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Wizbang Contest - Linkapaloza

With the rapid growth of the Wizbang network I've been remiss in pimping for additional links to the new sites.

The Wizbang network of sites is now up to 5 separate blogs: Wizbang, Wizbang Bomb Squad, Wizbang Pop!, Wizbang Podcast, and Wizbang Tech. The latter four sites aren't on a lot of blogrolls yet, and that's a situation I am to rectify with a contest.

The contest is a very simple one, and is based solely on blogroll links, so it's geared toward other bloggers. To win your site must have a blogroll link (of some sort) to each of the five Wizbang sites somewhere on the front page - Blogrolling.com users can find quick links to blogroll each site below the jump. To enter for a chance to win, first you need to blogroll all five sites, then simply enter a link to your blog in the comment section or via trackback to this post. If you don't have all the sites blogrolled don't bother entering as I will be checking entries for the required links. If you're not a blogger you can still enter, though you would have to sign up at a free site like Blogger and add the links to the blog you create.

As I'm feeling particularly generous I've decided that three prizes are in order. Out of the pool of entered and verified sites I will conduct a random drawing to select three winners. 1st Prize is $75, 2nd Prize is $50, and 3rd Prize is $25. Obviously your odds of winning depend on the number of verified entries.

Entries close Sunday February 12, and winners will be announced Monday February 13.

Update: Off topic comments will be removed.

Note: Winners of the previous contest, Pimp Our Ride, were: Stephen Macklin and Woodman. Each will be getting a copy of The Aristocrats DVD, featuring a cast of comedians telling and retelling the worlds dirtiest joke.

The following quick links are for Blogrolling.com users:

Blogroll Wizbang, Blogroll Wizbang Bomb Squad, Blogroll Wizbang Pop!, Blogroll Wizbang Podcast, Blogroll Wizbang Tech


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Comments (13)

I hope we will be seeing yo... (Below threshold)

I hope we will be seeing you at CPAC!

(Who here is going to be blogging the events?)

Done! E-mail for the addre... (Below threshold)

Done! E-mail for the address. Money is good.

Four more Wizbangs for the ... (Below threshold)

Four more Wizbangs for the buck. Now there are five.

Done. Wizbanged for your ap... (Below threshold)

Done. Wizbanged for your approval.

Four more Wizbangs added.</... (Below threshold)

Four more Wizbangs added.

Same here.... (Below threshold)

Same here.

Wizbang network up.... (Below threshold)

Wizbang network up.

<a href="http://brightandea... (Below threshold)

bRight & Early is in. BTW the blogroll javascript on Wizbang Tech (ironically enough) points to the Wizbang main site, not tech.wizbang.com

Done. And done. ummm...an... (Below threshold)

Done. And done. ummm...and done and done.

Will pass the word. If I on... (Below threshold)

Will pass the word. If I only had a blog I would add too! I just read dozens a day and always WIZBANG!

Hey, I already had them all... (Below threshold)

Hey, I already had them all in my RSS reader. Now they're all on my blog, Teachology, too!

Got the five <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

Got the five here.

I have added the new four t... (Below threshold)

I have added the new four to my blogroll via blogrolling.

Wizbang is one of the first blogs I ever read, and that ever linked to me - and you are all great over here!

Hope you are very successful with the new blogs!






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