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Struggling back

Well, it looks like I've got most of my computer issues resolved. It involved a brand-new installation of Windows to pull off, but I did it.

Now for the fun part: I need to re-install all my applications and copy back over all my documents and whatnot. That should take most of Sunday evening and, perhaps, Monday morning.

With luck, I'll be back up to snuff by Monday evening, and can resume my regular blogging.

Thanks for all who offered support and advice during my downtime.

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IHopeNOoneSUGGESTSthatYOUbu... (Below threshold)



I'm glad you told us that, ... (Below threshold)

I'm glad you told us that, Mark... because that's exactly what *I* was gonna say, LOL

(has a computer that NEVER crashes)

Kinda sounds like "See? You... (Below threshold)

Kinda sounds like "See? You should have voted Democrat! Tee-hee-hee-hee!"

I'm sure Jay appreciates your ever-so-helpful tittering. Hard drives never fail in Macs.

Hey bobdog you must be havi... (Below threshold)

Hey bobdog you must be having your own computer issues to be so defensive. Good luck rebooting. May I reccommend Spyware Doctor?.

I just keep hearing the wor... (Below threshold)

I just keep hearing the words to "The Big Rock Candy Mountain". Can't get them out of my head...

Sometimes the grass on the other side of the fence is just more of the same grass. You like Macs, cool. Calling 85% of all computer users in the world stupid sounds like an argument you can't win. The word "juvenile" comes to mind...

This charming little conversation is over.

TakeYOURmedicationDUDE.<br ... (Below threshold)


Q. E. D.... (Below threshold)

Q. E. D.






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