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Always remember...

I was a bit of a comic book geek when I was younger, and I still am, to a certain extent. So, when I happened to discover this meme going around, I had no choice...

(Belated "credit where credit is due" link to Dave's Long Box, where I discovered this theme. And a bit of praise to Peter David, the best dang comic book/sci-fi/fantasy/TV script writer out there -- when he's not being a moonbat, politically.)


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I was younger, although wit... (Below threshold)

I was younger, although with a fine bottom and trying to discover my true destiny, was it to lead the greatest army.. or to guide a starship.. No.. my destiny was to be paradied by Peter David.. the man whose wisdom has shown me to be more then a human and yet humbled by words.. and Always seemed to give my subordinates the best lines.. wheter from greece or vulcan.

but now.. David Peters.. or david father of Simon.. may know more about my character and how to parady it then any others

well, thank you. just thank... (Below threshold)

well, thank you. just thank you. there goes my plans for finishing my Doctoral thesis tonight. I gotta photoshop me some Super Friends!

There's a meme in there som... (Below threshold)

There's a meme in there somewhere?

Gotta try that. At last, a ... (Below threshold)

Gotta try that. At last, a potential use for those gigs of scanned comic books...

BTW, has anyone ever seen Peter David and Salman Rushdie together at the same time?

If you haven't already, pic... (Below threshold)

If you haven't already, pick up Peter's new "X-Factor" series (issue #3 just came out, and 1 & 2 are still available) - it's practically a 6th season of "Angel", but with mutants instead of vampires and witches. Also PAD-style humor instead of Joss, but duh :)






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