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Prep Girl Scores 113 Points in Basketball Game

Forget Kobe Bryant...

N.Y. senior sets girls high school scoring record with 113 points

Manhattan girls hoops star Epiphanny Prince scored 113 points Wednesday in a game for her Murry Bergtraum High School team - making Kobe Bryant's 81-point game look like child's play.

"I guess this is just once in a lifetime," said Prince, 17, of Brooklyn. "This is amazing to me."

The 5-foot-10 senior hit an incredible 54 out of 60 shots in leading her team to a 137-32 rout of Louis Brandeis High School.

It was only after the final whistle blew that Prince found out she had shattered the girls high school record set by the legendary Cheryl Miller, who went off for 105 points in a 1982 contest.

"When I found out I broke the record, I just started smiling," Prince said. "I couldn't stop smiling."

The triple-digit display came an hour after Prince told her coach she was getting bored of playing against much weaker competition.

Coach Ed Grezinsky challenged her to play her best game every time she steps on the court - and she took the advice to heart. "We didn't plan this," Grezinsky said. "She just scored like crazy."

The opposing coach whined after the game that Grezinsky allowed Prince to "pour it on" just to seek the record... A charge Grezinsky did not deny. -- And good for her.

Apparently though, Prince is no stranger to beating up the competition:

The record-setting performance caps a turbulent year of redemption for Prince, who went on trial last spring for her role in a brawl outside a Brooklyn supermarket.

Prince was eventually acquitted of third-degree assault and third-degree menacing charges. She was found guilty of a lesser charge of harassment and sentenced to 15 days of community service.

Perhaps this event will help convince her that hard work reaps great rewards.

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I'd just like to note that ... (Below threshold)

I'd just like to note that I've spectatored, parented, refereed, and coached youth sports and do not see this as a positive story. Defeating an out-classed opponent by over 100 points in a basketball simply (IMHO) shows the winner had no class either. Doing so in such a manner as this one - one player gets a record 113 and the rest of the team 24 - just makes the point even more absolutely clear.

I'm no big fan of Kobe Bryant, but his game was close, with his team behind at the half, and only ahead by 6 at the end of the third quarter. Those facts make his achievement a thing of significance, not this insulting travesty against high school kids.

Ball hog.... (Below threshold)

Ball hog.

I am more impress with the ... (Below threshold)

I am more impress with the 54 out 60 stat. As for Kobe, as Phil Jackson once said, "paraphrasing" anyone can score a high number of points when they shot a high number of times.

Playing against non-competi... (Below threshold)

Playing against non-competitive opponents, even 54 out of 60 is good, but that's all. They may have all been layups or from very close, etc.

As for Kobe, he played 42 out of 48 minutes, shot 21 out of 33 from 2-point range, 7 out of 13 from 3-point range, and 18 of 20 from the free throw line, all while being guarded by NBA defenders on a team playing well enough to make the outcome in doubt until the final minutes.

The Raptors record is 16 wi... (Below threshold)

The Raptors record is 16 wins 30 loses, not exactly a competitive team. Kobe was in the grove that night. My point about Kobe is anyone that shots as often as he does is going to score big numbers and is going to have a breakout night once in a while. Kobe shooting .446 FG% while Parker,Duncan and Nowitsky are shooting .548, .494, and .470 respectively. Kobe is 8th on his team alone in FG%. I will grant you that sats can be misleading at time but when stats are being discussed they are fair game.

I am 30 years old who has a... (Below threshold)

I am 30 years old who has always included respect in my sports, and I manage my own ball club and enforce that respect comes first and foremost. I will admit it is a great achievement for the next WNBA superstar, however, that coach should be ridiculed for what happened. He was quoted after the opposing coach said he was pouring it on and that she told her club to not play any defense, that he pulled all the other starters.

Now why would he pull out the rest of the starting squad and not Prince??? Because he is a moron. To pull out everyone except for her shows absolutely no class and a "win at all cost" attitude.

I do not go for that and I will not have my two kids have that attitude. I find a baseball game I'm a part of a lot more interesting when it's 3-2, not 15-1.

I have to agree to the lack... (Below threshold)
Coach "R":

I have to agree to the lack of professionalism by the coach. I have coached High School Basketball (Sophomore boys), and one of the worst losses I ever had was by 65 points (93 - 28). My boys were primarily football players who did not spend their off season's playing a lot of basketball... but still had enough character to not turn on each other during the route put on us! Other Coaches and referees's alike both found the "running up of the score" by the other team to be unprofessional, and told me so. I chose to say nothing, instead, I used it as a lesson to my boys to never allow another team to treat you like that, and slap you in the face like that! And believe me, our defense became insane after that game!
There is a positive here for Louis Brandeis High School, believe me... I've been on that side of it. They will become stronger becuase of it, as long as their coach uses it properly. When my boys faced that same team again, they beat us... but only by 8 points! The coach walked up to me after the game and said, "You guys really came after us this time... nice job... I like that".

Coach R

I've coached both baseball ... (Below threshold)
Coach V:

I've coached both baseball and basketball for over
25 years. I've taught my players to be sportsmen
both in victory and defeat. The object of sports is competion not humilation. Both coach and player
should be repremanded with suspensions and should
be made to aplogize to the opposng team. What's
Prince going to do, score 200 points against a
blind basketball team. With this coach maybe yes.

I think that once you get t... (Below threshold)

I think that once you get to the high school level where it really makes a difference to some of these kids as to their future if they are noticed in sports that it is okay to bring accolades to such a phenomenal player. Her stock obviously was high already, but now she is in the national news (I had never heard of her before - who follows high school sports but parents and college coaches), and she will be given the ultimate opportunity to continue at a higher level in her sport and become a great success if she so pursues it. I agree with the theory of not unduly raising the score, especially with little ones - we used to have a 9-0 rule in hockey for kids (children between the ages of 5 and probably 12), but in high school and up there are so many opportunities to be reaped by being noticed that you really cannot ask these kids to hold back. The other team knew they were going to get killed by this team so the numbers were not that important, but just the fact that she could put those numbers up and not run out of steam is astounding. I don't think the other coach should have pulled her A-team and should have rather sent the message that you try as hard as you can, and you may learn something from this star, so stay in and work as hard as you can - nothing to obviously lose by keeping them in and seeing what you can do to coach these kids a little on defense. The other coach was obviously not intending to belittle the other team, he was trying to highlight his player and give her the chance to break a record that was probably won in the same type of slanted team matching - No one can score 113 points against a good team, unless they can should from half court without error, so relax and let the young lady have her day in the sun, she obviously is in great shape and willing to prove herself - so hopefully she will have a great career in college and/or pros whereever she goes. It is not a big deal in terms of losers - what difference does it make if you lose by 1 or 50, it is still an L vs a W. I think if they lost to this team with the star on the bench they would have felt worse - now at least they have an out if they want one, but let's not forget that Prep Schools are starting to become the colleges of old with up and coming stars going there to be seen by colleges, etc. so there will likely not be much benching going on when the preps are recruiting the big guns.

You don't have to be in gre... (Below threshold)

You don't have to be in great shape to score that much against an overmatched team that can't stop the other team. This is not a great accomplishment. Any number of players out there can do that if they are allowed to stay in games with margins of that magnitude. When the game is out of reach by a huge margin, you play your backups unless your roster is so short that a starter has to stay on the court. This is classless, moronic, and both the coach and the players should feel embarrassed for doing such a thing. I am all for making sure your players don't get sloppy if they are winning by a large margin but you do things as a coach to minimize the lack of class. I am not talking about passing 20 times before shooting or not finishing a fastbreak against no defense. A coach can't control when the other team turns the ball over or shoots a brick that leads to a clean fastbreak. But a coach can control who is on the court and how aggressive you are when you are up by 80.






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