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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney hunts pheasant in South Dakota in this November 5, 2002 file photo. REUTERS/David Bohrer/White House/Handout

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.


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Comments (110)

American Sportsman,by Ronco... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

American Sportsman,by Ronco.

Ya see now, if ya aim this ... (Below threshold)

Ya see now, if ya aim this high, ya eliminate all targets except birds, and the mainstream press's ego!

Pheasants? I thought you sa... (Below threshold)

Pheasants? I thought you said peasants! At least toss up a few lawyers for practice.

"Gee, the corn's still as h... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"Gee, the corn's still as high as an elephant's eye...Ha! there's one now!

Cheney, with his steel blue... (Below threshold)

Cheney, with his steel blue eyes, held his breathe as the Press Corps plane came into his target area.

'Bird Flew'... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

'Bird Flew'

"Ok, David... you want to k... (Below threshold)

"Ok, David... you want to know exactly how it happened?"

With a sigh, Mr. Kopechne w... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

With a sigh, Mr. Kopechne wishes that Mary Jo had tried this instead...

I thought I saw a pussy cat... (Below threshold)
Janet Levine:

I thought I saw a pussy cat! I did, did!

Dick Cheney shoots the flie... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney shoots the flies off of the top of the liberal media's bullshit.

Dat wascally lawyer!... (Below threshold)

Dat wascally lawyer!

Harry: "No I meant PULL<... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Harry: "No I meant PULL my finger."

Byrd Hunting... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Byrd Hunting

(I almost used this pic at OTB for Thursday, now I'm glad I didn't)

Dick Cheney asked Houston R... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney asked Houston Rockets center Yao Ming to join him on his next quail hunting trip.

(911 Operator receives a ca... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

(911 Operator receives a call...)
Dick: "Uh, 911? I'm hunting and I accidently shot someone, I think he might be dead. We need help.'
911: "Well first make sure if he's dead."
Dick: "Uh OK, I guess so ... (sound of gun fire)"

Duck... Duck... GOOSE! ... (Below threshold)

Duck... Duck... GOOSE!

"...Ok, just when did Jimmy... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

"...Ok, just when did Jimmy Carter join the hunting party, and why is he carrying that oar?"

One flew east, One flew wes... (Below threshold)

One flew east, One flew west, One flew into the cuckoos nest.

In a moment of monumental m... (Below threshold)

In a moment of monumental misunderstanding, the exclamation of "Duck!" was met by the tragically inappropriate, "No, it's a dove!"

"And finally in tonights ne... (Below threshold)
Moon Monkey:

"And finally in tonights news, Dick Cheney leads the newly introduced 'Americans For A More Secure Border'. Curiously, the NRA objected to the release of this photo, charging that it offended Muslims!" Wha...?

Cheney: "DUCK!" SS ... (Below threshold)

Cheney: "DUCK!"
SS Agent: "DUCK!"
Whittington: "GOOSE!"
CHENEY: "I actually meant to duck, Harry."

Moments later, Dick Cheney ... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Moments later, Dick Cheney provided an example of an enfilade.

Although Cheney did need, a... (Below threshold)

Although Cheney did need, and use, one to hunt with, the whole "extension of the penis' thing made him laugh.

So Mr. Cheney, how did you ... (Below threshold)

So Mr. Cheney, how did you shoot that ol' lawyer?

Simple, I just didn't lead him so much.

Cut! Cut! Dick, if we are ... (Below threshold)

Cut! Cut! Dick, if we are going to make this believable you've got to keep your eyes on that bird. Don't worry about Harry, he'll be on his mark. Remember Dick, eyes on bird. Ok, lets give this another try people...and action.

Where is that David Gregory... (Below threshold)

Where is that David Gregory and Terry Macauliffe when you need them ?

The MSM talking heads show ... (Below threshold)

The MSM talking heads show off their new on-screen attire.

"Balance that empty beer bo... (Below threshold)

"Balance that empty beer bottle on your head Harry and this time hold still!"

Holy Shit! Helen Thomas ha... (Below threshold)

Holy Shit! Helen Thomas has WINGS!

This is what I call a targe... (Below threshold)

This is what I call a target rich environment

Hey, is that Harry up on th... (Below threshold)

Hey, is that Harry up on the hill there?

Be berry berry qwiet, i'm h... (Below threshold)

Be berry berry qwiet, i'm hunting liberals....hu hu uh huh huh huh

Little does the hunter know... (Below threshold)

Little does the hunter know that both his gun and his ammunition are presently being tracked by the Commonwealth of Massachusetss.

After his accident, Harry W... (Below threshold)

After his accident, Harry Whittington returns to his favorite pastime. Harry seems perfectly normal, until right before he fires his first shot, when he is heard to exclaim, "Eat lead Dick!"

And finally tonight, Presid... (Below threshold)

And finally tonight, President Bush accompanied Vice President Cheney on a hunting trip. "He just wouldn't take no for an answer," Bush said of Cheney. Oddly, while the President was retrieving a fallen bird, Cheney was heard whistling "Hail to the Chief" as he set his sites on a low-flying bird.

Soldiers modeling the new c... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Soldiers modeling the new camoflage pattern for Iraq, suggested by Democrats fearing there weren't enough casualties for them to win the 2006 elections.

...And finally on a sad not... (Below threshold)

...And finally on a sad note we have to report the accidental shooting death of the Washington Press Corps ego. The typical liberal Funeral/political rally will be held next Tuesday. Donations to Moveon.org will be expected in lieu of flowers.

Like shooting lawyers in a ... (Below threshold)

Like shooting lawyers in a barrell.

Harry: You know, Dick, th... (Below threshold)

Harry: You know, Dick, the more I think it over, the more sense Cindy Sheehan makes, and ....
***BANG**** Aiiieeeeee!!!!!

"These lawyers are just too... (Below threshold)

"These lawyers are just too easy to hit. See if the dogs can flush a few journalists."

The second gunman from the ... (Below threshold)

The second gunman from the grassy knoll.

Believing Alexander Hamilto... (Below threshold)

Believing Alexander Hamilton to be in heaven Dick Cheney attempts to complete his transformation into Aaron Burr.

I thought it was Scooter Li... (Below threshold)

I thought it was Scooter Libby.

Duck...duck...Gray Duck... (Below threshold)

Duck...duck...Gray Duck

Iran's anti-aircraft forces... (Below threshold)

Iran's anti-aircraft forces ready themselves for an impending Israeli attack.

I thought it was Scooter... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I thought it was Scooter Libby.


"Shot through the heart<br ... (Below threshold)

"Shot through the heart
and its too late..."

Cheney takes aim at the Hil... (Below threshold)

Cheney takes aim at the Hillary '08 trial balloon.

Cheney takes aim at the Hil... (Below threshold)

Cheney takes aim at the Hillary '08 trial balloon.

Regrettably, Cheney is forc... (Below threshold)

Regrettably, Cheney is forced to shoot his own penis after learning it has been secretly dating Helen Thomas.

Dick Cheney takes the lead ... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney takes the lead on the President's new tort reform initiative.

"Yo, Dick. Nice shot. Like ... (Below threshold)

"Yo, Dick. Nice shot. Like I told the wife, I'd rather go shooting with you than go driving with Teddy."

Cheney makes it certain tha... (Below threshold)
Rachel Edith:

Cheney makes it certain that his party will not call on him to run.

FORE!!... (Below threshold)


Vice President Cheney is ad... (Below threshold)

Vice President Cheney is addressing the issue of tort reform one lawyer at a time.

Duck....Duck...Grey Goose!<... (Below threshold)

Duck....Duck...Grey Goose!

"I am your Vice-President, ... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"I am your Vice-President, America, and I unequivocally deny that this is me. I have never been to Corpus Christi, I don't know where Corpus Christi is located. Heck, the only 'Christie' I know is that broad....er remarkable woman that governs New Jersey."

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Ar... (Below threshold)

Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Arthur Sulzberger, Howard Dean and Charles Schumer re-enact Cheney's weekend hunting accident to demonstrate the President's involvement as a 'second shooter'.

The 4th Annual Cornfield La... (Below threshold)

The 4th Annual Cornfield Lawyer Shoot and Bar-B-Que was cancelled when it was learned the White House Press Corps was given the advertising contract...

"Yes, I understand that Joh... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"Yes, I understand that John Corzine is the Governor of New Jersey. I meant to say
'that remarkable woman who governED New Jersey.'
My apologies to Governor Corzine and former Governor Whitman."
(Vice-President Cheney to his advisor-quietly-
"that was part of my plan; mistakenly say 'Christie' is still governing the state. Suddenly, the photo is forgotten, the hunting incident is forgotten, and now all they'll talk about is how stupid I am. Brilliant, don't you think?"

Now...lets see....am I supp... (Below threshold)

Now...lets see....am I suppossed to shoot what's on the ground or in the air?

"Don't be silly, I love my ... (Below threshold)

"Don't be silly, I love my people! PULL!"

"....It's good to be the Veep."

Cheney aims again at the gr... (Below threshold)

Cheney aims again at the ground squirrel.

Democrats form a circular f... (Below threshold)

Democrats form a circular firing squad in an Iowa corn field as a test of a proposed change in the democratic primary process.

Hold it Dick! Your aiming t... (Below threshold)
John P:

Hold it Dick! Your aiming the wrong way!
Howard Dean is behind you!!

V.P. Cheney gets some pract... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

V.P. Cheney gets some practice in before his next press conference.

"Dammit! Send up another U... (Below threshold)

"Dammit! Send up another UAV. I need more practice."

"But sir, that was the last prototype!"

Afghan air traffic control ... (Below threshold)

Afghan air traffic control sometimes looks primitive to Westerners, but its lack of tolerance for deviations from filed flight plans was legendary.

Photography Lesson #1:<br /... (Below threshold)
La Mano:

Photography Lesson #1:
NEVER sneak up on a V.P. aiming a shotgun for a picture. This is the last thing this photographer ever saw.

CAUTION: NO smart weapons i... (Below threshold)
Give 'em the bird:

CAUTION: NO smart weapons in use.

The best bouquet a man coul... (Below threshold)
Give 'em the bird:

The best bouquet a man could get on Valentine's Day.

Cheney thought bubble:"I ca... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:

Cheney thought bubble:"I can't believe it...is that a pig flying? Well, that must mean Willie
Nelson just released a gay cowboy song."

There once was a man from t... (Below threshold)

There once was a man from the States,
whose enemy, El Qaeda, he hates.
So he cooked up a plan,
And put film in the can.
And sent back, in video, their fates.

Kevin Aylward takes aim at ... (Below threshold)

Kevin Aylward takes aim at the latest in gratuitous Cheney joke baiting.... PULL!

"Hey Harry! Throw that pupp... (Below threshold)

"Hey Harry! Throw that puppy a little higher or someone is going to get hurt."

"Damn. Carter wasn't lying... (Below threshold)

"Damn. Carter wasn't lying about that killer rabbit."

Regrettably, Dana Milbanks ... (Below threshold)

Regrettably, Dana Milbanks was out of season so the Vice President had to pay a stiff fine.

Quayle hunting? Shoulda tak... (Below threshold)

Quayle hunting? Shoulda taken this up years ago!

Might have gotten W's daddy re-elected...

Hey, Harry, catch!... (Below threshold)

Hey, Harry, catch!

Cheney - OK DANG IT, WHO GA... (Below threshold)


Hunter #2 (Toucan Sam) - Just follow your nose!

Cheney decided to "silence"... (Below threshold)

Cheney decided to "silence" the White House Press corps once and for all....so he invited them up to Camp David for a reenactment of the accident.

Areghhhh. PIMF PIMF PIMF.</... (Below threshold)


"The 4th Annual Cornfield Lawyer Shoot and Bar-B-Que was cancelled when it was learned the White House Press Corps was NOT given the advertising contract..."

Hunters attempt to take dow... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Hunters attempt to take down the most dangerous game - David Gregory's ego.

Is that a lawyer Flying or ... (Below threshold)
Vics Sin City:

Is that a lawyer Flying or do my eyes deceive?

Having recovered from his w... (Below threshold)

Having recovered from his wounds, Harry Whittington returns to hunting. Meanwhile, Mary Jo Kopechne remains dead.

Cheney: "Harry, stop me if... (Below threshold)

Cheney: "Harry, stop me if you've heard this one. What's it called when a lawyer is wounded with birdshot? Not enough birdshot. Hey, what position should a lawyer play on a skeetshooting team? Goalie. What's my favorite game to play with lawyers on a hunt? Catch! Ha! I love that one. Hey, Harry, where ya going?"

Cheney lied, Whittington d-... (Below threshold)

Cheney lied, Whittington d- ... um... lived?

A safe hunter should wear h... (Below threshold)

A safe hunter should wear hearing protection at all times to protect delicate hearing from the screams of the wounded.

Comin' up on your RIGHT, Di... (Below threshold)

Comin' up on your RIGHT, Dick... I'm on your right, Dick... on your right, don't shoot right, Dick... me, Katie, Billy, Jimmy and Harry Jr. are all on your RIGHT, Dick... still on your right, Dick...

The vice president defends ... (Below threshold)

The vice president defends himself as Hillary resorts to unleashing her flying monkeys.

See Dick.See Dick sh... (Below threshold)

See Dick.
See Dick shoot
See Dick accidentally shoot Harry
See David get angry because Dick did not tell him.

"Oh Lord, Bless this thy hu... (Below threshold)

"Oh Lord, Bless this thy hunting gun, that with it we may blow D.C. lawyers into tiny bits..."

As God as my witness, I tho... (Below threshold)

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!

"Hell Fellas, what's a lit... (Below threshold)

"Hell Fellas, what's a little friendly fire among friends."

"What'd I tell you would ha... (Below threshold)
Steve Doherty Jr.:

"What'd I tell you would happen the next time you sang that 'Eminem Song' that pokes fun at me and the Mrs? Prepare to meet your maker, Harry!"

1) Spotting a low flying Wa... (Below threshold)

1) Spotting a low flying Washington press corps helicopter, the Vice President takes careful aim.

2) Investigators from the DNC reenact the Cheney shooting to prove the "second gunman" theory.

3) "This is my rifle, this is my gun. This one's for shooting, this one's for fun."

Come on guys, you have to t... (Below threshold)

Come on guys, you have to throw ALGORE higher if this is to look like a hunting accident.

"I didn't know the gun was ... (Below threshold)

"I didn't know the gun was loaded when I aimed it at his head."

Cheney accidentally shoots ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Cheney accidentally shoots someone after having a drink - SHOCK, SUPRISE, OUTRAGE, STORY.

Kennedy accidentally shoots someone after having a drink - NO SHOCK, NO SUPRISE, NO OUTRAGE, NO STORY.

FREEZE GOPHER!!!!!!... (Below threshold)


"Lower, Dick. Your aim is '... (Below threshold)

"Lower, Dick. Your aim is 'way over his head."

Yup. That's airforce 2 alri... (Below threshold)

Yup. That's airforce 2 alright!!

Cheney: He's comin' right f... (Below threshold)

Cheney: He's comin' right for us!

"Hey, Cheney your daughter ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Hey, Cheney your daughter really a les..."BANG

"the MSM is upset?" "but I ... (Below threshold)

"the MSM is upset?" "but I LOVE the MSM...PULLLLL"
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" says David Gregory,
as he flies through the air.

Lawyer season opens in Texa... (Below threshold)

Lawyer season opens in Texas.

"Quit whining an get in the... (Below threshold)

"Quit whining an get in the barrel, it's your turn!"

Just weeks after finding a ... (Below threshold)

Just weeks after finding a photo connecting the President to Jack Abramoff, the media now has a photo linking Vice President Dick Cheney to the consumption of ethanol while hunting. If you look up in the upper left-hand corner, I think I see some switch grass.

Dick Cheney shoots the ego ... (Below threshold)

Dick Cheney shoots the ego of the main street press, doesn't tell them about it, and prepares to not listen to their complaints for the next two weeks. Good goin, Dick!

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed.






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