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It's all about Ted

I've said before on numerous occasions that Ted Rall is not only utterly untalented and contemptible, but a vile excuse for a cartoonist human being. But he is a fairly popular cartoonist who enjoys violating taboos (often for the sheer fun of it), so I was curious (in a "I've never seen a car crash quite like that, and I don't recognize that body part on the highway" sort of way) to see what he had to say about it.

Well, in retrospect, it's fairly predictable.

Cartoonists are being threatened with death, and where is Ted's sense of collegiality? I'd call it "missing in action" or "AWOL", but that would be imparting him with a sense of military decorum he so sorely lacks. So I'll just call it predictably absent.

Because one guy three years ago took Ted to task, and engaged in a bit of speculative hyperbole ("Should such a cartoonist be punished, arrested? Shot at dawn?") before calling for him to be fired, Ted feels no sense of loyalty or professional obligations. Because Alan Keyes engaged in the sort of hyperbole that Ted abuses on a daily basis, Ted is content to see his fellow cartoonists threatened with death or dismemberment.

Because, after all, it's all about Ted. Screw those Danes; a black American insulted Ted back in March 2002, they can just go hang.


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Comments (25)

The big difference also bei... (Below threshold)

The big difference also being that the noise being made by offended people in the U.S. was just that, noise. Islamists are actually causing damage. And I'm sorry, when a masked Islamist calls for someone to be shot or beheaded I take it a little more seriously than when one of Ted Rall's "fans" calls for the same thing.

Dear God! You are using an ... (Below threshold)

Dear God! You are using an ALAN KEYES article from WorldNetDaily as your source? And you reference him as "one guy?"

That's pretty sad.

Anyways, calling someone a racist is a pretty risky thing to do, just as your buddy Keyes compared him to a pornographer. Anything to back up your claim?

Ted Rall is funny like Ann ... (Below threshold)

Ted Rall is funny like Ann Coulter is funny.
If you got somethin stuck up your ass then you might be greatly offended by either.

Comparing the (half)wit of ... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

Comparing the (half)wit of Ted Rall with the wit of Ann Coulter is just wrong. Whether you agree with her or not, Coulter has more than 100 times the intellect and comedic sense that Rall has.

Do you have any information... (Below threshold)

Do you have any information that would demonstrate how Ted Rall feels about the Danish comic controversy? Because the Ted Rall-like character in that cartoon you linked to didn't express an opinion either way about those cartoons or the reaction they engendered.

Rather, Mr. Rall seemingly expressed surprise that Republicans were jumping to a cartoonist's defense when Mohammed was the target considering how much hostility he gets from them year in and out. I would be surprised to find out that Mr. Rall wasn't supportive of the danish cartoonists and their editors and publishers.

Mr. Rall has a point. He has been getting death threats for years because of his cartoons. Now these same people are expressing outrage that others are making death threats about other cartoonists. Hypocritical? Sort of. Certainly, these same people supporting the Danes' rights to offend should now at least tolerate Mr. Rall's comics.

I would certainly allow myself to be corrected if Mr. Rall has expressed support for the rioters. Somehow I think that if such evidence existed, you would have linked to it. No?

jp2, if you read Rall's com... (Below threshold)

jp2, if you read Rall's comic you'd know that he is the one who used Keyes as a source.

I fail to see how the carto... (Below threshold)

I fail to see how the cartoon you linked to supported any of your points. Rall was clearly talking about the hypocrisy of right wingers who are outraged at the Muslim response, while he gets thousands of death threats a year (which to you somehow translates to "one guy three years ago".)

And what the hell's with making the point about Keyes being black? Is Rall supposed to accept his criticism because Keyes is black and Rall is a liberal? If you're going to gratuitously throw race into the mix then you owe an explanation. Or is it that when you look at Keyes you can't get past the fact that he's black?

I get it, you dislike Ted Rall, but that's no excuse for complete dishonesty.

Read the thread and decided... (Below threshold)

Read the thread and decided to check, and Rall did write a column about the cartoons vs. Islam debacle.
Warning: Bush bashing contained within!

The Nanny Press and the Cartoon Controversy

Lay off of Ralls "I'm going... (Below threshold)

Lay off of Ralls "I'm going to take it personal" cartoon. Seems like Rall has other issues to deal with:

"If these cowards were worried about offending the faithful, they wouldn't cover or quote such Muslim-bashers as Ann Coulter, Christopher Hitchens or George W. Bush."

The ole Muslim-bashin' GW........huh?

Ted Rall says he get... (Below threshold)

Ted Rall says he gets all those death threats. Ted Rall wishes he were getting all those death threats.

The Islamic cartoons are vi... (Below threshold)

The Islamic cartoons are vile, tasteless and contemptible pieces of crap who's sole purpose was to create controversy and increase readership. Ted Rall's cartoons are no different. (In fact, the Islamic cartoons show a helluva lot more artistry than Rall could ever hope to attain/buy/given to him by God...wait, scratch that last one.)

Of course, I would remind Rall supporters that it's one thing to receive death threats; it's quite another to actually have them carried out. Just ask Theo Van Gogh. If you could.

While I loathe/despise/hate Ted Rall's tasteless cartoons and his moronic and classless columns, I support his right and his publisher's right to publish his bullshit. But I don't have the right to not be offended by them; I don't have the right to threaten his life because of them or call for his censorship.

Fine, if the Muslims want to be pissed, go ahead and protest, even boycott goods from certain countries. But lighting things and buildings on fire, threatening people, calling in bomb threats, putting "hits" out on cartoonists and generally acting like pagan assholes, well, you don't have any right, in any country to do that.

Oh, and all you Bush-basher... (Below threshold)

Oh, and all you Bush-bashers who I've seen say that the President and his administration would be better off dead and lots worse (and you know who you are), I would remind you of your own bitter hostility and vitriolic hatred and how close you are at times to acting just like Muslim fanatics of today...

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself..." right? Right.

Ted Rall is just a sorry as... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

Ted Rall is just a sorry assed dickhead. What else can you expect from such a poor excuse for a human being?

Ted just can't draw worth a... (Below threshold)

Ted just can't draw worth a damn..maybe that, too, adds to his general, impotent rage..he knows he's a fraud ... and you never hear tell of any personal life. Probably a fraud there, too.

A Toohey, without the charm.

Hey NorthwestNeocon,<... (Below threshold)

Hey NorthwestNeocon,

Comparing anti-Bush vitriol with anger aimed at cartoonists is not an honest comparison. People actually and reasonably believe that Bush is doing real harm to real people. Marines are still getting their arms and legs blown off in Iraq for his blunder.

The point of the topic is that Ted Rall and the Danish artists are Cartoonists. They draw shit. Bush spies on us. He spends our money on stupid shit. He sends us off to war. He packs the court with ideologues. Etc. Etc. You might even agree with what he does. What he is not doing is simply drawing pictures.

To make matters worse, you didn't even take the effort to find one single liberal who has suggested the Bush should be killed. Not saying you couldn't do it. Just saying that your lame apples and oranges argument would at least be backed up by more that bare assertion.

D for achievement
F for effort

seattle slough weighs in fr... (Below threshold)

seattle slough weighs in from the Bring Back Saddam! fan club.

People actually an... (Below threshold)
Mark A. Flacy:
People actually and reasonably believe that Bush is doing real harm to real people.

Your definition of reasonably differs greatly from mine.

seattle slough,Lik... (Below threshold)

seattle slough,

Like hell "comparing anti-Bush vitriol with anger aimed at cartoonists" is not an honest comparison to how the Muslim "street" is reacting. How about defecating in fountains, disrupting traffic and preventing emergency vehicles to get to hospitals, or how about Molotov cocktails being thrown at police or the fragging of American soliders. And that's just 3 examples that come quickly to mind; I definitely can provide more, no problem.

So do you really want to sit there on your high little horse and tell me that comparing the two and how they act in such fanatical fashion isn't honest? Maybe not to you, maybe not on your planet, but on Earth it sure as hell makes sense.


I'm glad Bush is spying on the bad guys, aka "certain Americans". Well, at least the NSA was until the NY Times and the "leakers" decided to compromise the entire program. By the way, where are the calls for an investigation into those leakers, the ones who really compromised national security? Hmmm....yeah...that's what i thought.

I'm glad Bush is "hurting people", aka the bad guys/AQ/Saddam/Baathists/Islamofacists and others. Who exactly are you defending, the innocent people in war? I'm sorry innocent people are getting killed, but like it or not, the tired and seemingly cold cliche holds true: That's war. The difference? We don't purposefully target civilians like terrorists do. Hell, our entire weapons systems are based around reducing civilian casualties. (P.S. Don't even think about bringing up things like the recent Pakistan Predator bombing because I'll remind you that 5 AQ members were taken out, along with the 15 "innocent" people in the house.)

I'm not sorry Bush is having to rough up guys like Khaleid Sheik Mohammad; I....don't...care. In fact, I'd love to help. I really would, especially if it meant saving your sorry behind from an attack.

I'm glad Bush is putting people he wants on the bench because I'm 100% certain that a Democrat would put their own "ideologues" up there, too. You can bank on it.


F for your analysis
F for your critique
F for your thinking, which is definitely a big, gooey "slough"
And just F in general because I'm gonna guess you're probably a "Baghdad Jim" and Monorail voter/supporter, too.

Ugh. Seattlelites.

Here here, Darleen! Agreed!... (Below threshold)

Here here, Darleen! Agreed! Probably the Taliban, too.

Mr. Rall has a point. He... (Below threshold)

Mr. Rall has a point. He has been getting death threats for years because of his cartoons. Now these same people are expressing outrage that others are making death threats about other cartoonists. Hypocritical? Sort of. Certainly, these same people supporting the Danes' rights to offend should now at least tolerate Mr. Rall's comics.

You are off your rocker. "Mr." Rall is a racist bigot. A reading of his "cartoons" demonstrates that pretty clearly. What's more pathetic is that whenever Rall draws a racist or otherwise extremely offensive cartoon, he defends his rights to free speech. Now, when freedom of speech is truly being threatened, he steps back and says, nope, not gonna stand up with these Danes.

The huge disconnect you and Rall have here is this: Rall's death threats are harmless. Clearly, because he is not in hiding and continues to spew his tasteless bile. All the death threats he gets are simply good publicity. The Danes are truly afraid for their lives. When a mob of Muslims say they're going to kill you, they aren't pulling a publicity stunt, they're planning to kill you.

Maybe someday you and Rall will see the difference and actually support the Freedom of Speech that Rall so often hides behind when spewing his bile.

NN,Always been veh... (Below threshold)


Always been vehemently anti-monorail. I come from a family of engineers. I call it the Moronrail to this day.

I wasn't comparing the ACTS of the anti-Bush and anti-Muslim cartoon crowds you silly goose! Geez, can you even read? I was comparing the fact that Bush is a powerful and important person, so I can actually understand people getting worked up about the poor decisions he makes. Unlike a cartoonist who DRAWS FUCKING PICTURES. Get it? That is where the comparison is ridiculous. I stated explicitly that I assumed you could provide examples of vitriolic anti-Bush behavior. Doing that merely removed the lazy tag from your idiotic comparison.

Now your effort grade has improved to a B-. Unfortunately, as you have made an even bigger ass out of yourself by completely missing the point of my post, even though, upon re-reading it, it really couldn't be much plainer, your achievement grade drops from a generous D to a well earned F.

Congrats. Seriously. Hang that on the fridge with pride.


When has Ted Rall or me, or any Liberal not supported Free Speech? Though I would never pretend to be an expert on Danish Constitutional Law and whether or not "Free Speech" is even an issue there, I would put my support of the first amendment right up there with the ACLU. Go NAMBLA!


I am no fan of Saddam. Just like am no fan of W. That doesn't mean I want the Iranians marching in here and deposing him for our "benefit." Just today I saw that the sewer, power, and water utilities were all worse-off in Iraq than they were prewar. People there are less safe now than before. Period. Again, you might disagree (though I can produce statistics here), though regardless, ridding Iraq of Saddam was simply not our decision to make. We aren't safer, they aren't safer. Unless a violent quagmire was your goal, you must be sorely disappointed with the way things have turned out. I know I am.

I feel like this has gotten off-topic. Weren't we talking about Danish cartoonists? How did we get to Saddam? Oh now I recall; you accused me of being a Saddam supporter BECAUSE YOU HAD NOTHING BETTER TO SAY. Pathetic. Truly fucking pathetic.

Since you are all out of original things to say, why don't you all accuse me of being "angry" or "looney" or something.

Isn't that what you people do when you have nothing to say?

SS: You have your opinion ... (Below threshold)

SS: You have your opinion about the current Executive Branch of our government. State your opinions as opinions, not as "facts." And after taking off away from the posted topic, don't be a pot and call the kettle black. If you have any thing to say, that is.

As for Ralls, its hard to tell if he's seriously suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, or simply enjoys expressing absurd and antagonistic "art" for the rise he gets out of people. Either way, I prefer to ignor folks like that, as long as they and their followers are unarmed.

Once they arm themselves, well, lynch 'em or nuke 'em first, I say ;-)

SS:You think the r... (Below threshold)


You think the rage of the Apoplectic Left over W is founded and "real"; I, however, do not. It is not simply disagreeing with his policies; it is all too often mired vitriloic rage, threatening language, vile acts and hyperbole-filled rhetoric that I believe is flatout ridiculous (to use your word).

Jesus H. Christmas, man, do you honestly believe the George W. Bush is not trying his best to secure our freedom? No doubt mistakes have been and will be made, but what good does it serve to call him names, undercut him politically, militarily at every turn? What good are you doing in acting out this way? How are you helping to defeat terrorists by doing this? Do you "get" why a lot of Americans see the Left as acting like a crazed bunch of frothing at the mouth banshees? Do you understand this is a deep reason why you lost in 2004? I think I know the answers to these questions.

I don't doubt for a second that you don't see the similarities between how the Left reacts to W and how the Muslims are reacting to cartoons. In my eyes, and in a lot of American's minds, both of you are over-reacting in an undignified and juvenile fashion. Maybe not quite on par with the Muslims, true. But you sure as hell aren't all that far off either.

You may not like my comparison, it may "off" in your eyes, but until your side can hold discussions in a dignified, diplomatic and adult manner and bring some real-world solutions to the table, and drop the vitriol and hair-brained conspiracy theories, then the comparison will continue to have value. Like it or not...

P.S. Good for you for not voting for the Monorail. Now if we can only avoid a potential "Big Dig" for Seattle...

No big dig. Ain't gonna ha... (Below threshold)

No big dig. Ain't gonna happen. They will build a new viaduct. And I am a huge supporter of light and heavy rail. I just hate monorails. Transportation infrastructure almost always pays off. Monorails just happen to be bad technology.

You asked what I am doing to fight terror. I can tell you what I am not doing. I am not asking for a tax cut. Freedom isn't free as you guys say. You can't protect this country on the cheap. Katrina exposed how ridiculously unprepared we still are. Inexcusable.

After 911, we got a lot of shit for suggesting that this "war" needed to be accomplished like a police action, not with the military. I still feel that way. Al Qaeda is like the mafia. You don't drive a tank into Little Italy and expect to defeat the mafia. You have to infiltrate. You have to work with the locals. In other words, you have to play it smart. We didn't. We blundered in and the real bad guys got away. Stupid.

I am for protecting the environment. I am for protecting our soft targets. I am not for building a missile defense shield or nation-building in Iraq. Democrats are not weak on defense. We are smart on defense. You guys approached al Qaeda like they were yesterday's enemy. They aren't. We NEED to win this war and part of that is not fanning the flames of the moderate middle easterner. We could have prosecuted this war without isolating ourselves from our allies as well. We were victimized on 9/11. No one thinks of us as victims anymore. We are now the bad guys to most of the world.

What are your ideas? I see a lot of undoing 60 years of our ideas and then one big stupid idea that your username suggests you fully support. That being the fantasy notion that blowing up a bunch of buildings in Iraq will turn the Middle East into Scandinavia part II.

Your "ideas" appear to be lots of trying to return us to pre-revolutionary levels of privacy and oversight. That is not progress my friend.

Few suggest that Bush isn't trying to help the country. Though the inherent cronyism and corruption does suggest that personal profit takes a back seat to nothing.

I remember John Gibson saying we should lay off former FEMA director Michael Brown because he was a "good guy." My response? You can't be a "good guy" if you accept a critical position that you have no business taking. Being the head of NASA would certainly be an interesting job. Would I, (a lawyer) be a good person if I accepted that job? No. My incompetence would get people killed, good intentions aside, as assuredly as if I was an evil man.

President Bush should literally step down. He may or may not be a nice guy (I personally believe him to be a petty and mean-spirited jerk) but he is utterly unqualified for the job at hand. Thus he is not a good guy in my book. His incompetence gets people killed.

I've got to keep this short... (Below threshold)

I've got to keep this short. Apologies, work calls.

My "tell" was correct regarding your answers, especially on how we approach the fight the GWOT. But we agree on taxes; it was good idea to stimulate the economy for a while but now it's time re-think those taxes.

And at least we agree on regional transportation projects! ;-)






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