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Ted Kennedy, Call Your Office For An Urgent Message...

Russia running low on vodka, distiller warns - (Reuters)

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Anyone else notice the true... (Below threshold)

Anyone else notice the true humor in this post isn't in the text, but in the filing data?

10 for subtle crackups, Kevin.

Not to worry, Teddy is an I... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, Teddy is an Irish Whiskey man!

Sorry, Comrade... (hic!) My... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Comrade... (hic!) My fault...

Most Russians won't worry u... (Below threshold)

Most Russians won't worry until the price hits $5 a gallon.

I was gonna joke about long lines, but this is Russia we're talking about.

How dare you impugn the int... (Below threshold)

How dare you impugn the integrity of one of our distinguished congressional leaders.

"This vodka shortage is Pre... (Below threshold)

"This vodka shortage is President Putin's Vietnam," said MA Senator Ted Kennedy when asked to comment on the situation.

How dare you impugn the ... (Below threshold)

How dare you impugn the integrity of one of our distinguished congressional leaders.

o, no -- he was talking about Ted Kennedy.

Um, I think the same joke c... (Below threshold)

Um, I think the same joke could be made about George Bush. After all, he he has an alcohol problem too (and cocaine addiction).

For those of you who agree with Bush's spying program, a link to a great article below....


National Review's Mark Levin "informs" his readers today:

Clinton bypassed FISA by extending warrantless searches to include physical searches.

Levin is referring to Clinton's 2/9/95 executive order and his claim is totally false. First, FISA didn't cover physical searches at the time, so the executive order did not, and could not, "bypass FISA." Second, unlike the secret Bush administration program, Clinton's public executive order did not apply to U.S. persons. If Bush's program didn't apply to U.S. persons there would be no controversy at all.

But Levin doesn't have to read Think Progress to figure this out. He can read his own right-wing magazine. Here's the National Review's Byron York five days ago:

In the argument that has emerged over warrantless surveillance, there have been a number of overstatements. Some people, for example, have said that Bill Clinton signed an executive order authorizing such surveillance; he did not.

One clarification: when someone says something that's not true, it's not an overstatement, it's a lie.

The hyperlinks are here:








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