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Headline Of The Day - You Can't Make This Stuff Up Edition

'Jurassic beaver' unearthed in China
I'm guessing that Jurassic Beaver is also a title you'd probably do well to avoid at the video store...

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Since I hit the big four-oh... (Below threshold)

Since I hit the big four-oh, that's about all I can hope for...

jmaster, RUSSIA!... (Below threshold)

jmaster, RUSSIA!

Well gee, bryanD,N... (Below threshold)

Well gee, bryanD,

Now, not only do I feel old, but completely out of touch too.

WTF does Russia have to do with this?

He means they have more....... (Below threshold)

He means they have more.....cretaceous beaver there, for a price (shipping included).

If this means someone burie... (Below threshold)

If this means someone buried Helen Thomas over there I'm going really dissapointed someone dug her up.

jmaster- There is "more to ... (Below threshold)

jmaster- There is "more to it" but You can start by googling the words "russian bride"

I am reminded of a Yakov Sm... (Below threshold)

I am reminded of a Yakov Smirnoff joke:

"In America, if you walk in on woman in ladies' room, she screams. In Russia, if you walk in on woman in ladies' room, you scream."

Then I followed Paul's search-term advice above, and now my whole concept of Russian femininity has been shaken. I think I need to go lie down.

I wonder what happens if yo... (Below threshold)

I wonder what happens if you google "Jurassic Beaver" in China?

I pity the fool who follows... (Below threshold)

I pity the fool who follows the search engine to this site thinking he was going to get a free sample of Russian Beaver.

Hmpf. Jurassic Otter would... (Below threshold)

Hmpf. Jurassic Otter would have been more appropriate, but obviously the AP headline (or was it MSN) writer had something else on HIS mind...






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