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Newspaper Reveals Senate Aide's Sexy MySpace Blog


Meet Stormie Janzen, a scheduler for Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who just so happens to be "single, straight, and a Scorpio." Janzen, a scheduler in Sessions' DC Senate office, maintained a personal site MySpace.com where she dished her thoughts on "dating, hanging out with girlfriends, and one of her biggest turn-ons -- men in button-fly jeans". Given the millions of MySpace.com users, her anonymous site hardly rates as unusual. In fact unless you knew where to find it, it was pretty much invisible to the world outside the confines of the MySpace community.

All of the Montgomery, Alabama now knows about Janzen's social networking and journal site because a story about it was featured on the front page of the Saturday edition of The Montgomery Advertiser, Sessions' aide revealed on sexy Internet diary

WASHINGTON -- An aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions agreed Friday to shut down her Web diary, which included a provocative photo of her bare midriff in unzipped jeans, after the office heard about a complaint, the senator's spokesman said.

Stormie Janzen would not speak to a reporter Friday, but the blog indicated she was logged onto the site Friday morning during Senate business hours.

...The Montgomery Advertiser on Thursday received an e-mail about Janzen's blog on MySpace.com, a popular site that allows users to post details about their lives and to connect with friends. By Friday afternoon, the photo was taken down and entry to parts of Janzen's site were restricted to "blog owner friends only."

Janzen, 34, who describes herself as "single, straight and a Scorpio," did not appear to use the blog to comment on congressional business.

She entered observations on dating, hanging out with girlfriends, and one of her biggest turn-ons -- men in button-fly jeans.

The funny thing about Janzen's "blog" (term used extremely loosely) is that our Google overlords know not of this Stormie Janzen MySpace site. Unless you've been given the address, there's zero chance you just stumble upon it when looking for Stormie Janzen online.

Chances are high that someone politically opposed to Session sent this information to The Advertiser, knowing they'd do a reactive fluff piece, just like they did. Perhaps The Advertiser should do a little investigation into the background and possible motivations of the e-mailer...

Update: The Ambiguously Gay Duo over at Wonkette also struck out in looking for the site, then magically got a copy of the alleged thong shot. It's tre disappointing. I'd venture to guess that the sender was also the tipster. Perhaps the Duo should follow up on their source...


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Comments (25)

[Comment altered - luci... (Below threshold)
mr ho:

[Comment altered - lucidity unaffected.]

Blah, blah, blah, Rove...

Blah, blah, blah, Halliburton, Bush, FISA Constitution, the Bill of Rights, civil liberties, Fox News, Ministry of Propaganda, blah, blah, blah...

troll... (Below threshold)


wow, she's attractive, and ... (Below threshold)

wow, she's attractive, and who the hell are you mr ho, you sound like a real mental whack job.

Opinions, Nothing but Op... (Below threshold)

Opinions, Nothing but Opinions do I see here.

Well, there's also the incoherent ramblings of paranoid moonbats who hijack threads about bared thirty-something midriffs to screech about Karl Rove. (If there were ever two things in this world that don't go together, Rove and bare midriffs would be them.)

Speaking of which, when can we see Stormie's midriff photo? C'mon, Kevin -- we come here for the propaganda, but we stay for the sexy pics!

She is a cutie. Why is she... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

She is a cutie. Why is she single?

As to the story. I can't believe anyone saw fit to do anything about that email. How lame. I agree..lets dig into who sent the thing.

Mr. Ho is a no talent ass c... (Below threshold)

Mr. Ho is a no talent ass clown. I believe the story was about Stormie Janzen, not Bush. Who cares if she has a myspace "blog".

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

It's a sad day in America, ... (Below threshold)

It's a sad day in America, when congressional aides can't have a myspace page.
God Bless you Stormie and your bare midriff.

the terrorists are winning!

IF YOU LOVE AMERICA, YOU WI... (Below threshold)


I don't know who this "Mr H... (Below threshold)

I don't know who this "Mr Ho" or any of his fellow rejects from 'moonbat central' are, but they can't seem to resist bunging the FISA 'thingy' into virtually every thread.

It must have them shook up reeeeal good!

That's funny!

As far as the young lady goes...WOW! She's hot! And hey..let her have her little web page. Its not hurting anyone!

When I said the MySpace pag... (Below threshold)

When I said the MySpace page was un-findable I wasn't just whistling Dixie. I imagine I could find it in Google's cache if I had any idea what the original URL was...

... and you call yourself a... (Below threshold)

... and you call yourself a journalist. Hmmpff.

Just remember, for every ho... (Below threshold)

Just remember, for every hot chick out there, somewhere there's a guy who's fed up with her shit. As a possible explanation for why she's still single (or more likely single again).

The real test is whether she'll ignore all the faux attention or attempt to turn it into a movie of the week deal on lifetime.

A Myspace page with semi-se... (Below threshold)

A Myspace page with semi-sexy photos? Lukewarm comments about her preferences in men's jeans? Absolutely shocking! I've never seen anything so risque at the innocent Myspace!

Ok (sarcasm mode off), about the only shocking thing about this story is that a search for "stormie" at Myspace turns up 47 pages of responses (none of them her). Excuse the yankee, but I never knew that was such a popular girls name in the south.

I wish I'd found her page _before_ the "Montgomery Advertiser" scared her away. Would they care to find some other good-looking 30-somethings? That would be a real public service...

I'm convinced that Kevin ha... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

I'm convinced that Kevin has the photo and just won't share.

Cutie??? Hot???Je... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

Cutie??? Hot???

Jeeze, do you guys live under a rock or something?

Not cute. Not hot. But I'd probably hire her to feed my horse or something.

Bet she weighs 150 & that's... (Below threshold)

Bet she weighs 150 & that's probably photoshopped photo.

No doubt she's annoying....anyone that age & single, typing a blog that nobody reads is definately annoying in person.

Sorry JT.....heard you got a girl, so that don't include you.

Remember, essentially ev... (Below threshold)

Remember, essentially every gun and bullet ever used by a murder or thief entered the stream of commerce legitimately at some point.

Same with knives. And Britain is actually seriously talking about regulating pointed kitchen knives. Presumably cricket bats are next.

Their public is completely disarmed and actually banned from defending themselves (they are told to run away and call the police, and not to respond even if assaulted!). And their crime rate is skyrocketing. And a large percentage of burglaries happen when people are present, because the criminals know there is nothing to fear. They're much lower in percentage here.

Wrong thread. Ignore....</... (Below threshold)

Wrong thread. Ignore....

MySpace is blogs? W... (Below threshold)

MySpace is blogs? Wow!

Next thing you know they'll be saying Soylent Green is halal. Or at least kosher.

Kev,are you sure this isn't... (Below threshold)

Kev,are you sure this isn't the "runaway bride" from Georgia (or her sister; look at the eyes).

Mr Ho, it's past your bedtime. Call Mommy to tuck you in.

ohh noooooomr hoooo<... (Below threshold)

ohh noooooo
mr hoooo

Imhotep, who's spreading th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Imhotep, who's spreading that filthy rumor about me?

Well, it's technically correct, in that I "had" a girl. In fact, I've "had" several women with whom I was involved with for various lengths of time, to various degrees of seriousness, but at this moment "have" none.


why is she still single?! ... (Below threshold)

why is she still single?!

uh... maybe because she's stupid enough to put up a myspace page with high school style ramblings and photos when she has a job as a congressional aid?

and have you ever heard a woman from montgomery speak? it's painful.

In her 30's ... with a MySp... (Below threshold)

In her 30's ... with a MySpace page??? seems pathetic. Someone needs to tell her she's not 21 anymore. Time to grow up.

Rumor has it that myspace i... (Below threshold)

Rumor has it that myspace is coming out with a better version of there site on another domain starting march 1st it will be another social networking site with extra features more i guess to stay ahead of tagworld also i heard it will be www.FriendWise.com i guess well just have to see if that happens.






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