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Off the Fence on the Ports Issue

I suffer from an "affliction" that I'm sure many of my fellow blogers have to some degree or another. Anytime there is a controversial news story (like the ports issue) almost everyone I know asks me what I thnk. -- They don't always agree but they know that I'm going to be able to babble on at length about the minute details of the issue.

That's just the byproduct of being a blogger/news junkie.

The bad part is that after Katrina, I have a bad case of Idon'tgiveashitacitis. I hardly follow the news anymore. So when a long time friend ask me my opinion on the ports issue I told her I'd have to read up on it and get back to her. *Normally* I'm a free trader type and things like this don't bother me. (I mostly supported Bush on his controversial immigration plan.) I usually don't knee jerk things like this... Still, the idea of the UAE owning some of our biggest ports did bother me.

So I figured I'd sit down this morning and read some news stories on it, then I read what conservatives were saying then I'd read what the few liberals I still respect were saying and I'd draw a conclusion.

All of that research was cut short by a single headline...

Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations deal

On the "Ports" issue, put me in the "against" column.


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Comments (12)

That must have been tough -... (Below threshold)

That must have been tough - keep on going with the Bush Cult thing, or go with your hatred of Democrats. Always a tough choice, but a very wise political move.

If you aren't really into news, Wizbang has other great things for you to work on. Try this one: "Paris Hilton makes lesbian sex tape."

Fascinating article. Bang up job, Wizbang. Bang up.

You have a valid point Paul... (Below threshold)

You have a valid point Paul. I am trying to think of the last thing Carter supported which was a good idea. I'm drawing a blank.

Yeah, JP2, you wouldn't wan... (Below threshold)
phillip II:

Yeah, JP2, you wouldn't want to have any knee-jerk reactions. Have you ever made a comment that didn't include the words "Bush cult? If so, I must've missed it.

The embarrassing ex-preside... (Below threshold)

The embarrassing ex-president who hasn't met a dictator or communist he couldn't befriend and then affirm they had won rigged elections is a deal killer.

Oh, jp2, you need to stop drinking the BDS coolaid. I'd see someone about that lesbian fetish problem too.

I believe it is spelled "Id... (Below threshold)

I believe it is spelled "Idon'tgiveashititis"

Other than that, dead on.

Semper Fi

Well hells bells, while the... (Below threshold)

Well hells bells, while they're at it why not hand over the management of our airports to them too. If those ignorant bastards(admin. politicians) are so damn sure there are no security risks with the UAE operating our ports they should have no concerns about the UAE running the airport facilities either. This nonsense makes about as much sense as turning our airbases over to the Germans during WW2. And that nut cracker Jimmy Carter, why does the media even give that crackpot the time of day?

I too was in the idontgivea... (Below threshold)

I too was in the idontgiveashititis mood on this one...but after checking MM: http://michellemalkin.com/archives/004612.htm
she points out the dirty $$ is too BIG to ignore.

BTW The Bush cult is too intelligent to be a cult...now if you're a member of the Dean cult...well just keep drinkin' that Kool Aid!

Carter is definitely wrong ... (Below threshold)

Carter is definitely wrong more regularly than Bush is right.

Paul, a poignant psychograp... (Below threshold)

Paul, a poignant psychograph. As a history buff I was fortunate to be "illuminated" third-hand and hundreds of years removed from my Admired Whoever. Free Advice: GOOGLE ALL ADVISORS and extrapolate.
BEFOREHAND. Save yourself future heartache, heartburn, heartbreak of psoriasis, etc. Ex: GW Bush > Deadeye Dick > Scooter Libby > Marc Rich > Bill Clinton > Kevin Bacon.

Saw the same headline & had... (Below threshold)

Saw the same headline & had the same reaction.

But ol' Vizzini would ask:<... (Below threshold)

But ol' Vizzini would ask:

But maybe you [Carter] supported W on the port issue because you KNEW it would peel off a mass of W supporters who are allergic to pore ol' Jimmy C...

''The overall threat to ... (Below threshold)

''The overall threat to the United States and security, I don't think it exists,'' Carter said on CNN's The Situation Room. ``I'm sure the president's done a good job with his subordinates to make sure this is not a threat.''

Well, he was wrong at least about that:

Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval - AP






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