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Breaking News: Massachusetts Nazi in custody

Via Bruce at Mass Backwards, I am relieved to report that Jacob Robida, the teenage Massachusetts Nazi accused of attacking and nearly killing three people in a New Bedford, Massachusetts gay bar is in custody in Arkansas.

After the attack, Robida apparently drove to Charleston, West Virginia, where he picked up one Jennifer Bailey, a woman he had known prior. They traveled west, where they were pulled over by a local police officer in Arkansas. Robida allegedly shot and killed Officer Jim Sell of Gassville, Arkansas, then fled. He was later stopped by police, and a shootout ensued. Robida was critically wounded. Bailey is dead, but police say Robida killed her before the shootout.

The one consolation in this whole case is that the likelihood of Robida returning to Massachusetts for trial is minimal. He allegedly killed a police officer in Arkansas, and unlike the fine, enlightened, civilized, refined, cultured, nuance-appreciationg folks of the Bay State, Arkansans still have the death penalty -- and use it.

Update: The dirtbag did the states of Arkansas and Massachusetts a favor and croaked.


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Comments (11)

If he lives long enough to ... (Below threshold)

If he lives long enough to get to trial. I vote for a lynching.

Lynchings are more of an an... (Below threshold)

Lynchings are more of an angry mob type of thing, not a democratic decision. Let's stick with trials.

Well, while I agree that ly... (Below threshold)

Well, while I agree that lynching is something reserved for only the most demonic people on the planet (one on trial in Iraq, the other still PRESUMED to be alive and hiding in a cave like the coward he is), how "motivated" do you think the staff at his hospital bed-side will be to save him, knowing he MURDERED one of their state peace officers?

Actually, Smoke, they chopp... (Below threshold)

Actually, Smoke, they choppered the little slug to Springfield, Missouri to one of their trauma centers. With any luck, the death penalty will not be necessary. He was critical last I heard.

He has now died... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

He has now died

Well, while I don't (normal... (Below threshold)

Well, while I don't (normally) want someone to die (save the one on trial in Iraq, and the one who is PRESUMED to be in the cave like a coward), I can't say I'm upset this ASS-HAT is not taking up oxygen any more.

Damn, now what will I do wi... (Below threshold)

Damn, now what will I do with that rope?

I hate Massachusetts Nazis.... (Below threshold)

I hate Massachusetts Nazis.

epador - practice for the n... (Below threshold)

epador - practice for the next time you'll need it.

Dodd - are there ANY GOOD NAZIS?

Had he lived, he would have... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Had he lived, he would have gotten the needle here in Arkansas. There was no "allegedly" about him killing the police officer. There was a witness who saw him do it and called 911. She then saw him come back and take the officer weapon before fleeing.

Can't we bring back public ... (Below threshold)

Can't we bring back public hangings, or the firing squad?






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