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Throttling back

A while ago, I settled into a routine here at Wizbang. I would write a minimum of three pieces a day, publishing at 5:00, 11:00, and 2:00. If I had more to say, I'd slot them for 8:00 and 5:00 -- a nice three-hour window for each piece to stand. And I'd whip them up first thing in the morning, before work -- if I didn't have the first piece set before I went to bed, I'd write it when I woke up (usually around 4 or so).

For the most part, I've kept that informal commitment. There have been days I've slacked off, but I haven't completely skipped a day since last July. (Yes, last Christmas' piece was a throwaway, but it was SOMETHING.)

But the last couple of days, I've been feeling a bit out of sorts. I've managed to come up with two pieces for today and yesterday, and nothing's really grabbing me. I've had several ideas, but tossed them when I saw that others had said what I wanted to say, and better. (I still might do something about this story, tying together the problems the US has with our southern border and the problems Israel has with its borders. And since I'm a proud native New Hampshirite, a Robert Frost reference will not be in any way gratuitous.) Since I believe firmly that if I have nothing new to add to a discussion, I'll just sit quietly and let it go on without me.

I still ought to be able to find one or two things worth my time and attention (insert cheap shots about the value of those commodities here) each day, but I'm not going to force myself to find that elusive third piece each day. If it's there, I'll write it; if not, I won't.

Regular blogging should resume... whenever. Probably a day or two.


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Comments (8)

What you need is a muse, Ja... (Below threshold)

What you need is a muse, Jay.

I could make some suggestions ;)

Here's to hoping you feel '... (Below threshold)

Here's to hoping you feel 'sorta better' soon.

Well, it's been tough being... (Below threshold)

Well, it's been tough being a right-wing blogger lately - no news is good news. I certainly understand.

You know, sometimes it's no... (Below threshold)

You know, sometimes it's not what a person says but how they say it. Your experiences and world-view make your voice unique. Use it, even when it seems you're duplicating.

Well, it's been tough be... (Below threshold)

Well, it's been tough being a right-wing blogger lately - no news is good news. I certainly understand.

Proving that asshattery can happen on ANY comment thread.

As well as name-calling. Go... (Below threshold)

As well as name-calling. Good work.

Will you be a colonist on A... (Below threshold)

Will you be a colonist on Alchibah? Perhaps that will help inspire you.

Jay Tea: Take my muse, pl... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea: Take my muse, please! At least one of them. I've been having a problem which seems the direct opposite of the one you're facing - I blog 8:00, 11:00, 14:00 PST, with an evening liveblog now that the Winter Games are open (the amount of new traffic actually frightens me a little, as it means these people actually care) - and I'm having a hard time sticking to only blogging those hours. This interferes with the work day something awful. I'd be glad to throw a muse or two in your direction if you want one. Then again, my muses are a little weird, truth be told. Here's hoping you find a new one of your own.






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