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Gee, that truck looks familiar...

Here's a little tip for would-be fugitives:

If you're on the run from the police and steal a vehicle, try to steal a nondescript, generic vehicle.

Do NOT do what accused pedophile Beau Mitchell allegedly did...

Comments (3)

At least she got a free tan... (Below threshold)

At least she got a free tank of gas out of it.

That free tank of gas is ab... (Below threshold)

That free tank of gas is about triple the cost of replacing the broken window, too. They're probably the only people in history to come off BETTER after their car got stolen...

Yeah, I am sad to say that ... (Below threshold)
someone who knows him....:

Yeah, I am sad to say that I know this man. It doesn't surprise me. Not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box, if you know what I mean. I hope he gets lots of jail time.






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