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Here comes the crook, all battered and shook

I've dealt with people preparing for a wedding, and they're usually pretty high-strung and tense. It takes a special touch to work with these people, to get past their tension and anxiety and figure out just what they want and need, and to help them get it, without triggering a crisis.

I cannot imagine what it's like to work in a bridal shop, though. They must go to work every day knowing they're going to face folks on the verge of a major meltdown, a complete and utter emotional explosion.

I guess that's why this story doesn't surprise me. Combine the routine environment a bridal-store employee faces with New Hampshire folks' own well-established intolerance for crooks, and the only question is why stories like this aren't more common.

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Hehe, I doubt a knife-wield... (Below threshold)

Hehe, I doubt a knife-wielding homeless crook has anything he can bring to the fight that would compare to the rantings of an insane bride-to-be or even worse the MOB...poor bastard never had a chance...

My mother owned a bridal sh... (Below threshold)

My mother owned a bridal shop for about twenty years and it was always entertaining.

My brother and I grew up wiping our faces with the monogrammed napkins of cancelled weddings and broken dreams.






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