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Bad Santa gets coal in stocking

I've written before about New England's own Bad Santa, Richard J. Mullen. First he was arrested for wandering into a Salem, New Hampshire mall in his Santa suit and repeatedly dropping trou. Then he was arrested at Boston Children's Hospital (where he used to volunteer, but was banned from after the pants incident) while carrying a balloon and a pack of condoms. He also was convicted of loitering in a high school bathroom, and is on parole for that.

Well, he pleaded guilty to the trespassing charge at the hospital, and the judge threw the book at this pervert.

Oh, who am I kidding? He got 30 days -- with credit for time served. He could be free in two weeks.

Luckily, he's still facing New Hampshire charges, and we take a slightly dimmer view of such things.


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Do you realize the price of... (Below threshold)

Do you realize the price of coal these days?

When you consider the punis... (Below threshold)

When you consider the punishment Fat Ted got for KILLING Mary JO, they went hard on this guy!

Jay, I meant to mention thi... (Below threshold)

Jay, I meant to mention this earlier when you last posted on this whackball. You left out of your last two posts his getting caught trespassing at a Massachusetts high school (middle school maybe?) saying he was looking for his daughter. This happened after the Santa incident, and before the hospital one.

With any luck, his next stunt will involve breaking into my house to pose a threat to my children.

New .45-caliber handgun, $400
Box of 230 gr. jacketed hollowpoints, $20
Ridding the world of this loser before he hurts someone - priceless.

Removing this loser from society






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