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New Hampshire Blogging Bash: Take II

OK, there is definite interest in a New Hampshire Blogging Bash. But the repeated opinion (by at least two people) is that Saturday the 18th is too danged soon. So I looked at a calendar.

March 30 marks my 2nd anniversary at Wizbang, and April 1 is a Saturday. It's also the one-year anniversary of the Great Wizbang Meltdown Scam, when Kevin pretended to fire paul and I debated leaving as well. So how does April 1 strike folks?

Now, let me clarify a few points. I'm calling it a "blogging bash," not "blogger bash." This is an open invitation for bloggers, commenters, lurkers -- essentially anyone who reads this is welcome.

Secondly, the venue is still open for discussion. I suggest Jillian's in Manchester, as I've been there once and thought it was rather nice. It's got a bar, a menu, and pool and video games for entertainment. Another Jay (who, despite his protests, WILL be receiving an individual invitation, and WILL be singled out if he shows for reasons I'll make clear later) suggested Hooters in Salem as being more friendly to any Massachusetts refugees residents who'd like to attend. I have absolutely no problem with Hooters personally, but I think their co-ed appeal is a smidgen less than other places.

So, that's the latest notion. Suggestions or arguments over time and place in the comments are not only welcome, but openly begged for.

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If you don't think Hooters ... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

If you don't think Hooters has co-ed appeal, then you don't know the right chicks!

Doh. On April 1 I have a g... (Below threshold)

Doh. On April 1 I have a get-together with some people I used to work with in Visual Basic support.

Salem works beeter for me (... (Below threshold)

Salem works beeter for me (closer), although I can understand the reluctance for Hooters. There's Polcari's if you want Italian fare, or Tokyo for a Japanese steakhouse...

April 1 is far enough away that I should be able to fit it in, so...

(I'm assuming I'm not the Jay in question, but if he and I show up, it's going to get mighty confusing...) :)

I would suggest the Moosela... (Below threshold)

I would suggest the Mooseland Grill in Twin Mountain, but it burnt down.

FWIW, I am always leery of stopping in Manch Angeles.






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