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Wizbang Linkapoloza Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Linkapoloza contest:

1st Prize ($75) - DragonLady
2nd Prize ($50) - Darleen
3rd Prize ($25) - Cadillac Tight

Extra special thanks to everyone who participated! You're all winners in my book, and (if you're not already there) I'm going to make sure you're all on the Wizbang blogrolls - a task I all too rarely engage in... If you didn't win this time, fret not, I'll be back with more contests in the future that you'll all be eligible for.

If you want to see the detail of the drawing read on...

The drawing was conducted in the following manner. The trackbacks and comments were numbered sequentially, with the second Musing Minds trackback, the comment by Aakash, and the comment by Woodman removed from the numbering. That left the ordered entries as:

  1. Musing Minds

  2. Cadillac Tight

  3. Jay

  4. Kerfuffles

  5. lawhawk

  6. DragonLady

  7. Brandon

  8. diane

  9. Jim

  10. Falze

  11. Steve

  12. Darleen

  13. Beth Donovan
There were three random number drawings, the first for the top prize, the second for the second prize, and the third for third prize.

Microsoft Excel was the tool of choice for the drawing, as their is a function in the Analysis ToolPak add-in (RANDBETWEEN) which allows for easy random number generation between two integers. You can look up the usage in the Excel help file. After the first drawing the winning entry was removed from the list, sites were renumbered (removing the winner) and the next drawing was held...

Drawing numbers for first, second, and third prizes were 6,11, and 2 (respectively), which looks like this:

First prize (noted by ***):

  1. Musing Minds

  2. Cadillac Tight

  3. Jay

  4. Kerfuffles

  5. lawhawk

  6. DragonLady
  7. ***
  8. Brandon

  9. diane

  10. Jim

  11. Falze

  12. Steve

  13. Darleen

  14. Beth Donovan
Second Prize (noted by ***):
  1. Musing Minds

  2. Cadillac Tight

  3. Jay

  4. Kerfuffles

  5. lawhawk

  6. Brandon

  7. diane

  8. Jim

  9. Falze

  10. Steve

  11. Darleen
  12. ***
  13. Beth Donovan
Third Prize (noted by ***):
  1. Musing Minds

  2. Cadillac Tight
  3. ***
  4. Jay

  5. Kerfuffles

  6. lawhawk

  7. DragonLady

  8. Brandon

  9. diane

  10. Jim

  11. Falze

  12. Steve

  13. Beth Donovan


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Comments (3)

Being added to the blogroll... (Below threshold)

Being added to the blogroll is a great consolation prize. Thanks.

I ditto bRight & Early's co... (Below threshold)

I ditto bRight & Early's comment. Nice to see my name at number 1 three times in a row too... sorry about the second trackback...

I can't believe only 13 peo... (Below threshold)

I can't believe only 13 people entered. Well, I can dig getting on the roll.






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