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Running the numbers on the Palestinian Authority

Austin Bay (correction: Wretchard of Belmont Club) has an excellent two-part piece up right now (so what else is new?) discussing Hamas' victory in the recent Palestine elections, and the possible effect it will have on the Palestinian economy. (Part I, Part II). In Part I, he looks at the $1.06 billion the PA receives annually from other nations, and where it comes from.

It's astonishing.

The Palestinians are always being championed by their Arab and Muslim brothers, those nations that are practically swimming in oil and oil revenues. Meanwhile, they denounce the United States as "puppets of the Jews" and enemies of the Palestinian people.

But the numbers tell a different story.

Of that 1.06 billion, 368 million comes straight from the US. Another 338 billion comes from the European Union collectively, while five EU member nations pony up a total of $159 million. That's roughly 85% of the total money from the West.

Meanwhile, the Arab League kicks in under $200 million dollars a year.

I see three possible explanations for this:

1) The Arab League is a hell of a lot better at PR than the West, and consequently gets more "bang for the buck" for their money.

2) The Palestinians are just congenitally incapable of acknowledging the West's contributions and support.

3) The Arab League is providing a hell of a lot more support than direct cash infusions -- such as, perhaps, aid and support for terrorism? It seems to me that guns, bombs, and training would be a lot more valued by groups such as Hamas and Fatah than plain old boring money.

Now that Hamas is poised to take over the PA, I fully expect the US and other nations to stand by their earlier declarations that Hamas is a terrorist organization, and US law explicitly forbids giving money to terrorist organizations.

No matter what ex-President Peanuthead says.

(Thanks to Scott T. for catching my error.)

Comments (9)

Time to call out the Logan ... (Below threshold)

Time to call out the Logan Act. That mother had solid 4 years to destroy this country and her interests. I don't see why he needs anymore opportunity than he was already given.

That's a bit rich JT, The A... (Below threshold)

That's a bit rich JT, The Americans have been supporting terrorist organisations and regimes for years. Remember, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Reagen had no problem sending Rumsfeld to Iraq in the early eighties and propping up Saddam's army during the Iran/Iraq war.

And don't forget <a href=... (Below threshold)

And don't forget Iran Contra, kids!!!

Perhaps if clrjk and DUDACK... (Below threshold)

Perhaps if clrjk and DUDACKATTACK can pause from their hatred of America for a moment, they could answer a few questions:

You would prefer that our money is used to fund terror because you feel we have done so in the past?

You feel the United States is more obligated than the arab nations to aid their own people?

You don't feel the need for Hamas to renounce violence against Israel now that they are a 'legitimate' political body?

If Hamas wants to help the Palestinians, they can act like civilized beings and recognize Israel, enter peaceful negotiations, control the violence perpetrated against Israel by terrorists, appeal to other arab nations for aid, and do some hard thinking about how they can live peacefully with Israelis.

Unfortunately, I don't think they will be able to restrain themselves.

So here's another question: If the Carter foundation provides aid too a known terrorist organization, can we toss Jimmy into GITMO?

That was Wretchard at Belmo... (Below threshold)

That was Wretchard at Belmont Club, not Austin Bay you point to, and it states that wretchard posted it.

Hmmm.Jay don't for... (Below threshold)


Jay don't forget the taxes Israel collects on behalf of the PA. I think it amounts to around $50 million per month. Which would make Israel the single largest source, not donor, of funds for the PA.

Please someone explain why we're giving these Hamas twits money?

They insult us. Burn our flag. Kidnap our citizens. Kill our citizens. And yet we don't bitchslap them into the stone age. Instead we give them ... money.

Every day that passes makes the movie "The Mouse that roared" look more and more like modern State Dept. policy.

This is a dilemma for the B... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This is a dilemma for the Bush government, but let us remember what trigggered this sea-change in t Washington's reaction is 9/11, and there wasn't a single Palestinian among the 19 Arab bombers. There were however 15 Saudi nationals, many of whom had special visa connections provided by their own government, and some shadowing government financing. The US doesn't really give financial assitance to Saudi Arabia but does oblige the Saudis to spend billions of their petrol dollars on buying our military hardware. I don't recall any similar ultimatum to the Saudis , just diplomatic pressure to amend (0f course, they sit on the world's largest oil reserve) Palestinians deserve this approach rather than a 'Drop Dead' response

Hmmm.1. Nice of yo... (Below threshold)


1. Nice of you Steve to forget the other 40+ years of Palestinian terrorism directed against Americans.

2. The Saudi *government* hasn't made it a policy to kill Americans.

3. Americans visiting Israel have been murdered by Hamas.

4. America isn't donating money to Saudi Arabia.

5. "diplomatic pressure" is utter bullshit. We've seen the result of "diplomatic pressure" on the Palestinians for the last 50+ years. It's accomplished nothing but the death of thousands.

Instead of punishing them for their murderous behavior, people like you apologise for them and then try to get even more money into their hands so they can buy weapons.

You want them to have money? Give'em yours. IMHO let's cut'em off at the knees.

Ed, I am not apologising f... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Ed, I am not apologising for the Palestian tactics..This is what I found most reprehensible about Saddam, (more than any alleged WMD) giving Palestian bomber families large insurance policies... Bush must go the extra mile, with the carrot and stick approach before you would have the Israelis as our surrogates, annilhiate them, since the administration pushed hard over Israel's objections for these elections.. so we have an obligation to accept the result, even if Hamas will not show us any gratitude. We are going to have to get used to seeing governments in this part of the world supported by American funds, elected with strong anti-American rhetoric. Bush is certainly getting his own wake-up, call; that it is not so much 'democracy on the march' in that part of the world but radical Islam.






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