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Updates and corrections, part II

OK, here's the rest of the housekeeping stuff, where I brag about a few things and apologize for a lot more about some of the stuff I've written about in the last few days.

Kevin and I have an understanding. I write about whatever I want, whenever I want, and I don't mess with the stuff behind the scenes. In fact, I'm to pretty much keep my hands off the technical sides as much as I can, because it's pretty much guaranteed I'll mess it up.

Like yesterday, when I bashed the Boston Globe. In that piece, I played with the "strike" command -- and forgot to close it. It had been a while since I really borked up the site, so I figure I was pretty much due to do it again. Thanks, Kevin, for going in and fixing it. And I really will try to use the "preview" function more often in the future -- at least once a day.

Also, in that piece, Enrak took exception to my making "Boston Globe subscribers" synonymous with "fools," asking whether or not it was gratuitous. Enrak is a Sunday Globe subscriber, and considers it a more-than-worthy investment, just for the coupons alone.

In short, Enrak: yeah, it was a gratuitous cheap shot. If you get your money's worth out of it, despite the utterly useless editorializing and often-flawed reporting, then more power to you -- consider yourself the exception that proves the rule.

In my kicking around a scumbag lawyer, Denny Crane (with whom I've had some excellent discussions, and have crossed swords with brutally on occasion as well) took exception to what he thought might be gratuitous lawyer-bashing. (Denny's an attorney, if his nom de plume didn't give that away.) Denny, there certainly was an element of that, but there's also a bit of "held to a higher standard" going on there. As an attorney, he really, REALLY ought to have known what he was doing was rankly illegal, and his insisting to this day that he was justified in what he did is truly offensive.

Finally, a little bit of bragging. At around 8 yesterday morning, I predicted that Marie St. Fleur (D(eadbeat)-Dorchester) would withdraw from the Lieutenant Governor's race by the time my piece on her would be published, at 5:00.

At 5:24, while I was still at work, Al D. posted a link to a story that she had withdrawn.

I have to confess, though, it wasn't that hard a prediction. When I wrote the piece, the local Boston talk show on WRKO was already all over this story. I knew that at 3:00, two more local talk powerhouses -- Howie Carr and Michael Graham -- would be all over the story. I figured the heat would force the issue, and guessed 5 would be a good time to pick as an arbitrary deadline.

OK, that's enough for now. Tomorrow, I'll try to get back to more original material.

Comments (5)

gratuitous lawyer-bashin... (Below threshold)

gratuitous lawyer-bashing

Ain't no such thing.

Just wanted to point this o... (Below threshold)

Just wanted to point this out...

Drudge is running this headline:

Since Bush has obviously bothered this kid - doesn't that make Bush a child molester?

Based on your recent definition, it does.

If you don't have ... (Below threshold)
If you don't have time to back up your bullshit, Ollie, then maybe you ought not spout it in the first place.

Bing-frigging-go. However, this simple, basic principle will go so far over that boated gasbag's head people will think he's three feet tall.

Crap. Wrong thread. This ... (Below threshold)

Crap. Wrong thread. This comment should be in part 1. Off I go. ;)

This is similar to my view ... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

This is similar to my view of the Baltimore Sun. A subscription (for Sunday and several days in the week) costs less than buying the individual Sunday paper. The coupons, comics, and crossword puzzles make it worth discarding the "news" and editorials.






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