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Not Exactly Neil Armstrong, But...

The first post at Wizbang Bomb Squad, by someone other than me, wasn't exactly on par with a moon landing, but still I can't help but doing a little dance...

Given the pain of the birthing process for the site, I'm a very proud papa. I hope you all enjoy the new digs, and I can't wait to share the ways that the content will be integrated into other parts of Wizbang. That's February's project, along with the rollout of the new design.

I couldn't fit it into the masthead, but the tagline for the site will be, The Explosively Unique Community.... After my successful reworking of the current design for the Pop! site I've figured out how to change the look ever so slightly for the new site to use that tagline. That will be done in a few days.

Don't forget to add Wizbang Bomb Squad to your blogrolls and newsreaders (feed)...

Comments (2)

I never got the conformatio... (Below threshold)

I never got the conformation email...should it take hours?

Jimk - yes. read the FAQ an... (Below threshold)

Jimk - yes. read the FAQ and it'll tell you that it will take about 6 right now, and 12 hours later this week, to keep the spammers at bay.

Snoop Kevy Kev - I demand a retraction, as we all know that friggin' moon landing was faked.

anyways, here's to more mad blog hits.






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