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A Quick Note About Trolls

If you've been reading the site today you might have noticed multiple bizzaro comments from a Mr. Ho. Do yourself (and the post author) a favor and don't engage this kind of person when they're wildly off topic - it's just makes it more confusing for everyone when we zap their comments into the ether.

Comments (4)

No worries...I rarely swing... (Below threshold)

No worries...I rarely swing at balls that come across the plate that slowly anyway.

I must be losing my touch..... (Below threshold)

I must be losing my touch... Usually the whack jobs come after my posts.

Guess I need to try harder.

Paul,I laughed out... (Below threshold)


I laughed out loud when I saw your comment as that is the first thing I thought when I read Jay's post.

Just start posting about oozers and such again...

And here I thought that Joh... (Below threshold)

And here I thought that John Kerry only posted over at the Daily Kossack's site.

Don't worry. Before long he'll trundle on back to the fever swamps for another dose of "enlightenment".






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