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Our Baby Is Growing Up...

The Wizbang Bomb Squad got (to my knowledge) it's first Instalanche, and I've not even put out an announcement e-mail yet...

I've refrained from doing an official announcement of the the open author registrations at the Bomb Squad and Wizbang Sports, since there's also plans to add that functionality to the Tech site (refocusing it as a mix between /. and Engadget) and at least 2 new sites scheduled for later next week, Wizbang Baby and Wizbang Politics.

A friendly reminder to Bomb Squaders, unlike Terrell Owens and his ilk, showboating over an Instalanche (or other such link) in print - this initial notice excepted - is frowned on here. While there's nothing particularly wrong with showing you're excitement, I'm just not a big fan of the "Welcome XXX readers" update tags. What about all of those who didn't come from that site? Aren't they welcome too?

As any high school or college coach would tell you about end zone celebrations, "Act like you've been there before." Same goes for Instalanches.


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Comments (5)

heh.somebody had t... (Below threshold)


somebody had to do it.

Indeed.... (Below threshold)


But coach, I haven't been t... (Below threshold)

But coach, I haven't been there before.

You don't see anything wron... (Below threshold)

You don't see anything wrong with showing you are excitement?

Proofreading is a good habit. If poor grammar is not a priority it hurts the credibility of the content.

SHIT! Congratulations! I'm ... (Below threshold)

SHIT! Congratulations! I'm glad I'm already registered here ahead of the flood and the subsequent "comment section is temporarily(sic) closed" (stuck-up punks!).






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