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This HAS to be a sign of the Apocalypse...

I just heard this on the radio, didn't believe it. Then they played an excerpt. Then I went online to confirm it.

Willie Nelson has just released a gay cowboy song.

"Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other)" is now out (so to speak), as an ITunes exclusive.

There was no immediate word if any pudding manufacturers were looking into using it in commercials.

And if I never hear any more of that song, that's just fine with me.

(Yes, still having tech issues, so I'm posting from a PII-233, but some things are worth the struggle.)


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Comments (22)

"Mama don't let your babies... (Below threshold)

"Mama don't let your babies grow up to be
Willy Nelson."

Nah.Mamas, don't l... (Below threshold)
Billy Rubin:


Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be queerboys...


I really don't know what to... (Below threshold)

I really don't know what to say to this. Has the world gone mad(der)?

"I grew up dreaming of bein... (Below threshold)

"I grew up dreaming of being a cowboy" suddenly has a whole new connotation.


Hmmm.I think the H... (Below threshold)


I think the Hollywood-lefty PC influence has pretty much destroyed Nelson's career. I have no idea how on earth he's going to be taken seriously in country music anymore. From now on anything he sings is going to have a gay cowboy connotation.


He might as well go on stage in buttless chaps and dress his band as a construction worker, police officer, indian and a male stripper.

From what I hear, Nelson ha... (Below threshold)

From what I hear, Nelson has had the song hanging around for about twenty years now, so it's not like the gay emanations from the movie have queered his brain or something. It's just sort of that the song's time has come.

Aren't all chaps pretty much buttless anyway?

Why is it that every genera... (Below threshold)
Wayne Cox:

Why is it that every generation has to have someone to be prejudice againist? What is it about gays that you're afraid of? Do you think this song or perhaps Willie should be censored? Do you think homosexuality is contagious? Are you afraid your children may "catch" it? I don't get the whoe gay bashing movement. As long as their not propositioning me I do't care what they do with each other.

As long as it's a PII-233 h... (Below threshold)

As long as it's a PII-233 hooked to your normal broadband, then it's all good.

Maybe ol' willie boy is a p... (Below threshold)

Maybe ol' willie boy is a pillow biter?

Hmmmm.Why... (Below threshold)


Why is it that every generation has to have someone to be prejudice againist?

Where on earth do you get any sort of idea that we're "prejudiced" against gays?

My point is that country & western music is very hetero oriented. It's hard to believe, very very hard to believe, that pickup-driving NASCAR watching country macho guys are going to start buying into how they really would rather cross-dress.

I really don't see this working out.

Hmmm.Maybe we need... (Below threshold)


Maybe we need a humorous contest on writing song lyrics for the new musical category. Maybe we also need a new term for this new musical category.

Gay Cowboy?
Gay Country?
Lesbo Western?
Any ideas folks?

Or how about western terms and names that just won't be the same anymore?

All I know is that I'm never going to hear "Ride'em Cowboy!" without a snicker.

"Mamas, don't let your babi... (Below threshold)
Wayne Cox:

"Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be queerboys..."


He might as well go on stage in buttless chaps and dress his band as a construction worker, police officer, indian and a male stripper."


The above might have something to do with my perception of these posts. And if not prejudice why even post about Willies' song? Are you concerned about Willes' career? Are you concerned about the Country & Western industry image? Do you think Willie is gay? You are suggesting that he dress up like known gay musicians. This thread would not exist if not for the gay element. I bet I can guess your stand on same sex marriage.

If the chaps aren't "buttle... (Below threshold)

If the chaps aren't "buttless," they are pants.

Maybe Homosexuality is catching since the numbers seem to increase and last time I checked, gays (of any gender identification) don't generally procreate.

The answer for same sex marriage is for the state to stop regulating a religious activity. Separation of Church and State is a two way street. Get the state out of sanctioning marriage in any way, shape or form. Should make everybody happy.

I've always like the Rev. H... (Below threshold)

I've always like the Rev. Horton Heat's "Cowboy Love"

I know that us as a couple, would cause talk but I wouldn't mind, all them cowboys'll be pea-green with envy, when they see his cute behind
That's why each night by the campfire, I thank my lucky skies above, for inter-racial cowboy, homo-kina love"

The steel guitar and line dancing tempo really make the song.

Does that mean "Pancho and ... (Below threshold)

Does that mean "Pancho and Lefty" were....

My homos have always been c... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

My homos have always been cowboys,
And they still are it seems.

Hmmm.1. <blockquot... (Below threshold)



The above might have something to do with my perception of these posts.

I answered you rather completely, re-read my comments. I frankly don't listen to Willie Nelson, his voice grates on my ears. I don't listen to Country or Western music by preference having grown up being force-fed Hee Haw.

However I'm very surprised this happened because the Country and Western music genre, as I pointed out already, is very hetero oriented. I just don't see how anyone could put a song like this out and then step back into the mainstream Country & Western. This to me looks like a one-way ticket and I really don't see many fans following him in this direction.

Got it? Or do I have to repeat myself yet again?

2. Buttless chaps.

I know chaps don't actually have a seat integral to it. The phrase is used to imply someone who is wearing chaps and no pants.

I'm sorry, did you say some... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, did you say something Jay?

I'm in complete denial over this story. It didn't happen.

Maybe if I listen to "Whiskey River" a few times, I'll feel better.

Where on earth do you get a... (Below threshold)
Wayne Cox:

Where on earth do you get any sort of idea that we're "prejudiced" against gays? You answered for everyone. What part of "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be queerboys..." isn't prejudice? I like how you evade the above post by accusing me of not understanding your post. Got it?

A proposed new set of lyric... (Below threshold)

A proposed new set of lyrics for "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys":

I grew up a-dreamin' of bein' a cowboy,
and Lovin' the cowboy way.
Pursuin' the life of my high-ridin' heroes,
lookin' for a roll in the hay.
I learned of all the rules of the modern-day drifter,
Don't you hold on to nothin' too long.
Just take what you need from the cowpokes, then leave them,
With the words of a sad country song.
My heroes have always been cowboys.
And they still are, it seems.
Sadly, in search of, but one step in back of,
Their bare butts and my slow-grindin' dreams.

I heard this story this mor... (Below threshold)

I heard this story this morning and thought it was a joke. I think I was happier then...

"Mommas, Don't Let your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys" just took on a whole new meaning.

Happened across this thread... (Below threshold)
A Singularly Subversive Scholar:

Happened across this thread accidentally... I don't tend to "do" blogs, and will likely retain interest here for no more than a few days, but have had fun seeing the argument, so I'm tossing my two cents in. For the record, I haven't necessarily taken the "queer" jokes as intended offense (and I'm on the queer side of the divide myself) - but I can also certainly see why some folks might well have taken 'em that way, despite logical disclaimers by the writer. Some people are concerned only with the literal, conscious logic of language, and that's their prerogative; others read between the lines - and what's read there IS sometimes very relevant, not merely imagination. Thus we all get along with each other just swimmingly here in the big wide world. Ahhhhhh, ain't human understanding grand?

That said, the aforementioned song may indeed rank with various and sundry other signs of the Apocalypse which I myself have but lately witnessed, to wit:

1. Somewhere out there is seemingly a bunch of rather high-profile evangelicals who have started an environmentalist group (http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060208/pl_nm/environment_evangelicals_dc);

2. I recently heard a country song (apparently by a group called "Ricochet") in which the male singer, listing the postive attributes of his sought-after girl, includes "a college education";

and (last but certainly not least)...

3. Several grad schools have actually offered me lots of money to go and play there. Ah'm. Clearly they don't know me very well.

In other words... yea, forsooth, the End Times indeed are upon us!

Which means you'd better 'fess up PDQ and give back all those wee furry critters you stole, Jay Tea... we've been keeping track, y'know... and we count the bunnies twice, of course, for the ears...






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