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A Very Special State Of The Union Guest

Guess who is coming to the State of the Union speech...


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Comments (10)

I wonder how Senator Feinst... (Below threshold)

I wonder how Senator Feinstein is going to react to her fellow Californian, BAY AREA Congresswoman Woolsey giving Sheehan, a possible Feinstein opponent, more news coverage.

Or am I being naive .... and the Democrats plan was to put Sheehan someplace where she would have to keep her mouth shut and off the street outside the Capitol, banging a drum?

Nah, the Democrats don't have a Karl Rove!

And if she stands up and sc... (Below threshold)

And if she stands up and screams?

According to Fox news she h... (Below threshold)

According to Fox news she has been detained, because she tried to unfurl a banner in the gallery. The Police took her away in handcuffs.

Later Sheehan...... (Below threshold)

Later Sheehan...

She missed her big opportin... (Below threshold)

She missed her big opportinity.

Yup, she was arrested:... (Below threshold)
So what is Rep. Woolsey's e... (Below threshold)

So what is Rep. Woolsey's email address anyway? Maybe she needs to hear from a few people about pulling a stunt like this.

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