moderate between laws and judge their constitutionality, in their mind judges can make policy of their own.

TOS link works now.... (Below threshold)

TOS link works now.

Oops, wrong thread. ... (Below threshold)

Oops, wrong thread.

The Democrats did have a cl... (Below threshold)

The Democrats did have a class - it was called the Confirmation Hearings. And they had two excellent isntructors - John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Too bad they apparently slept through class.

DOH! Looks I could use a c... (Below threshold)

DOH! Looks I could use a class myself. That should INstructors. Not sure what an isntructor is...

Not sure what an isntruc... (Below threshold)

Not sure what an isntructor is...

LOL. Maybe it's somebody who explains the difference between a car and a truck..?

"No, Ted -- that isn't a truck! It's a car."

Then again, what Kennedy needs is for someone to explain to him the difference between a car and a submarine.

What do you expect from a D... (Below threshold)

What do you expect from a Drunken Murderer?

So true, but watching him l... (Below threshold)

So true, but watching him lose it on the floor today almost made all of his filibuster rantings worthwhile. Teddy's became a walking cartoon.

Not only that, Rob, but sin... (Below threshold)

Not only that, Rob, but since when is it the federal gummint's job to stop assmar, and what exactly could they do toward that end?






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