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Olympic Babe Of The Day - Winter Edition

In 2004 I did posts on the babes of the Summer Olympics, which were very popular. While I'm not sure I'll be able to pick one a day, I have resurrected the tradition that is the Olympic Babe of the Day over at Wizbang Pop!

Don't miss our first babe, snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler...

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Oooh, baby baby!... (Below threshold)

Oooh, baby baby!

Damn!... (Below threshold)


Be fair; you should pick o... (Below threshold)

Be fair; you should pick out some hot Olympic GUYS, too!!

(married but not dead)

You give me some names of t... (Below threshold)

You give me some names of the hot guys and I'll do Olympic Hunks of the Day.


Sure, Kevin... you'll incl... (Below threshold)

Sure, Kevin... you'll include my name and URL in the posts as the source of the images, right? :-)

Here's my 1st offering:

Jan Bos of the Netherlands
Olympic Ice Speed Skater


There are other pics of him, although not as good


Smokin', isn't he? :-)

Brokeback Speedskating?... (Below threshold)

Brokeback Speedskating?

(Sorry, I was in caption contest mode)

LOL, Matt!!Here's ... (Below threshold)

LOL, Matt!!

Here's boyishly handsome Jan's official Olympic page


He's in 3 events; quite a studmuffin. :-)






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