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Kids Vs. Beanbag - An Urban Lounge Gear Torture Test

Last month Sumo, a Canadian company that sells a modern, funky, high-quality line of bean bags & soft furniture over the Internet at SumoLounge.com, contacted me about whether I'd be interested in doing a review of their one of their products. It seems that the Sumo folks are big blog readers and supporters and their target market is right in line with the demographics of the blogosphere.

According to their president, whose passion and pride in his products is obvious, Sumo's Omni chair is the most comfortable chair in the world. Taking him at his word on the comfort - which is obviously a fairly subjective - I wondered whether the Sumo product line was "kid friendly."

What better challenge to a bean bag chairs durability could there be than a few weeks of pounding by three rambunctious boys? Short of hitching the chair to the bumper of an SUV and going for an off-road drive, I couldn't think of one. I wrote back proposing this torture test, warning Sumo that when the bag exploded, turning my living room into an artificial winter wonderland of bean bag stuffing, they'd probably wish they never made the offer as I would be writing about the results - good, bad, or indifferent.

To my surprise the folks at Sumo welcomed the challenge and express shipped out one of their Omni chairs. I pitied them...

I guess I'm old enough to remember the 70's - though I was but a young child - where it seemed that owning a shag-carpeted conversion van; the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever; bell-bottom jeans; and a bean bag chairs were rights of passage for all baby boomer families. Those 70's-era bean bags were notorious for their gaudy shapes and colors as well as their propensity to leak Styrofoam beans. The Omni didn't look like any bean bag I remember from my youth. Here's what it looks like out of the box...


What exactly were the folks at Sumo smoking when they designed this?

Fortunately the visual disconnect one experiences when first encountering the Omni is short-lived. What you're presented with is an origami-like, piece of furniture that you mold and shape into whatever form you desire. Here are a couple possibilities (underwear models not included):


The possibilities are essentially endless, which is part of the charm of the Sumo.

So was the Omni popular with the kids? Just a little bit...


So how do Sumo's products fare on the durability scale?

Frankly I'm a bit disappointed to report that, despite their best efforts, my three sons could not bruise, scuff, rip, tear, cut, nor otherwise destroy the Omni, though it wasn't for a lack of trying...


I can report that the Omni makes an excellent landing pad when jumping off couches or swinging from chandeliers (OK, the latter is pure speculation) or when you just need a safe place to do a little child tossing. The kids love it!

What I can tell you is that the chairs (modestly priced from $149 to $179) make a versatile and invaluable addition to any family room. Sumo also makes a matching ottoman which looks like a winner as well. Unfortunately for us grey Omni chair clashes with the decor of the new basement (which is nearing completion), but the chair is such a hit with the kids that we've little choice but to order a couple more in a different color - something I suspect was part of Sumo's evil plan all along... Bastards.

The good news for Wizbang readers is that the one slightly used (but thoroughly cleaned) Sumo Omni chair is now available as a gift to one lucky Wizbang reader. Want it?

Friday I will randomly select one lucky commenter to this post who will get the chair in its original packaging sent directly to them. If for some reason the person who wins doesn't want it (or fails to respond) I'll just keep drawing until I get a winner. Just to be clear, if you don't leave a valid e-mail address on your comment you aren't going to win; as I'll have no way to contact you directly...

Update: We've got a winner. The good news for everyone here is that you've still got a chance to get the chair. The winner has to choose - Let's Make A Deal style - between the chair or the mystery pot 'o cash... If they choose the cash they also get to choose who gets the chair...

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I just wanted to say that I... (Below threshold)

I just wanted to say that I think that the - oh alright, I'm just commenting to get into the drawing for the chair. After passing the Love Sack store in the mall so many times, I have a hankering for a good beanbag chair, but the pricing can be somewhat prohibitive.

Kevin, I am officially thro... (Below threshold)
Margo Demers:

Kevin, I am officially throwing my hat into the ring for the Omni chair.

I submit, for your review, my qualifications pursuant to the use of the chair:

1. I am the mother of two teenagers, one a freshman in college, and one a freshman in high school.

2. I am the wife of a traveling engineer, who, unfortunately, travels three out of four weeks of the month. This leaves me to be mother/father/cook/washer/maid/screaming banshee quite often. The chair would be beneficial to both my husband and I. I could plant my face in the middle of it to muffle screams and/or sobs; my husband could land on a soft place if, in his jet lag, he falls asleep on the way to the bed.

3. I have a 204 pound St. Bernard, a 60 pound heinz-57 shelter mutt, four rescued cats and two fish. I could keep the chair up against the wall, and when I turned it over, it wouldn't have animal hair on it.

4. Lastly, the chair is really cool.

Thank you for your consideration.

A virtually indestructable ... (Below threshold)

A virtually indestructable bean bag chair? Should be pet tested also. The manx cats our sister was raising way back when had a field day with the '70's era BBCs we owned. Needless to say, once the Styrofoam snowstorm began, the parental units banned said bags from the house.

When I was a kid in the 70'... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

When I was a kid in the 70's, my mom and dad got me and my sister each a bean bag chair. At the time, I thought I was one of the coolest kids around.

I would love a chot at the Sumo Omni chair.

Way cool! I can put it in ... (Below threshold)

Way cool! I can put it in the basement with the lava lamp, pinball machine, and jukebox!

Win or lose I may have to o... (Below threshold)

Win or lose I may have to order one of those come pay-day. Beautiful Wife and I finally paid off our matching recliners and now Boyo is starting to watch more TV with us. He needs something.

OK...I'll see your three bo... (Below threshold)

OK...I'll see your three boys and raise you 12 yr old twin boys, a 1yr old girl, a 65 lb. lab/greyhound mix, and two cats...wanna play?

BTW, I really like the blog, so this isn't just a shameless attempt to get free stuff! ;)

Oh yeah, give it to me. Lo... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, give it to me. Looks cosey and warm and I'm old and cold.

I bet my six year old boy t... (Below threshold)

I bet my six year old boy twinzillas can trash it. They're always up for a challenge. I wonder how many times I'd have to empty the vacuum cleaner to get it all up. While it still lives, it could be next to their bunk beds in case they knock each other off. Again. They could also recline comfortably while playing Commanding Generals and killing terrorists.

Reminds me of the lab-teste... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Reminds me of the lab-tested website, where the owners of a young Labrador would post the durability and enjoyment values of various pet toys.

I'll let my (soon to be) 4 ... (Below threshold)

I'll let my (soon to be) 4 year-old on it.

Child Tossing, eh? hmmmmmmmmmm

[email protected]

Ok...so who do I have to be... (Below threshold)

Ok...so who do I have to beg or threaten to get picked??!!

Okay, I confess; I'm just d... (Below threshold)

Okay, I confess; I'm just doing this for the chair.

Ooooh Oooooh Me Me!!!!... (Below threshold)

Ooooh Oooooh Me Me!!!!

Well, come to think about it, I doubt the Mrs. would like it... Grey wouldn't work with my decor either.

I'm a Big Fat Guy, let me a... (Below threshold)

I'm a Big Fat Guy, let me at it to try and pop this balloon. :)

This is just like the power... (Below threshold)

This is just like the powerball lotto! Just with less money and much friggin' better odds!!

Having just removed an expl... (Below threshold)

Having just removed an exploded waterbed from my apartment where my 6', 175 lb 13 yr old son and his 4'11", 80 lb 9 yr old brother were wrestling; I would like to throw my hat in the ring for this chair. As a divoriced dad, I wouldn't even complain about the Battleship Gray color!

I would LOVE a chair like t... (Below threshold)

I would LOVE a chair like this...my three boys are so hard on furniture. They are hard on walls, clothes, and parents as well! :p

Please pick me, Kevin!! Believe me when I say, I NEED a chair that is this sturdy...


So...did your boys test dri... (Below threshold)
Mom of 10:

So...did your boys test drive it down the stairs a few times? You can't really know how tough something is unless the kids have used it to slide down the stairs :)
Anyways, it sounds like it would be a huge hit at my house! So please, PLEASE pick me!!

(As my nic suggests, I really do have 10 kids; 5 boys, 5 girls age range from 17 to newborn.)

Jay and Paul are just hacks... (Below threshold)
Manuel Gonzalez:

Jay and Paul are just hacks you are the true talent of WizBang, and by the way that chair would look great in my house, just a thought.

well, i would love to have ... (Below threshold)

well, i would love to have i-so would my 4 yrar old banshee, but in fairness, it sounds like margo DESERVES/NEEDS it...

Kevin:You are too lu... (Below threshold)

You are too lucky. I wish my four-year old had a chance at destroying this thing, as he's destroyed most of the rest of the furniture in the house. I can't keep him off the furniture short of tying him up (I've had duct tape recommended, and I'm starting to consider it...). He climbs up and over pretty much any surface, and jumps back and forth between anything even marginally close enough.

Maybe someday I can afford to get one of these, but not this semester.

Odd, those PJs look familia... (Below threshold)

Odd, those PJs look familiar. Oh, that's right, that's the only pair that will fit my son anymore. Honey! Josh needs new PJs! To go with his new chair!

Doubtless my wife will plot... (Below threshold)

Doubtless my wife will plotz if I come home with news that I've won a grey beanbag.

But then she will sit upon the thing, and it shall cradle her, and I shall be forgiven.


Add me to the wish list as ... (Below threshold)

Add me to the wish list as well. Fond memories of bean bags and shag carpet...

Put me in for the chair, pl... (Below threshold)
Paul Schmidt:

Put me in for the chair, please. If you can include the blond model all the better!

Just want to add, that I very much enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

sweet. i ... (Below threshold)

sweet. i

I miss my basement "rec roo... (Below threshold)

I miss my basement "rec room" (i had one of those weird chairs that hung from the ceiling) so I would love this chair. If I win, can I get it autographed???

I still have my original be... (Below threshold)

I still have my original beanbag! It tries to leak styrofoam pellets but the duct tape on two spots keeps it sealed and while the kids still love it I find that it's a bit small for me now. The Sumo chair looks comfy and it's pre-tested to boot.

Hell, you don't have to hav... (Below threshold)

Hell, you don't have to have it delivered, Kevin. I'll drive over and pick it up, fer crissakes!

I never win anything, but w... (Below threshold)
Mister Tan:

I never win anything, but what the heck =) If I don't win, the review was almost enough to convince me to buy one regardless.

Forget the Omni give me tha... (Below threshold)

Forget the Omni give me that recliner! Naw, Omni looks good to me...

If I don't win, I am SO goi... (Below threshold)

If I don't win, I am SO going to blame Diebold.

OK...I'll see your... (Below threshold)
OK...I'll see your three boys and raise you 12 yr old twin boys, a 1yr old girl, a 65 lb. lab/greyhound mix, and two cats

I'll see and raise your twin boys, baby girl and sundry animals with 3yo boy/girl twins, infant girl twins, a sulking 13yo girl and 2 miniature poodles.

Yes! Yes! Free chair! YES!<... (Below threshold)

Yes! Yes! Free chair! YES!

Hey, what college student w... (Below threshold)

Hey, what college student wouldn't love one? :)

Well, I could use it. Being... (Below threshold)
Tim Mo:

Well, I could use it. Being that I'm in college and forgot to bring a chair with me. I'm good though. This looks really cool. Thanks for the chance.

OH PLEASEI am prepared... (Below threshold)
Tim McFall:


I am prepared to offer my first born (she's a pain anyway!) for the chair.


It looks perfect for snuggl... (Below threshold)

It looks perfect for snuggling down int to watch a movie!

No kids here, just my Airborne hubby (who is always complaining about how uncomfortable the couch is!) and I!

If pleading case is necessa... (Below threshold)

If pleading case is necessary... (puppy dog face) I have always wanted a bean bag chair and have always been too lazy and poor to justify buying one as they usually rip easily and spill little non-edible beans all over the floor. My roommate's old beanbag met its death to cat urine. The funeral was appropriate and conservative. As our furniture already does not match..it will match our decor perfectly. We also have a few guitars and keyboards that will look really nice being played while sitting on the new piece of furniture. If testing is a plus our apartment porch faces a lake and alligator testing is optional. Buoyancy is also an option.

If it is not necessary to plead case.....I have always wanted a bean bag chair and have always been to lazy and poor to justify buying one as they usually rip easily and spill little beans all over the floor. Plus that thing looks cool as Shi'ite.

If their is a runner up prize, please send the blond. I will pay shipping.

Please "Randomly" se... (Below threshold)

Please "Randomly" select me and I'll send ya two 8-track tapes for your nastalgia library.

Lucky for me this is a rand... (Below threshold)
kelly jeanie:

Lucky for me this is a random drawing, because there's no way I can compete with the blatant bribe attempts and case-pleading going on. ;) Thanks Kevin!

Pick me! Gray won't clash ... (Below threshold)

Pick me! Gray won't clash with our living room decor (what decor?) -- if nothing matches, nothing clashes. It looks like a good chair to snuggle our 4yr old and 21 month old boys and maybe the 60 lb german wirehaired pointer can enjoy the Omni every now and again.

I'm ought to buy a couple o... (Below threshold)

I'm ought to buy a couple of these before the next time my daughter's youth group - about 40 teenagers - meets here for a movie night. But since we're on a limited budget, I'd LOVE to win this one.
::: crossing fingers :::

I loved reading about your ... (Below threshold)

I loved reading about your Sumo test drive! One of my two recliners broke last week, and I can't afford to replace it with another. Thanks for writing about this potential replacement.

Looks cool!... (Below threshold)

Looks cool!

Pick me! Pick me!... (Below threshold)

Pick me! Pick me!

I'm in desperate need of a cheap thrill.

Sure, I'd like it. I've got... (Below threshold)

Sure, I'd like it. I've got two toddlers (girls even), and they have attempted to destroy our couch. It sould be nice to have a piece of furniture that I could allow them to jump on.

Oh yeah. We had both a red... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah. We had both a red and a flourescent green vinyl bags growing up - used them all the time until the cats started using them as a cat box.

Thankfully, I have no cats now. But this would be great for practicing touch-an-go's from the bunk bed!

What a cool chair for three... (Below threshold)

What a cool chair for three brothers and a sister age 7,5,3 and 1 during the day, and a great place for one tired dad to relax at night and catch-up on his reading at Wizbang Pop! Our boys have almost destroyed every other chair in the basement, so it would be a nice challange for them with the Sumo. I'd even send pictures of the boys in action and compare notes with you Kevin!

Cool chair! But more impor... (Below threshold)

Cool chair! But more importantly, I am glad to know that my young children aren't the only ones who insist on running around in their underwear!
And we have the same pj's except in pink and blue.

Your kids are awesome - BTW!

70's ?? when was that ??</p... (Below threshold)

70's ?? when was that ??

actually my parents had an old bean bag that barely survived till I was a couple years old. I think using it as an airbag for my first bike may have finished it off.

Count me in !... (Below threshold)

Count me in !

My wife forwarded this post... (Below threshold)
Corey J:

My wife forwarded this post to me. Looks like a cool chair!

As it stands right now, I h... (Below threshold)

As it stands right now, I have a lovely corner in the living room where the chair can live, complete with Miniature Pinscher and DMH (front claws detached). It'll make for good stadium seating in front of the big TV for movies that blow back your hair.

Count me in!

I wonder how many hound dog... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many hound dogs that thing will hold?

I would be honored to give ... (Below threshold)
Bob Blick:

I would be honored to give it a go. My son would give it a work out. Thanks. Bob

Well, since he's picking ra... (Below threshold)

Well, since he's picking randomly, it doesn't really matter what I say here, eh? :-)

I've got two boys (age 9 an... (Below threshold)

I've got two boys (age 9 and 8), and currently when I toss them onto the glass coffee table or into the fireplace, they complain.

While I don't want to raise whiners, I can't help but think that maybe I should take it down a notch and find a softer landing area for them. So add my name to the drawing, please. Thanks.

Nice Review. Now can it su... (Below threshold)

Nice Review. Now can it survive a Cub Scout Den meeting?

I have a 4 year old who lik... (Below threshold)

I have a 4 year old who likes to use me as a landing pad. It would be nice to give him an alternative before he kills me by jumping when I am not looking.

You could save a life...

I betcha my two cats and mo... (Below threshold)

I betcha my two cats and mother-in-laws often visiting Yorkie can tear that sucker up like a bloated sheep carcass....

I'm betting that 3 cats, an... (Below threshold)

I'm betting that 3 cats, an 8 year old and a 19 year old daughter can put that sucker to some good use. Add me into the contest.

charles posted:"well... (Below threshold)

charles posted:
"well, i would love to have i-so would my 4 yrar old banshee, but in fairness, it sounds like margo DESERVES/NEEDS it..."

I am going to echo that sentiment (thought it the minute I read it...).

charles posted:"well... (Below threshold)

charles posted:
"well, i would love to have i-so would my 4 yrar old banshee, but in fairness, it sounds like margo DESERVES/NEEDS it..."

I am going to echo that sentiment (thought it the minute I read it...).

I'd go for it, but <a href=... (Below threshold)

I'd go for it, but where would I put it?

Eh. Guess I'll just have to find a place for it.

Count me in. 3 Kids (and 2... (Below threshold)

Count me in. 3 Kids (and 2 on the way via adoption).

what the hey....I'll put my... (Below threshold)

what the hey....I'll put my name in the Sumo hat. I know 2 little girls who would put this to the test.


I'd like to be in the drawi... (Below threshold)

I'd like to be in the drawing as well. That chair looks way too comfy. And if your boys can't destroy it, neither can my cats. Not that I would challenge them!

I didn't see the where Wizb... (Below threshold)

I didn't see the where Wizbangers and their families are excuded did I? Did I? lol

It will look great next to ... (Below threshold)
Chaz V:

It will look great next to my 8-track player.

I saw someone else with a r... (Below threshold)

I saw someone else with a review of this chair about a week ago (Was it the Captain from Captains Quarters?) and thought about buying one.

Seems like a bit of a steep price though. Will have to look into it.

I will say that a 80 pound ... (Below threshold)

I will say that a 80 pound Weim will have a ball on this....

Promise to send live action shots of Mr. Destructo.

I need to post a comment he... (Below threshold)
Arthur Kimes:

I need to post a comment here as there were only 65 comments when I read this note. That makes it far too easy for the wrong person to win this chair. And if I wind up winning it, well I'm just man enough to take that bullet!

I think I'm gonna have to o... (Below threshold)

I think I'm gonna have to order one. They look pretty cool. The price seems a little steep though.

Something for nothing. You... (Below threshold)

Something for nothing. You can't beat that!

Well, ... (Below threshold)


As I don't have any kids (at least none of which I'm aware), this wouldn't be used for anything more than the comfort of my own sore ass..

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go soak my anus in some epsom salts..

I comment, therefore I am e... (Below threshold)

I comment, therefore I am elgible. I've seen these guys at several different blogs. I suspect that this sort of "Try a free sample, if you will write whatever you want" are going to catch on. I don't know what one of you Blogads go for, but I have to think a lengthy post like this has to be worth more.

As a college student, I sub... (Below threshold)

As a college student, I submit that I would be an excellent candidate for that chair.

Your tests appear very thorough, but have you done the PetTest yet - specifically large breed dogs?

At my age, the "form fittin... (Below threshold)

At my age, the "form fitting" nature of a beanbag chair would eliminate the physical pressure points of sitting/lying around.

The emotional pressure points of daily life will continue, however.

Sign me up for the "random draw".

As a bureaucrat, I can guar... (Below threshold)

As a bureaucrat, I can guarantee that if I win the bean bag, that you will get the most amusing digital pictures of its new home. The federal building that I work in is a uniform gray-blue color that the bag will blend directly into. The fun lies in the details - will anyone notice the bean bag, even though it can sit like a chameleon in my cubical? Now that I'm past my probationary period and a member of the union, is sitting in the bean bag a fire-able/disciplinary-able offense? Are there any pertinent government regulations to stop me from doing it? And if so, can I circumvent them with an inventively filled out form (For medical necessity? Reasonable accommodation? Cultural significance?) And most importantly, how will I get it past the security guards and metal detectors that barely fit my lunch through them? Oh, the fun I could have.

Hrm, you can add me into th... (Below threshold)

Hrm, you can add me into the prize listing too!

That thing looks comfortable for reading.

It's amazing how many peopl... (Below threshold)

It's amazing how many people show up for something free;)I am new to the Blog world...I would also like to plead my case for this cool chair.When I moved in with my boyfriend, he had a wonderful,expensive suede beanbag.I came with a cat,which was non-negotiable,she took it upon herself to make him bitterly regret her presence by rendering the chair unusable(she is now declawed).I would like to ask for this for him,to replace the one he lost because he only screamed and cursed for a few days...

My dogs, two great danes (1... (Below threshold)

My dogs, two great danes (1.5 & 2.75 yrs old) destroyed a pet version love sac in nothing flat (4 days). My teenage daughter hasn't yet killed hers. I'd like to test the Sumo in a live fire environment.

Oooo! Oooo!! pick me!... (Below threshold)

Oooo! Oooo!! pick me!

[email protected]

Hook me up!... (Below threshold)

Hook me up!

As a young adult working in... (Below threshold)

As a young adult working in sales, most of my furniture comes from garage sales and Goodwill. And because I am engaged to be married, all of my comfortable yet ugly furniture will finally meet it's maker when my Wife moves into my house. So I think I should get the Omni because while it is extremely comfortable, it's still kinda ugly, and will allow some bit of comfort in the Ikea world I will soon inhabit.

I want the red one with the... (Below threshold)

I want the red one with the computer monitor.....

Hey, I'm just as random as ... (Below threshold)

Hey, I'm just as random as anybody else (I've even been called a standard deviate - is that good?).

I'll buy the store if it co... (Below threshold)

I'll buy the store if it comes with the honey.

Are you just trying to get ... (Below threshold)

Are you just trying to get lurkers to de-lurk?

It worked!

This would so make up for n... (Below threshold)

This would so make up for not winning Powerball...almost.

Here's relying on the rando... (Below threshold)

Here's relying on the randomness factor. It didn't work for me in the Powerball, but I didn't enter that on eeither.

I would like to win the cha... (Below threshold)
Christopher Sanders:

I would like to win the chair. I live in a fifth wheel trailer and furniture that can be stored during travel is a real plus.

Judging by the number of co... (Below threshold)

Judging by the number of comments on this thread, I have about as good of a chance of winning this as I do landing a date with that intelligent young lady modeling the chair.

It fits in with my family r... (Below threshold)

It fits in with my family room color scheme perfectly, I have a 13- and an 10-year old (both boys), and I loved my 1970s yellow vinyl bean bag chair!


Pick me! Pick me! I have 2 ... (Below threshold)

Pick me! Pick me! I have 2 12 year-old boys who would love it, and the grey would not clash with our famiy room!!! Please! Please! Pretty Please!!!!

PS- I'll even pay for shipp... (Below threshold)

PS- I'll even pay for shipping! *frantically looking for checkbook*

My 2 year old would absolut... (Below threshold)

My 2 year old would absolutely LOVE to have something soft like that to land on. I fondly remember having a few of those to land on when I did the flying leaps as a child of the 70's... and mine DID shoot out the styrofoam balls all the time. In fact, that was almost the whole point of landing so hard on them... seeing how far the balls would fly/float.

Ah... good memories.

So my hat is officially in the ring.

Last January, I decided to ... (Below threshold)

Last January, I decided to follow Kevin's recommendation for buying a new television: the Samsung HL-S5679W due for release this spring. So since I'm buying Kevin's preferred TV, I think I need his chair as well. Unlike most other commenters who boast of the many destructive forces infesting their homes, I can offer the Sumo chair a congenial, stress-free future completely lacking in vomiting children, clawing pets, and beer-soaked spouses (also vomiting). And gray is the perfect color for my home.

One of these things is not ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

One of these things is not like the other,
one of these things doesn't belong..

Wow...my second comment in ... (Below threshold)

Wow...my second comment in less than a week ...hope I win !

Kevin,Is that your n... (Below threshold)

Is that your nanny in the orange one?

My kids would love it too.

Your boys are quite handsome, bet they had a good time.

Pick me, Pick me! I live o... (Below threshold)

Pick me, Pick me! I live on a tiny military base with crappy bamboo/tropical print furniture. I need something cool and comfortable to sit on while surfing the blogosphere!

Wizbang Ruels!!!

{/lurk}And the blo... (Below threshold)


And the blogosphere moves one step closer to radio, running contests to count readers/listeners.

Works for me.


Sorry about the spelling...... (Below threshold)

Sorry about the spelling.....

Wizbang Rules!!!

If you don't enter, you can... (Below threshold)
Brian the Adequate:

If you don't enter, you can't win

My baby just turned 13 toda... (Below threshold)
Teri Lester:

My baby just turned 13 today, meaning I will have three teenagers for the next 2 yrs 10 months (omigod, that means my oldest is almost 20!!!!!)

Obviously I really need this chair - so I have something to hide under for the next several years!!!!!

Starting up P.E.T.C.I.F.W.G... (Below threshold)

Starting up P.E.T.C.I.F.W.G.B. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Cool, Indestructible, Formerly Wizbang-ed Gray Beanbags).

Not the easiest acronym for a T-shirt or mug, but, hey, we're a pretty mellow group.

HEY! They should have cont... (Below threshold)

HEY! They should have contacted me! Waaahhhh.

I want it! Pick me! Pick me! I neeeeeeeed it but I can't afford one!

Ok. You've proven that it c... (Below threshold)

Ok. You've proven that it can deal with three kids. I propose doubling the test group. We have 6. They'll really put it through its paces. Pick us! Pick us!
Kin and the kinder.

Sounds like an awesome chai... (Below threshold)

Sounds like an awesome chair. I have to wonder if my nine year old and three old couldn't destroy it. I'd like to throw my name in for consideration. If I recall properly, I'm somewhat local to you (I'm in Leesburg) and could arrange to pick the item up and save everyone on shipping...



Hoo Ha, I'll take the bean ... (Below threshold)
Mike Friedman:

Hoo Ha, I'll take the bean bag!!

I haven't had the best of l... (Below threshold)

I haven't had the best of luch with bean bag chairs. I'd like to give this one a try...

The only thing lacking in m... (Below threshold)

The only thing lacking in my life is an Omni chair. Please complete my circle of happiness.

i'm in!... (Below threshold)

i'm in!

I would love a Sumo chair! ... (Below threshold)

I would love a Sumo chair! Thank you...

"HEH" :)... (Below threshold)
Cat G:

"HEH" :)

I think it needs some "adul... (Below threshold)

I think it needs some "adult" testing ;-)

Me too! Me too!... (Below threshold)

Me too! Me too!

Funny, I google bean bag, n... (Below threshold)

Funny, I google bean bag, now that the Rottweiler mistook my old one for a fire hydrant, and where do I end up???

GIMME THE DAMN BAG!!.....pl... (Below threshold)

GIMME THE DAMN BAG!!.....please..... :-)

Kevin,I'd love to ... (Below threshold)
D. Doré:


I'd love to randomly be selected for this. I don't have a sob story to tell you, or pictures of my family to share with you. I also won't tell you how this Sumo Bag will help feed 700 people left homeless by Katrina or give air conditioning to our beloved troops in harms way.

I will say that: If you send this bag to mesablue first.... I definitely WON'T want it afterwards!







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