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The Muslim cartoon riots: are we getting head-faked?

One of my very first postings here on Wizbang -- and one that, I think, helped land me this gig almost two years ago -- was an outraged piece after the massacre of American contractors in Fallujah. In that, I called for the utter destruction of the city as a response.

The US military thought differently. They quietly withdrew from it, and the insurgents/terrorists celebrated their great victory over the US.

Then, months later, after hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of insurgents/terrorists flocked to join the "heroes" of Fallujah, the US returned seven months later. And when the dust settled, over 1,000 bad guys were dead and the city was at peace.

I was wrong at the time. I let my fury outweigh my reason. The US military had cooler heads that I did, and their plan worked a hell of a lot better than my own.

With the latest furor over the Islamic riots, I'm feeling the lame type of outrage. But this time I've learned a little, and I'm looking to see what others are saying and thinking -- others whose intelligence I've grown to respect.

Wretchard at The Belmont Club is, as I've said before, one of the "heavy thinkers" around the blogosphere. He has two superb pieces on the current brouhaha, here and here. All I can add is the literary parallel of the final battle between Arthur and Mordred, when the father and son had agreed on a peace, but a single mistake by one man triggered a fight that neither side wanted. Wretchard observes that the current fight is not really desired by either side, as it doesn't suit their purposes, but we find ourselves stuck with it anyway.

And Austin Bay brings up the possibility that the Muslim outrage over the cartoons might be, in part, fanned by Syria to deflect attention from their own problems. Bashar Assad ("The Dorktator") has been feeling a great deal of heat lately, with the UN actually looking into his country's brutal oppression of Lebanon. Further, the US has been leaning on Syria, and we have a lot of troops right on their border. Finally, he's been shoring up his ties with Iran, who seem hell-bent on acquiring nuclear weapons and are themselves feeling considerable international pressure.

Any halfway-decent student of military history will tell you that historians study battles, generals study logistics. So let's look at the supplies end of this battle. Several people have raised an interesting question: where are the rioters getting all those Danish flags? I'm willing to bet that if the Syrian and/or Iranian government wanted to, they could have whipped up a whole bunch of them before this current hysteria erupted -- which, if they did, would imply that they knew it was coming.

There is no doubt that the anti-cartoon riots are doing a world of good for the dictators of Syria and Iran. They are galvanizing Muslims around the world into an "us versus the West" mentality, and solidifying their own bases of support.

Correlation does not imply causation, though. This could be a coincidence, or merely a useful exploitation of an existing situation. But in any mystery, cui bono is as good a starting point as any -- and better than most.


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Comments (18)

What, your shocked that cyn... (Below threshold)

What, your shocked that cynical dictatorships would fan and exploit the situation for their benefit?
Must be an amazing coincidence just having all those flags conveniently about. right.
What is shocking is the reaction to the cartoons but not to the wanton murder by the jihadists.
I'm sorry to say we should razed Fallujah after the lynchings of the contractors. An object lesson to those who support the enemy. You can either be our friend or our enemy. it is better to be our friend.

And it's not just the flags... (Below threshold)

And it's not just the flags, but all the signs in English, right down to a little "Palestinian" grade schooler holding "We respect your Freedom, so you respect our Dogma"

Along with the dictators, we also get the usual Leftist apologists for offended moslem sensibilities Juan Cole

Of course people are upset when their sacred figures are attacked! But the hurt is magnified many times when the party doing the injuring is first-world, and the injured have a long history of being ruled, oppressed and marginalized. ...

Westerners cannot feel the pain of Muslims in this instance. ...

whoops...the last sentence ... (Below threshold)

whoops...the last sentence should be part of the blockquote..

The EU has been on the road... (Below threshold)

The EU has been on the road to becoming a Muslim country due to the government's appeasement of the radical Muslims within the EU.

I hope this is a wakeup call to the Europeans to come out of their fetal position, quit sucking their thumb and standup to the radical Muslims.

Jay Tea:There i... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Jay Tea:

There is no doubt that the anti-cartoon riots are doing a world of good for the dictators of Syria and Iran. They are galvanizing Muslims around the world into an "us versus the West" mentality, and solidifying their own bases of support.

Bingo. Who benefits from the futher polarization that this bullshit is creating? Hmmm. Dictators who want to create more hatred toward the west, dictators who are anything but good to their own people.

And the people are basically used as tools in the process. Hussein used to do the same shit, along with every other dictator in history.

I know this is off-topic, b... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

I know this is off-topic, but what ever happened to Catalano's guest blogging? I miss Michele!

Jake, it is, but they'll ju... (Below threshold)

Jake, it is, but they'll just roll over and go back to sleep.

Hmmm.It's been 5 m... (Below threshold)


It's been 5 months since those cartoons were first published. So there's been plenty enough time to make the Danish flags, hand them out and whip up some serious signage.

I know its always tempting ... (Below threshold)

I know its always tempting to come up with a conspiracy theory to explain the muslim streets irrational behavior-- I mean, nobody wants to believe that people could be so ignorant and backward as to burn down embassys and call for beheadings over a cartoon, right? There must be something else behind their behavior. Something more sinister stirring up all this hate.

Maybe. Maybe not. Does it really matter if these people are being manipulated? If people allow themselves to become so enraged and bloodthirsty over a cartoon, then their fury can be ignited by anything.

I place the blame squarely where it belongs - on Islam itself. It is stuck in the middle ages and im afraid it will never progress from its "convert or die" mentality.

Well, Jay, from what I've s... (Below threshold)

Well, Jay, from what I've seen the cartoons ran in October. They've had plenty of time to get flags from Europe for these "spontaneous" demonstrations.

Amish:I place t... (Below threshold)
ryan a:


I place the blame squarely where it belongs - on Islam itself. It is stuck in the middle ages and im afraid it will never progress from its "convert or die" mentality.

Well, you can blame an abstraction if that suits you, but I would rather place blame upon the people who went out and committed the violence, etc. And if they were incited by anyone else, those people are at fault as well.

Islam is an idea. People are the ones who decide to act, and who should be held responsible for what they do. Islam is just a bunch of words in a book.

Your logic is like blaming a knife for murder. Sure, knives can be used to kill, but they can also be used to chop garlic. It depends on what people choose to do with it.

Same goes for Islam, or any religion for that matter.

Because if your reasoning is to be used, we should then blame Christianity for colonial atrocities. However, we all know that isnt fair or accurate.

Christian symbols, saints a... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Christian symbols, saints and Christ Himself have been treated with disrespect in the media and art for many years, but you don't see a lot of demonstrations on the street over these insults. Given the teachings of the New Testament, there's simply no need for Christians to raise a fuss over insults against God, as those doing the insulting must stand before Him and give account of their lives on the last day. God is well able to deal with such situations, giving all sinners time to repent and accept the free gift of salvation that comes through Christ alone.

Muslims also believe that all people will face God's judgement. If Muslims have faith that God is well able to deal justly and mercifully with those who disrespect Him, then the streets of the middle east would be at peace. The violence in the name of Islam shows more disrespect of God than the cartoons that incited it.

The flag issue is an intere... (Below threshold)

The flag issue is an interesting one.

I still think the US was soft on Fallujah. I guess that means it's a good thing I'm calling the shots in the US armed forces.

I could see how much of thi... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

I could see how much of this is deliberately fomented in order to unify the masses under the precarious govts of Iran and Syria.

However, I would not agree that this has been a good week for the Islamist movement overall.

As any officer will tell you, "no plan survives contact with the enemy", in this case the enemy being the West.

If Iran and Syria are stronger today, well maybe. but look at the cost.

1) Iran hammered by the IAEA. Did they expect that? Was Operation Cartoon-arossa supposed to result in a craven Europe caving in at the UN, when the opposite occured?

2) Further to the above, between this and the French riots, the US could not ask for a better way to make it's five year old case to Europe that the WoT is THEIR war as well as ours, and they are even closer to the front lines than we are. The US-Euro downright bitter hostility has been hard to find in the past 90 days, and this week has HUGELY helped to put us on the same page. Was that in the plan?

3) Even over at Kos, of all places, where "I hope Bush dies tomorrow" is common fare, when this is the topic, Bush barely makes an appearance, and when he is blamed, it's pretty half-hearted and lame. Even the most howling moonbats can no longer ignore that a movement that hates Bush as much as they do is in fact a monstrous totalitarian one that would destroy Kossacks and Neo-Cons with equal wrath.

I submit that moonbat Lefties, Euro-Chomskyites, and craven press and politicians were the Islamists most powerful allies, and they have ALL been blown clear out of the water by this, never to regain their former status again (I hope and in fact believe).

Example #6,452 of totalitarians overplaying their hand.

Excellent points, Andrew.</... (Below threshold)

Excellent points, Andrew.

The self-censorship by the ususal suspects of our alleged "free press" hiding in their burqas under desks in the editors room is the most craven group of all. CNN has a disclaimer that it will not air the cartoons out of respect for the Islamic religion. Like the bastards ever applied that standard of religious respect for any Christian or Jewish offensive satire/comment/movies review/art.

This newest Islamic mania has sure amplified the idiots among us.

God bless the Danes because you know they are going to loose lives over this.

Jay Tea, have you seen this... (Below threshold)
There is an old joke, which... (Below threshold)
Mike in Austin:

There is an old joke, which I first read in The Great Santini by Pat Conroy, wherein a young bull and an old bull are sittin' on a hillside when a herd of cows moseys into the valley below them. "Let's run down there and get us each a cow and have us a little fun!" says the young bull. The old bull looks at him, chews his cud a few more times, and says, "Let's walk down there, grab us all them cows, and have us a lotta fun...."

The Fallujah episode shows that that the old bulls running the military know their stuff. So if Syria gets caught using their intelligence service to foment the attack on embassies in Lebanon, let alone Damascus, isn't that a definitive causus belli, or at least a pretext belli?

Have you heard that all<... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Have you heard that all depictions of Mohammed are wrong, not just the cartoons? Look what Zombie found:







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