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Putting the shoe on the other foot

The other day, I happened to hear another one of those "immigration advocates" -- you know, the type that focuses all their efforts on illegal aliens, and largely leaves legal immigrants to go hang -- on the radio, and (as usual) I got irritated with him. But as he was talking, I thought of an idea that might be tremendous fun and send a rather effective message.

These folks (at least in Massachusetts) have a few tricks in their bag that they recycle as needed. One of them is public rallies, where they attempt to show by sheer numbers the size and strength of their position. For example, when they were trying to get in-state tuition for illegal aliens last fall, they held a rally inside the state house, so lawmakers could see the faces of the people who were looking for this break. And when they were unhappy with New Hampshire police chiefs arresting illegal aliens for "criminal trespass," they demanded -- and were granted -- and appointment with the state Attorney General to express their concerns.

Now, when they do these things, they make sure to follow all the rules and get all the necessary permits, and they also publicize their moves to get the most attendance and attention. And that is their big weakness.

When one of these events is coming up, what we ought to do is simply show up a little early with counter-signs and the like. Or attempt to see the official they are seeking before they get in. And when they object, we simply declare ourselves "undocumented protesters" and accuse them of discrimination. I'd even go so far as to refuse to leave until they get the police involved, just to maximize their hypocrisy.

A few incidents like this ought to work wonders towards spreading a counter-message to these folks...

(Thanks to the Protest Warriors and LT SMASH for inspiration)


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Comments (19)

"Undocumented protesters" -... (Below threshold)

"Undocumented protesters" - hum! Me thinks you may have hit upon a sub-subclass that is truely a minority. Would we get "blue cards" instead of green cards?

how hateful towards one's f... (Below threshold)
bill metzger:

how hateful towards one's fellow beings can one be?!!

Hateful? How is this in an... (Below threshold)

Hateful? How is this in any way "hateful"?

SilverBubble: "Hateful? How... (Below threshold)

SilverBubble: "Hateful? How is this in any way "hateful"?

It doesn't involve a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the proletariat. What, are you stupid?

I've wondered about a simil... (Below threshold)

I've wondered about a similar situation with Hamas and Israel. We all know how Israel will, on occasion, take out the leader of a terrorist group from time to time.

Well, imagine the advantage of knowing that Hamas will be holding a parliament meeting...in one building....with lots and lots of Hamas leaders...gathered to vote on exactly how they intend to wipe Israel off the map?

Or, how about having enforc... (Below threshold)

Or, how about having enforcement angents show up and document these "undocumented immigrants?"

I'm confused. How is it eve... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

I'm confused. How is it ever legal for those in this country illegally to gather into large groups and impede traffic, take up officials' time, or anything else? Seems to me they should all just be arrested and deported.

But maybe I read law too literally.

You know, ironic and amusin... (Below threshold)

You know, ironic and amusing though such an action would be, I fear it would go right over their collective heads... Making the leap would require rational thought, and they already have a demonstrable lack of that.

I hate to break it to you b... (Below threshold)

I hate to break it to you but in the People's Republic of Mass you can expect the liberals to shout at you and threaten you with violence, or even hit your people when they think no one is looking. Then they will send police, usually state troopers, to remove you for causing a disturbance. You do not have a right to free speech: you have the right to speech that agrees with the liberal line. Anything else is not acceptable, and you'd better be prepared for the reaction. Keep lots of very quiet observers around with video cameras recording everything. You may need it in court.

(Yes, This comes from several personal experience.)

"how hateful towards one's ... (Below threshold)
Max in Utah:

"how hateful towards one's fellow beings can one be?!!"

Pretty damned hateful when illegal aliens are invading my country with the acquiescence of our politicians.


I have a better idea: Get t... (Below threshold)

I have a better idea: Get their early to park as near to the protest site as possible with a white van with the letters INS stenciled on it. I'll bet the protest gets real small real quick.

"The United States Immigrat... (Below threshold)

"The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was a part of the United States Department of Justice which used to handle legal and illegal immigration and naturalization. It ceased to exist on March 1, 2003.

Most of its functions were transferred to three new agencies within the newly-created Department of Homeland Security in March 2003. The administration of immigration services, including permanent residence, naturalization, asylum, and other functions became the responsibility of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), which existed only for a short time before changing to its current name, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The investigative and enforcement functions (including investigations, deportation, and intelligence) were combined with U.S. Customs investigators, the Federal Protective Service, and the Federal Air Marshal Service, to create U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The border functions of the INS, which included the Border Patrol along with INS Inspectors, were combined with US Customs Inspectors into the newly created U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)."

From the Wikipedia acrticle on the INS.

And if a truck appeared with ICE markings on it, the undocumented, oppressed resident workers wouldn't be one bit afraid because State and Federal officials don't care about them, but the individuals would probably be arrested for impersonating a federal officer.

I do love <a href="http://i... (Below threshold)

I do love counter-protesters.

I like counter-protesters, ... (Below threshold)

I like counter-protesters, too:

"Except for ending slavery, fascism, nazism, and communism, war has never solved anything."


Well max in utah, if you do... (Below threshold)

Well max in utah, if you don't want anyone to bother you, why don't you just move to some godforsaken, hillbilly, redneck state in the middle of nowhere where noone would want to live anyway and....oh. Forget it.

I'm sure that you are boyco... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

I'm sure that you are boycotting any and all businesses or corporations that benefit from, or employ, illegal workers and pay them substandard wages. I'm sure that you never eat at any restaurants that employ undocumented workers, being the savvy consumer that you are.

I mean, why DO corporations and businesses keep hiring these people, paying them low wages, and and allow them to work in under horrible conditions? Why do American workers get screwed in the process? Hmmm. I cant figure this out. Could it be that we support the practice by purchasing the products and services of those companies? No...that couldnt be the answer. This whole problem is due to the evil immigrants, and there's nothing else to it. I mean, they're probably FORCING people to hire them, right?

All you are doing is addressing the RESULT Jay, and not looking at the cause. Continually going about things in that way wont stem the flow, or change the system. And, as much as people get all pissed off...a major part of the cause lies on this side of the fence.

Americans hire these people, and create the incentive for them to come here. Consumers uphold the whole thing by buying the products and services. Then some people get all mad due to the presence of this workforce which many people USE.

Solution: stop using them, or find a way to legalize the flow of workers so that the illegal way is eliminated.

Note: I am not in favor of illegal immigration. I am against it.

Only a small number of indu... (Below threshold)

Only a small number of industries use illegal labor, and you can probably list all of them: growers, construction, mills, etc. It really isn't possible for people to boycott vegetables.

It is, however, possible for people to boycott banks that profit off illegal immigration. Two major ones that give home loans to illegal aliens are Wells Fargo and Citibank.

The root of the problem is political corruption and the corrupt media. Most politicians are in effect paid to look the other way, and the media supports illegal immigration for various reasons.

Don't vote for a politician that's corrupt, and work to discredit those media sources that support illegal immigration.

As for the fantasy that legalizing some group of illegal aliens would stem the flow, after they're legalized another crop of illegal aliens would show up. And, those same corrupt forces that currently support illegal immigration will continue to support it. Those forces that support illegal immigration need to be met head on and completely discredited.

IR wrote:Only a... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

IR wrote:

Only a small number of industries use illegal labor, and you can probably list all of them: growers, construction, mills, etc. It really isn't possible for people to boycott vegetables.

Ever been to a restaurant? Food service industries are notorious for using that labor pool. Hotels too. Grocery stores buy from growers, who employ illegal workers.

"...and the media supports illegal immigration for various reasons.

What reasons? What media sources?

As for the fantasy that legalizing some group of illegal aliens would stem the flow, after they're legalized another crop of illegal aliens would show up.

There's a difference between talking about amnesty for people who are already here, and talking about improving legal means of migration, which is what I was talking about. We need to make the process of legal immigration more efficient and do all we can to cut the incentive to come here by illegal means. The benefits of coming here illegally far outweigh the costs or penalties at this point. Thats a big problem.

Those forces that support illegal immigration need to be met head on and completely discredited.

Agreed. But I would argue that there's more to it than just corrupt politicians and media. Those are some big, fairly useless generalizations IMO.

Ryan, one way would be to a... (Below threshold)

Ryan, one way would be to actually arrest and put in prison employers who hire illegal aliens. The laws on the books already provide for this, there's just no enforcement. People in this country shouldn't have to do a full background check on all the employees at a restaurant everytime they go out to eat, that's what the feds are supposed to be doing.

To blame this on the consumer because the federal and state government and it's officials aren't doing their jobs is asinine.






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