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Write Dear VK

Got a question for Thursday's "Dear VK" column? Send it in today!

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Venomous Kate..not g... (Below threshold)
mr ho:

Venomous Kate..
not good name for lady
why should one ask kate?
Kate , by name, will likely answer in spite
then your answer would be biased
for one can never win
arguments of opinion
nor could the answer be truthful

But yet I shall ask ye <br ... (Below threshold)
mr ho:

But yet I shall ask ye
What kate is the Aether?
the flux the flow the styx
as poseidon shook the earth
at the ends of his chains
Phaedes phos haedes brought the light
the Angles, the EL, the angels, the watchers?

what dos this mean kate?

mr. ho:Go to Clear... (Below threshold)

mr. ho:

Go to Clearwater, Florida and ask for the Scientologists. Then ask them to audit you.

I'll bet their "e-meter" jumps off the scale when they try it on you.

mr ho,It means you'r... (Below threshold)

mr ho,
It means you're a lunatic who should not have access to a computer.

you say Mr ho scientologist... (Below threshold)
mr ho:

you say Mr ho scientologist
mr ho not

your party leader is
Boehner is
intelligent majority leader.
Using language "crafted with the help of a leading proponent of 'intelligent design theory,'" new House Majority Leader John Boehner sent a letter to the Ohio Board of Education in 2002 urging classes to teach "alternatives"

mr ho not call you names
mr ho say stop your judging
because you are batting 0
you are guessing WILDLY
as to my personage
and its funny mr ho laff long time

but hey keep deleting my posts and calling me names.
the more you do GUESS
the funnier and more
how you say 'MOON BAT'
you appear to be

Oh and BTW mr ho knows how to program computer in C++ =)






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