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Introducing Wizbang Sports


Wizbang Sports is now open for business. Using the same self-service signup as the Wizbang Bomb Squad site, it's easy to signup and start posting. Signup now!

Author archives, author RSS feeds, paginated listings, category RSS feed, and other goodies will roll out in short order (some are already done), and next month the site will get a makeover when a version of the new Wizbang site design is applied.

If you're interested in joining the team of authors at Wizbang Sports go ahead and use the signup link. If you're already a Bomb Squad member you'll get immediate access by entering your Bomb Squad username, e-mail address, and password.

Once upon a time I started a multi-author group blog called Sportsblog; modeled after BlogCritics and Command Post. Sportsblog died off, mostly due to my inability to keep up with the requests for contributor signups. With the new automated signup capability I've deployed it seemed like an excellent time to re-envision the original concept.

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I hadn't realized the origi... (Below threshold)

I hadn't realized the original died. It was a great idea, even though personally I'm not into sports. Except to some degree every two years during the Olympics, and being happy when the appropriate teams win their respective championships. But hey, that last is more of a local pride thing.

Finally, something I might ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Finally, something I might be able to discuss with some authority! lol.

Of course, I'll be sure not to mistake someone's apathy of sports for antipathy. ;-) That was a tad embarrassing...

Kevin, you weren't the only... (Below threshold)

Kevin, you weren't the only one responsible for SportBlog's demise. I too claim some responsiblility. Making it a part of an already-popular network seems like good sense. Best of luck.






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