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Whittington Speaks, Embarrasses Dems and Media

Once again, the liberals take a gift and squander it. The VEEP shot a hunting buddy and his opponents end up looking bad. How damning is this story?...

Man shot by Cheney: 'Accidents do and will happen'

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (CNN) -- Harry Whittington said Friday he was sorry for what Dick Cheney and his family has "had to go through" after the vice president shot him in a weekend hunting accident.

The 78-year-old Bush-Cheney campaign donor [they never give up huh? ;-) -ed] spoke briefly to reporters upon his release from a Corpus Christi hospital, but he took no questions.

Cheney sprayed Whittington with birdshot on his face and upper torso in Saturday's hunting accident. Whittington suffered a mild heart attack Tuesday, doctors said, after a piece of birdshot in his body migrated to a heart muscle.

"We all assume certain risks in whatever we do," Whittington said. "Whatever activities we pursue and regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen."

Whittington, wearing a suit and tie, appeared with several bruises on his face and neck. His discharge from the hospital came earlier than expected.

"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his family have had to go through this week," Whittington said.

So the guy who got shot in the face with a shotgun, then had a heart attack is apologizing to Cheney for the crap the liberals put him thru?!?!?! How bad does that make them look?

The liberals -and by that I mean the Dems and the MSM- overshot this event more than Cheney did.

What they should have done is tried to make him look stupid a la Dan Quayle and the "potatoe" episode. Instead they went postal and ended up shooting themselves in the foot. (all puns intended)

That's what happens when you let the kook wing run the party.


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Comments (33)

It would have been awesome ... (Below threshold)

It would have been awesome if Whittington surveyed the crowd and said: "Well, I can't start my statement until David Gregory gets here."

Man, you guys will declare ... (Below threshold)

Man, you guys will declare victory at the drop of a hat, won't you? What did you expect, that he was going to blast Cheney? What he showed is that he has more class than Cheney. Compare that to Cheney's people blaming Whittington, which you guys always seem to ignore. Don't you think that says anything about the character of the man?

So Mr. Whittington is fine;... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

So Mr. Whittington is fine; the local authorities have cleared Cheney from any wrongdoing, so that's fine; the visibly-shaken Veep has told his side of the story, and that was fine, too. So everything's A-OK.

Move along, folks. Nothing more to see here...thank God!

>Man, you guys will declare... (Below threshold)

>Man, you guys will declare victory at the drop of a hat, won't you?

Chris, you are so bad off you don't even know when you had your ass whipped. Do you thnk the dems made any ground on this? Have you seen the polling data?

Look... don't let me stop you. You guys keep pushing this issue. You're right, I'm wrong... It's a winner Chris... Hell you just keep pushing it right up to the next election.

Then you'll really show me. (rolls eyes)

Come on, Chris. Join us in... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

Come on, Chris. Join us in reality for a moment.

Cheney took full responsibility for what eye witnesses characterized as being partially Wittington's fault, at least. And you say Cheney has no class?

That is one sweet statement... (Below threshold)

That is one sweet statement he made. Wow. DU and Kos much be losing their minds about now.

Have you seen the polling d... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the polling data?

The ones with Dumbya's approval rating at 39%?

What did you expec... (Below threshold)
What did you expect, that he was going to blast Cheney?

It was more than possible. Someone who just an "associate" of Cheney or "Bush-Cheney campaign donor" might not be as forgiving as a good friend.

What he showed is that he has more class than Cheney. Compare that to Cheney's people blaming Whittington, which you guys always seem to ignore. Don't you think that says anything about the character of the man?

In a word, no. But it says a whole lot about your character though. Why do you even try? Your lies are almost as obvious as Lawrence O'Donnell. Please name the Cheney person who blamed Whittington. Did I just imagine the Brit Hume interview in which Cheney said that he was totally to blame?

Thanks for playing, but you didn't even qualify for the boobie prize.

this is the dumbest politic... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

this is the dumbest political event i have ever seen. it was a goddamned hunting accident.

im not sure how this can be seen as some conspiracy.

Wait, Cheney shot someone? ... (Below threshold)

Wait, Cheney shot someone? How did I miss this? ;)

Actually, what is interesting to me is that while there is a lot of griping about the media making a ridiculous spectacle out of an unfortunate accident (which they did), I also notice that of the 20 posts currently on the front page of this site, 11 deal with this story in some way. It does beg the question: if the media didn't make spectacles out of such things, what would you all have to write about?

Maybe it's just me, but if the media is making a huge deal out of something stupid, why respond in kind? I for one was tired of this story on Monday.

What they should have do... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

What they should have done is tried to make him look stupid a la Dan Quayle and the potatoe episode.

An event which most people seem to forget (or never knew based on the media's reporting of it) was not quite what it was made out to be. The media portrayed Quayle as an idiot. The media never seemed to point out that he was handed a card...

by the teacher running the spelling bee....

that had the word spelled that way on it. Of course, that teacher was probably a good union teacher, so she couldn't possibly have been wrong.

Sorry if this is a little OT, but it has irritated me for a long time.

mantis, you're right. - Bu... (Below threshold)

mantis, you're right. - But there is one grain of salt to be had. 11 post from 3 different people.

*Mostly* the 3 of us tend to try to not ramble on the same topic. If one of us covered a story, the other ones usually find it a less compelling story.

I'm probably the most to "blame" in this case. I can't recall the last time I've blogged the news story 3 times (save Katrina of course) If I were more active of late, I might have noticed what you noticed and toned it down.

Add to the fact Kevin and Jay are both semi-busy right now so I'm trying to cover the bases a bit more and you see the results.

I'd *like* to think this is an exception rather than a rule at Wizbang but I don't exactly chart it. ;-)

But I'll probably be paying more attention in the future.

a Postscript mantis...... (Below threshold)

a Postscript mantis...

Of those 11, Kevin had 4 humor pieces and 2 pieces about the actual event.

I had 4 posts about THE REACTION of the media and the Dems.

Ad Jay had a piece that I think was also more about the reaction too.

(not sure if I got them all but close enough for this...)

That sorta proves my point.... The first story (you know, the veep shotting a guy) only got 2 posts. The humor side (which we all knew was coming) got 4 and the goofball liberal reaction got 4.

The REaction was far bigger than the action.

I kinda see them as seperate stories but maybe that is just me.

Now the indigenous troll-Am... (Below threshold)

Now the indigenous troll-Americans will have to go back to hoping some other Americans die.

Mantis, you've hit it right... (Below threshold)

Mantis, you've hit it right on the head. The press had some legitimate questions because, you know, the Vice President shot someone in the face. If they had just announced it immediately, or reasonlby close to immediately, it would have been a two day story. And if they had gotten their story straight by Monday, it would have been done by tuesday. And as it is, 80% of ther stories we're seeing now are all about how awful that mean old left wing press is to that sweet old Dick.

seamus,Another CNN... (Below threshold)


Another CNN/USA Today push poll?

One where the the Democratic supporters outnumber Republican/Independant ones by 10-15%?

Color me unimpressed.


seamus,Here is a p... (Below threshold)


Here is a poll for you.


Correct URL:<a href=... (Below threshold)
It couldn't have happened t... (Below threshold)

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving group of a**hats if Carl Rove had planned it. They look like the id10t's they are and further alienate what little was left of the 'moderates' that were still paying attention to their antics.

Seamus,That was no... (Below threshold)


That was not the nail I was hitting. I think it's pretty clear that there are plenty in the media who were eager to hang Cheney on this one, no matter what the facts were. Even now that we have statements from Cheney, the local sheriff, and Whittington himself there are some who cannot let go, who really want it to be some conspiracy.

I do think that Cheney's press people were pretty stupid to not have anticipated this type of reaction from the media and therefore pre-empted it by releasing a statement on Saturday night, but that's it.

It seems to me that if bloggers were to drop this and focus on other stories, as I wish the media would have done since Monday, they could have shown why they are different, and therefore better (can't get much worse) than the MSM. But as it is we've all wasted a week on something utterly stupid. Oh well.

PaulYour error is ... (Below threshold)


Your error is in thinking that the only reason anyone ever has to question the administration is because it will somehow help them in the polls. Did any Democrat, on or off the record, say anything to the effect that "this should help us in November?" You're the one saying it's all about a Democratic advantage, because clearly this administration is so pure that there could be no earthly reason why anyone would honestly question their actions.

Cheney and his people screwed this story up big time, then continued to obfuscate and stonewall. I haven't been critical of them because I think this will somehow effect the way people vote months from now. I've been critical of them because they screwed up, and screwed up in a way that is typical of their arrogant approach to the public's right to know. You seem to be ignoring the many Republicans, in and out of the White House, who were equally critical. What was their motivation? And no, I never expected Whittington to say anything other than what he did. He knows how power works in Texas.

kbiel, you're the one of weak character if you're willing to roll over and play dead for people that are lying to you. If you had been paying any attention at all, you would know that Katherine Armstrong, whom Cheney personally designated as the best person to talk to the press about the incident, blamed Whittington in the incident, and said not a word about Cheney having any responsibility. Then Mary Matalin, who also speaks for the VP, went on television to say Cheney did absolutely nothing wrong.

And Paul, you're explanation about how the three of you divide up the blogging would be fascinating if it had anything to do with mantis' point. Believe it or not, yours wasn't the only right wing blog that had multiple postings on this subject, all featuring the refrain that "no one cares." To quote one of your earlier headlines, "Irony is lost on the dumb."

The funny thing is the Dems... (Below threshold)

The funny thing is the Dems (and their media accomplices) would have gotten better results for their side if they had not tried to maximize the damage to Cheney. They failed to realize that Cheney's problem with normal folks would come from the shooting not from the silly delay kerfluffle. By playing it up they ended up almost making Darth Cheney seem like a sympathetic character.

I have noticed a pattern of... (Below threshold)

I have noticed a pattern of behavior among those people who are obsessed with President Bush.

An event happens, the critics first claim error or stupidity by the White House before losing their grasp on reality by making wild conspiracy theories. The MSM chorus joins in for more refraims of the same old melody. The White House does't make it a duet by keeping its responses to a minimum.

The the facts begin to emerge and surprise! -- the White House acted responsibly, the critics acted irrationally by making up accusations. That is when the critics start blaming Rove & Co. for not proofreading their stories and pointing out their errors in facts or conclusions.

Reminds me of kids in Grade School.

Have you seen the polling d... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the polling data?

The ones with Dumbya's approval rating at 39%?
Posted by: seamus at February 17, 2006 03:47 PM


President Bush is not running for re-election. Democratic Senators and Representatives are. Focus on your own poll data and fix the problems in your own party. It's far more useful than carping about a man who can't run anymore.

SSSHH Don't discourage the... (Below threshold)

SSSHH Don't discourage them SB. They need to be running against W at least till 2020.


Oh, sorry Toby. My bad.</p... (Below threshold)

Oh, sorry Toby. My bad.

>Your error is in thinking ... (Below threshold)

>Your error is in thinking that the only reason anyone ever has to question the administration is because it will somehow help them in the polls. Did any Democrat, on or off the record, say anything to the effect that "this should help us in November?"

Chirs that line of arguement is -frankly- too stupid to warrant a reply.

As always, the liberals dem... (Below threshold)

As always, the liberals demonstrated an appalling lack of understanding of human nature; when someone has done wrong that was accidental (and/or minor), if you excoriate them endlessly about it people will quickly begin to feel sorry for them, and even to defend them out of a sense of fairness... and you'll look like a hysterical idiot.

(Note that I'll only say that ONCE so as not to incur sympathy for the left.)

PaulGood response.... (Below threshold)


Good response. You've convinced me. Your ability to marshal an argument is, as always, impressive.

This is a big story because... (Below threshold)

This is a big story because the Vice President of the United States of America shot a man, and unlike most people in this country, he didn't have to follow normal, accepted, and legal protocols. If it were one of us, several things would have happened almost immediately.

The police or sherriff would have been on the scene ASAP, they would have investigated the shooting and would have made sure that emergency medical services were called to the scene. The shooter would have turned over the shotgun, would have been given a blood alcohol test on the spot, and his license would have been checked. Also, the incident would have been reported to the press immediately, particularly if the shooter were a V.I.P, not to mention the Vice President of the United States of America. Not one of those protocols was followed. And the reason they were not adhered to is because the shooter in this case is, well, he is Dick Cheney, a man who does not have to follow the same rules that apply to the majority of the public. And whether or not it was over reported, or whether it back fired on the "liberals", it pisses a lot of regular people off.

If a normal citizen had been found to be hunting illegally, he would have eventually have had to come before a judge. And even though it was just a seven dollar stamp, God damnit, it was still illegal. And a normal citizen couldn't have his Secret Service agent call local law enforcement and cut a deal to wait until morning before arriving on the scene. Now, there is no way anyone will ever know if that one beer was followed by another, or maybe a highball or two, on top of medication. But a normal citizen would have been tested as soon after the incident as possible. Having an evening and a night of intervening time certainly was convenient, and very respectful of the V.P. And not having any nosy reporters show up was no doubt very comforting during a time of grieving.

Yes, this was big news, and Whittington's graciousness in light of being "peppered" with up to 250 pieces of shot, one of which made it to his heart, causing a heart attack in a quite elderly man of some 79 or 80 years. This was a fiasco for the veep, for the nation, and especially for the victim, who is not Dick Cheney. Finally, almost every professional shooting and hunting organization lined up in agreement to state that the shooter is the responsible party under all circumstances, including making all notifications and making sure the license is up to date.

Randwolfe,Lighten ... (Below threshold)


Lighten up, Francis.

It amazes me how the echo c... (Below threshold)

It amazes me how the echo chambers of the right confirm each other's fantasies.
The Vice President of the United States shot a man in the face and it took him 4 days to publicly accept responsibility. This happened only after his representatives were unsuccessful in blaming the victim. And you guys are pretending that that's not politics?
His irresponsible and illegal behavior (see Randwolfe's summary above) brought well-deserved criticism, and yet there are those of you who still think that criticizing the leaders on the Right (you sure don't seem to have any problems criticizing Democratic presidents) is traitorous. Maybe some of you will grow up someday and learn that you don't really need to worship your rightist leaders as infallible god-like beings.

Now, look here...why isn't ... (Below threshold)

Now, look here...why isn't anyone reporting on the REALLY big part of this story? A lawyer has apparently admitted that 'accidents do and will happen'...a lawyer! Isn't this NEWS?!






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