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GOP paying hush money?

I've mentioned the New Hampshire phone-jamming scandal a few times before -- in 2002, state GOP officials hired a telemarketing company to jam the Democrats' phones on election day. Several folks have been sent to prison over this, and one final figure is still fighting his way through the courts.

Last December, James Tobin was convicted for his role. He's appealing his conviction, but it's expensive.

The Republican National Committee has already acknowledged paying almost three-quarters of a million dollars towards Tobin's defense, to the dismay of some (and, sadly, the apathy of many others).

Well, apparently the RNC is following the lead of Republicans in Congress and the White House, and continuing to pour more good money after bad. A New Hampshire newspaper columnist has been following the case, and he noted that the RNC paid Tobin's lawyers a whopping $1,771,360.21 on the very day he was convicted.

The RNC refuses to say just what that money is for, but if was for Tobin, that would mean the RNC has forked over two and a half million dollars -- that's $2,500,000.00. That would buy 50 brand-new Chevy Corvettes. If it was converted to quarters and stacked, it woud be a tower almost nine miles high. (I think I got the math right.)

And it's all going towards defending someone who has been convicted of tampering with a US Senate election.

Forget Abramoff. This is a REAL scandal, nearly of the magnitude of the 2004 cases where Democrats sabotaged buses and other vehicles designed to get voters to the polls. The RNC has to explain just why it's paid so much for Tobin's defense, and whether or not they're still picking up his tab. Just what grand benefit do they think is being served with all this money given by the party's faithful.


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I have donated money to the... (Below threshold)

I have donated money to the RNC and it wasn't to pay to protect people who engage in illegal political shenanigans! Those guys are no better than the Milwaukee tire-slashing Dems. I am a conservative and will support conservative candidates, but as far as any further donations to the RNC, color me miser!

"I see," said the blind man... (Below threshold)

"I see," said the blind man...

I'm glad I haven't responded to any of those RNC mailings looking for cash yet.

I'm feeling better and bett... (Below threshold)

I'm feeling better and better about sending money to campaigns directly. I have no interest in giving the Republican party any money.

It's actually taller.... (Below threshold)

It's actually taller.


quarter thickness: 1.75*10^-6km



That's nearly 11 miles!

I share in everyone's disap... (Below threshold)

I share in everyone's disappointment over this issue. Just try to bear in mind that this kind of illegal activity is celebrated by the dems when they do it. Hell, it probably creates an up-tick in contributions to the dnc.

Try to remember that we're at war with these feckless a**holes. A war for the very soul and future of our country. I don't like to think of it in terms of a "war" but, the dems do. And we had better stay in the fight or we'll lose for sure.

We could punish the RNC for their shortsightedness and they wouild deserve it in this case. But...do we deserve the obvious consequences for having administrated that punishment?

GOP Jeb Bush tries to contr... (Below threshold)

GOP Jeb Bush tries to control patient's healthcare.

The Web: Comparing doctors' costs online
CHICAGO, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- Comparing the costs of different doctors -- and procedures -- can be a time-consuming affair. But a new project launched in recent months by the administration of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is using the Internet to provide a one-stop site where consumers can compare the costs of visits to the doctor's office by ZIP code and find other cost-savings, experts tell UPI's The Web.

The government-sponsored project seems to have inspired at least one other healthcare organization to place cost-comparison information on the Internet in Florida. Other cost-comparison tools are emerging that are national in scope, too, experts say. By Gene Koprowski






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