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Exclusive Dick Cheney Hunt Video!

Or not...

Note: The original video disappeared for a while. I've found it elsewhere


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That's just plain not nice.... (Below threshold)

That's just plain not nice... I'm sure he's a better shot than that. That's a wee bit embarrassing for the male of our species. :-)

Try using the sights on the... (Below threshold)

Try using the sights on the rifle and stop shooting "gangster" style!

Definitely not Cheney. Dick... (Below threshold)

Definitely not Cheney. Dick never misses.

Probably jack-ass john kerr... (Below threshold)

Probably jack-ass john kerry. Remember how uncomfortable the guy looked in hunter's gear in that pre-election video-op. Then again the shmuck looks uncomfortable in his own skin.

It's gone.... (Below threshold)

It's gone.

The original - a shooter mi... (Below threshold)

The original - a shooter missing a dear on three straight shots is gone. It's been replaced with a better video...

Oh my! You've nailed it Kev... (Below threshold)

Oh my! You've nailed it Kev.......

We used to put tin pans on our heads and have bb gun fights.
The #1 rule was no aiming at the head. If at any time during a battle if you heard a "ping" on your head the battle was over or one of my bros would be kicked out for bad shootin'. Ya see we were acurate at a very young age. We always hit where we were aiming or we were shamed.

Have you ever been hit by a bb? Or worse shot from a real shotgun?
Mrs. Singleton had shotgun with rocksalt in the shells. She said we'd git a pantsfull iffin we didnt stop by the house and ask. We'd drink goats milk and the lady let us hunt the whole ranch.

I've been sprayed with shotgun bb's and it ain't fun. Shit happens.
But when it happens to some one you have a life with it becomes personal.

I believe our vice president feels the same remorse and convictions you or I would have under the circumstances. We all pray that Harry has a full recovery and them two can sit around a fire and jab eachother about it.

All the critisisum from the "left out MSM" is pure honey for most in this country beacuse they are so under the microscope........and the picture is "fuzzy" to say the least. Yes Mr. Gregory, Im talkin' bout you! Sitting there in your laid back chair and callin' Scott a jerk when the rest of the country sees the real jerk. In case ya forgot college McClellen is the Prof and you are the student in the well. Give yourself a raise Dave. The rest of us will go take a piss.

I sure hope my mom never gits over here.........I'll .........breaking news.........Hirado Riveria has just intered the gutter with Davey.

..............not done yet

Newsflash ll ..........O'rielly took it back what he promised. While throwin a jab at the city of SF, he also told his guest that the guest could have the "last word" and didn't. Sources say he took way too long to reveal this and was lambasted by Dave,Hillary,and Harry, (I'll take three days to tell ya about my stroke) Ried.

"I'm the one who shot my friend" Mr. Cheney needs a check of reality. Imagine the fellows that wonder which one was responsible for Pat Tillmans death. They have to live with far worse memories than (hopefully) than Richard does.

Friendly fire is not very seldom friendly.......it's just a destination.

If this is still on the front pages tomorrow, post this

I'll either git ousted by Paul n JT or git a warnin fur this.......just don't shoot me....:0

Let's play duck hunt! ... (Below threshold)

Let's play duck hunt!

HA HA HA (written in caps b... (Below threshold)
margo demers:

HA HA HA (written in caps because it was most certainly a belly laugh)
Thank you Kevin. My tea almost came out of my nose.

This video looks likes it w... (Below threshold)
Dave Senger:

This video looks likes it was staged by someone who set out to make a funny video. The camera was set up on a tripod, and was probably operated by a companion who came along to record the hunt. It seems unlikely that a lone hunter would lug a videocam and tripod along with the rest of his gear, then set it up and let it run while he shot. The camera is steady most of the time, but jerks slightly with each shot, as though the operator was flinching at the sound of the gun. A lone hunter could not focus the camera, keep it steady, and shoot at the same time. If the camera was standing unattended on a tripod, it would not flinch. All three shots strike in front of, and a bit downrange of, the buck. Judging from the placement of the shots, it looks as though the shooter was deliberately trying to scare the animal, not hit him. Possibly he decided that he did not want this rather small buck with only a so-so rack, so he decided to chase it back into the trees. It is hard to imagine a hunter, who was seriously trying to bag a standing buck, placing an unintentionally missed shot in almost the same location three times in a row. Seeing the strike of the bullet, a hunter will normally adjust his aim on the next shot. That animal was deliberately missed. I've hunted deer and other game, and I've done almost the same thing myself. Back when I was hunting, once in a while I'd deliberately shoot to closely miss a fox, to scare him and make him more wary, so that he would not get knocked off by some kid with a .22.

Great video,LMAO!!</... (Below threshold)
The Big Al:

Great video,






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