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Prediction: Cheney to Get 9 Point Bump in Polls

It really is a simple prediction to make. The liberals (elected, media and blogger) have so over-played the whole Cheney shooting debace that it will backfire on them just like the Paul Wellstone funeral.

TIME is trumpeting as loudly as they can that Cheney is at 29 points. But the poll has some even more valuable data to my prediction:

7-in-10 (69%) Say Shooting Incident Has Had 'No Effect' on Their Overall Opinion of the Vice President; About One-Fourth (24%) Say it Has Had a 'More Negative' Effect

So 93% of the people who responded either had no opion change or they went negative. So when the bump happens it will be indisputable the the bumb came from the over-coverage and not the event.

Wait for it.


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Comments (16)

sorry mantis, if the big me... (Below threshold)

sorry mantis, if the big media is going to treat us to another week of coverage, it still smells like news.

still smells like news.... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

still smells like news.

I know what you mean, I have to hold my nose when I read or watch the MSM anymore.

Well, he deserves the bump.... (Below threshold)

Well, he deserves the bump. After all, he did shoot that guy in the face.

At his blog, the Conspiracy... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

At his blog, the Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid, Don Luskin relates one of his reader's thoughts on the liberal media's attempt to damage Vice President Dick Cheney this past week, or even drive him from office.

The reader, Donald Poole, offers a truly brilliant analysis of liberal MSM stupidity, which reminds me most of the NYT's incessant editorial hyperventilation over the criminal "outing" of Valerie Plame/Wilson... only to find its own ass in a less rhetorical sling, first with its own reporter, Judith Miller, sitting in jail, and now with the twin prospects of first Scooter Libby's lawyers armed with subpoenas rummaging thru the Times' files, followed shortly by DOJ inquisitors searching high and wide for evidence in the NSA leak case. Be careful what you wish for, indeed!

From Mr. Poole, commenting on the likely series of events should Dick Cheney be driven from office... and what the ensuing playing field would look like if he were then replaced:

"...While a Vice-President McCain would be the darling of the press corps, he would probably not be widely supported by all Republicans which would be very beneficial to the aspirations of Senator Clinton (D.-N.Y.). However, a Vice-President Rice would strike terror in the hearts of the more fanatical Democrats, hinder Sen. Clinton's election prospects and possibly split the votes of a core voting bloc - the African-American vote.

"If Vice-President Cheney is forced out of office, could the press corps avoid a self induced meltdown upon the (subsequent) election of Condoleeza Rice? I think not."

Like I said, Brilliant!

Two quick thoughts:<p... (Below threshold)

Two quick thoughts:

Lawyers are always trying to look at reporters' files and notes, nearly always without success. The fact that Libby's lawyers have predictably demanded access to the NYT's files in no way means they'll be getting access anytime soon.

I also think McCain, Allen, Hagel and possibly even Jeb Bush would have a lot to say about the White House giving Condi Rice a leg up on the nomination. And anyway, historically being Vice President hasn't been a particular advantage in gaining the Presidency. Other than George H. W. Bush, I believe (without checking) that the last sitting VP to be elected President was van Buren.

Thank you JP2 for doing you... (Below threshold)

Thank you JP2 for doing your little part to make sure my prediction comes true.

ChangeAmerica.net: Why do y... (Below threshold)

ChangeAmerica.net: Why do you keep calling it the "liberal media"? The term is just a GOP talking point. The MSM is almost completely owned by conservatives, or large corporations. The news coverage is overwhelmingly slanted conservative, and the radio is even worse.

Our leaders lie REPEATEDLEY, and the press does not hold them accountable, so we get bad government, and undeniable corruption. When the White House tells a lie it does not even get play. Remember there was not one single shred of evidence to back up all the "Mushroom Cloud" statements. Not one shred of evidence that was not already disproven at the time. Remember Bush saying he would fire anyone involved with leaking Valerie Wilson's identity, and it appears his whole staff helped commit what amounts to treason.

Is it "liberal" to demand accountability? Openness? Independant investigations? Honesty? Due Process? Following the rule of law, and obiding by the constitution?

Aren't we supposed to be able to trust our President to tell us the truth? When did this change?

It is American to want the truth. We just haven't got any for 5 years. The top 1% is doing great though!!!


Liberal,Thanks for y... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Thanks for your update. After I read you post, I got up, closed all the windows and doors, checked my food supply, told the pets they are on their own, flushed the commode, and now I am sitting here crying, waiting for the world to end.
Too bad more people don't believe the MSM in the fact That Bush will be the death of the US as we know it.
Good riddance, I say, on their diminishing importance.

sorry mantis, if the big... (Below threshold)

sorry mantis, if the big media is going to treat us to another week of coverage, it still smells like news.

I know, I know. I'm going to wait for the TV movie myself. The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Lawyer-Murdering Vice President, perhaps? Maybe they can get Robert Allan Ackerman to direct.

I liked this quote from the Drudge link:

"Of course they succeed," Milbank said of Bush aides. "The press always looks awful. They will once again make us look awful."

Maybe that's because you're awful. Maybe because despite that Time poll saying that 85% of people don't think the VP should resign because of this you guys are acting like he's Aaron Burr redux.

Perhaps if Cheney gave the ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Perhaps if Cheney gave the press some press conferences..the last one was in March of 2002, in Bahrain with a prince, they might have something more to write about than speculation surrounding one misfired shot..I personally find him a far more interesting and intimidating character than the President. I'm sure warts and all, even conservatives would want to read more about what makes this very powerful secretive guy tick, who seems even a bit of an enigma to the President.

Liberal, Well and diplomati... (Below threshold)

Liberal, Well and diplomatically put, requiring in response from Eneils a measured dose of sarcasm in lieu of the trademark "Moonbat" retort( no,not from Eneils specifically, but its The Thing to Say in neo-con circles.Why? I don't know. It's kinda limp. At least "nutball" is funny). The Bush-bots are in Rampancy mode and soon it will be dark. Interesting times. A SUPPOSITION for whomever:"THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE" Whittington at his press conference, REPEATEDLY, as if for effect, APOLOGIZED to Cheney, not from graciousness on his part(though it explicitly was), but to emphasize and MEMORIALIZE the ABORTIVE PLAN "A" and the role Whittington was designated to play in it: namely ,The-Guy -Who-Through-His-Own-Stupidity-Made-Cheney-Look- Bad. The incongruency of the victim, with birdshot in his face and bruising at its highest yellow, REPEATEDLY apologizing on WORLDWIDE TV is the the Punch Line which DEMANDS that all the elements of the tale AS ORIGINALLY TOLD be "LOCKED-IN". Forevermore. Subtle but Spin-proof. (And if that wasn't the gentleman's motivation, the results will be the same.) Amen.

Aren't we supposed... (Below threshold)
Mark A. Flacy:
Aren't we supposed to be able to trust our President to tell us the truth? When did this change?

It didn't seem to bother you too much during President Clinton's time in office.

But hey, rave on. It's fun to watch.

"The top 1% is doing great ... (Below threshold)

"The top 1% is doing great though!!!"

LOL, that's what makes them the top 1%. If they were doing poorly they would, no doubt, fall into the top 2%.


mantis, glad I saw your quo... (Below threshold)

mantis, glad I saw your quote, Drudge added more since I read it including this....

White House correspondent Bill Plante of CBS agreed.

The vice president and the White House have both used the constant press coverage of this story as a wedge," he told RELIABLE SOURCES host Howard Kurtz. "It plays to the prejudices of the people who are predisposed not to like us, and it's one way to distract attention from what happened." "


That's the problem you dumbass... NOTHING HAPPENED. It was a simple hunting accident.

What EXACTLY is the administration trying to distract people from? Didn't everyone understand the story the first time they heard it?

They are simply trying to pretend there is more to the story when there isn't. It's going to bite them in the ass.

Hmmm.I can't belie... (Below threshold)


I can't believe they're going to be pushing this thing for another week.

... Really that pretty much says it all doesn't it?

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