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And Now A Personal Note to Mick Jagger

Dude... Next time, keep the long sleeves on. Trust me on this one.

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That's only one way in whic... (Below threshold)

That's only one way in which he embarassed himself.

"The Stones should have qui... (Below threshold)

"The Stones should have quit in 65." - Sid Vicious

If only Sid knew...

Well I guess I'm way too ol... (Below threshold)

Well I guess I'm way too old - never understood the Stones - saw no point in what they did last night.

Was it just me or was that half time the flop of all flops?

OMG! They SUCKED! Sooo Bad... (Below threshold)

OMG! They SUCKED! Sooo Bad!
I can't remember a 'live' performance by a major/famous band that was done so badly. They're rendition of 'Satisfaction' was sheer butchery.
There was a time when women threw their panties at Mick...now they throw 'Depends'. Give it up, boys. Either give it some effort or give it up!

And yet Stevie Wonder et al... (Below threshold)

And yet Stevie Wonder et al kicked ass for the pre-game. How the NFL, ABC rtc could have have the taste to pick such a good opener, and then put the Stones on for the "Big Show", I'll never understand.

The awfull halftime show co... (Below threshold)

The awfull halftime show coupled with both teams playing like highschoolers made for an evening of heavy sleeping.

Still, the halftime show wa... (Below threshold)

Still, the halftime show wasn't nearly as embarrassing as the disgraceful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. That went way beyond the bounds of artistic license; it was an insult to the anthem.

I find almost NO sporting e... (Below threshold)

I find almost NO sporting event in which the artist doesn't go way beyond the bounds of artistic license on the National Anthem. Most of the time I pause the TV for a few minutes, then skip over the Anthem. Now don't get me wrong, I love the National Anthem but I hate to hear it on the butcher's block.

Oh, and as for Mick Stagger and the Rolling Nasties, at least they didn't lipsync. I guess that's why the performance was so bad.

::: laughing ::: Yes, plea... (Below threshold)

::: laughing ::: Yes, please, long sleeves...or at lease longer sleeves.

OK, OK! Alright already! Be... (Below threshold)

OK, OK! Alright already! Before anyone else gets their fruit o' the loonies in a twist-
1.) If you were expecting polished studio renditions of any Stones tunes then cue up your CD player.
2.) Mick being front guy and all that jazz is only that, a front man.
3.) And anytime you hear a familiar riff and that unmistakable guitar tone then begin singing along, think Keith Richards. Keith is the Stones, not Mick.

I never would have thought ... (Below threshold)

I never would have thought of this blog as being read by a bunch of Britney & INXS fans. Geez, for a group with a total age of 1,428 years, I thought they did pretty well. They've always been an acquired taste, and as someone above said, you either get them or you don't. But I thought it rocked. How can you not respect Charlie Watts being a human metronome for 50+ years? Or Keef being #1 on the dead pool for that long? And tell me you'll be moving like Mick when you're in your 60's.

I thought the performance w... (Below threshold)

I thought the performance was good. I did notice those flabby triceps. You are right about the long sleeves.

I don't care who the "front... (Below threshold)

I don't care who the "front man" is, Elvis. They sucked! They sounded like a second rate garage band. Worse still, they were butchering their own songs!
Mick was off key, sang the wrong words, no tempo. Richards was worse. Fumbling all over his instrument, wrong cords, playing riffs in the wrong key...no timing at all. Each song was a twisted, incoherent cluster f***.

The Stones were never 'top of the line' technicians with their respective instruments but they used to give a fun and entertaining performance within which you could at least recognize and appreciate the songs they were playing (I saw them live twice in the late 60's /early 7o's).

Last night, however, was a complete disgrace!

And..ditto for that Baptist revival/Motown bastardization of our National Anthem. I know it was in "Motor City' but, jeeze!
You would think that (just once) they might consider presenting an artist who would perform our National Anthem in a manner that the other 90% of America might appreciate! Just a thought.

Bro,I saw the stones... (Below threshold)

I saw the stones in 1989 & they Rocked then; even if I thought they were too old at the time.
Now they are just old.

"The Stones should have ... (Below threshold)

"The Stones should have quit in 65." - Sid Vicious

If only they had quit when they were 65.

Butchering the National Ant... (Below threshold)

Butchering the National Anthem at the Super Bowl is an American tradition.

And the Rolling Stones? Lawd... no.

That was definitely a starf... (Below threshold)

That was definitely a starf*cker performance, the whole 30 seconds I wasted my time watching. I was praying for a blimp to crash through the roof or a Coke machine to expode into a mushroom cloud and put everyone out of their misery. At least his zipper didn't accidentally fall open.

I guess you can't always get what you want...

I LOVED their performance. ... (Below threshold)

I LOVED their performance. You should all be so TALENTED. The Stones, have been around for a LONG time and are excellent at what they do. Which one of you in this group of pathetics, has produced a #1 record?

what a bunch of LOSERS!!!






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