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Blogging may be white this weekend...

... as the vagaries of my day job require me to work Saturday evening, then Sunday morning -- meaning I'll be making my 25-mile commute twice, perhaps 3 times, in the teeth of a blizzard.

I'm not too concerned -- the Shaggin' Wagon handles snow pretty well -- but it will most likely take a bit longer getting to and fro. I'll try to whip up a few pieces to keep the folks entertained Sunday morning before I face the storm.

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Watch those roads man.... (Below threshold)

Watch those roads man.

You do know that the idea o... (Below threshold)

You do know that the idea of snow is the curse of irony.. perhaps it is to remind us of how we must close one door before we open it again with fresh eyes. Perhaps the snow is a methphore for what seems white and clean yet covers up the dark pavement.

or perhaps it's.... well perhaps not... well maybe... or maybe not.. hmmmm so many potential answers.. yet only one counts.. the one we make.. we make.. we build .. we junk.. we recycle.. on a cycle built for two.. two of hearts living in just one mind. Mind your p's and Q's Q and q from the continum continuing on due to the fact that the snow has fallen and cabin fever has occured

Have you even had enough sn... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Have you even had enough snow to tell how the wagon works in snow? I can see my grass right now.

Drive safely, I made the mistake of going to the grocery store today (something I needed to do) and I think half of NH was in Concord at the same grocery as I was.






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