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Iraqi Security Force Turnover Rate Increases

What follows is an interesting piece of information from a briefing by Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, spokesman for the Multi-National Force - Iraq, showing the change in battle space from Coalition Forces to Iraqi Security Forces over the last five months.

In September of 2005, the Iraqi Security Forces had 2 brigades and 19 battalions that owned battle space. The areas can be seen here in green and are in a few districts of Baghdad and then areas just south of Baghdad.


Here is the battle space owned by the Iraqi Security Forces as of January 2006 which consists of 2 Divisions, 8 brigades and 37 battalions. Please note that the Iraqi Police control their own battle space in Baghdad and the striped areas of the map represent battle space we expect the ISF to take over in the next 30 days as long as they pass their final validation.

Expect this to be widely undereported...


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and today's top story, Cind... (Below threshold)

and today's top story, Cindy Sheehan will not run against Feinstein.

Nice report.... (Below threshold)

Nice report.

'Turnover' in the title ini... (Below threshold)

'Turnover' in the title initially made me think they started quiting in droves.

Relieved to find out it was good news.

Was this little bit of good... (Below threshold)

Was this little bit of good news an attempt to bury this huge heap of bad news by any chance? Oh, there I go being cynical again.

Yup. ALL good news is mere... (Below threshold)

Yup. ALL good news is merely an attempt to bury the bad news.

The only HONEST news is bad news. That's why its, ya know, dishonest to report the good news.

Okay so I went and looked..... (Below threshold)

Okay so I went and looked... this is what you call bad news? Mr. CogressionalReport, you should ask for your money back. This is a *perfect* example of what you can expect from the news services. This article... this terrible "bad news" measures one thing without looking at others. Talking about electricity it doesn't even *bother* to make sure you know this....

* Internet subscribers have risen from 5,000 before the war to 196,000 in September.
* There were no commercial TV stations in Iraq before the war. Today there are 44.
* Driven by the purchase of TVs, appliances, fans, and air conditioners, electricity demand has risen as much as 60% since the war.

.... do your news sources bother to tell you, when they talk about total hours that electricity is available that demand for electricity has risen 60%? That people are buying televisions and airconditioners they never had before and plugging all these in? And how about the computer users and internet subscriber numbers?

No one is claiming that the infrastructure construction in Iraq is keeping up with the rapid expansion of demand.

To suggest that life for people hasn't improved is either a lie or self-delusion.

By the way, I read a very i... (Below threshold)

By the way, I read a very interesting article about the electricity generation problems in Iraq.

The problem is not generating capacity. There are plenty of generators. Nor is it distribution capacity, or sufficient fuel. The problem is getting the fuel to the generators.

Most modern generators burn natural gas, which is of course plentiful as it's a byproduct of oil wells. Unfortunately, there's no pipe infrastructure to carry the natural gas to the generators, even though some are within sight of oil wells.

The "insurgents" (i.e. vandals) make building the pipelines difficult, but I bet if they instituted a crash program, brought in Iraqi contractors en masse and buried pipes for the generators closest to oil fields, the generation gap would be closed quite handily. I hope that will happen soon. I don't see why it won't.

I wish they'd do more to fix this. The situation there does seem to be getting better all the time, but that would really seal the deal.

I found the article, it's <... (Below threshold)

I found the article, it's here. I got the link originally from a blog but I forget which one it was.

I heard this story reported... (Below threshold)

I heard this story reported on NPR this morning in a very positive way - an interview with Abizaid in which he explained the Iraqis would be taking over for US forces this year, and which even referenced the maps showing the areas the Iraqis will be responsible for. On the whole I thought it was an objective piece and very well done. Bravo for the usually nauseating NPR...






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