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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Last weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ produced a winning entry so good it made me think I'd already announced it as the winner. Little did I realize that I had actually forgotten to do the perfunctory post... The rest of the winning entries were top notch as well, as were tons of the 140+ other entries. The assignment last week was to caption the following picture:

Many a snowman : A woman looks at snowmen installed at the Arbat, a popular pedestrian shopping and entertainment street in Moscow. (AFP/Denis Sinyakov)

Here are the winning entries:

1) (Freakyboy) - "It became obvious she wasn't in Choclate City anymore."

2) (No One of Consequence) - "Democrats court the crucial 'person-of-snow' swing vote"

3) (JohnAnnArbor) - "Maureen Dowd, still looking for her man in all the wrong places..."

Honorable Mention

4) (skymuse) - "A still shot from Stanliy Kubrizcki's new film 'Ice Wide Shut'"

5) (dchamil) - "One of you will start talking soon or you will feel a taste of my hairdryer on 'High.'"

6) (Norm) - "Hey,anyone need a snowjob?"

Until several hours from now...

Comments (2)

Thanks Kevin. Sometimes the... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kevin. Sometimes the captions write themselves, unlike the current Dill photo at OTB.

Heh, that one is turning ou... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Heh, that one is turning out to be a tough one.






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