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Let's Make A Deal

Remember this piece of furniture, the Sumo Omni?


Well after torturing it a bit, then reviewing it, I decided to give it away. I conducted a random draw of all those who express interest and Pedrovex is the lucky random winner.

Let's Make A Deal

To throw a bit of a wrinkle into the proceedings I'm giving Pedrovex the opportunity to either take said chair, or gift it to any of the other commenters to the original post.

Should he choose to give away the chair I will give him a pre-determined amount of cash. The catch is that the pile of cash may be more, or may be less, that the actual value of the chair.

The decision as to whether to take the chair, or to trade it for what's behind Door #1 is Pedrovex's, and he's got the weekend to make it. I'm sure you'll all have advice for him...

Update: Pedrovex has elected to keep the chair which, considering that the mystery pile of cash was actually $50, was probably the right choice...

Comments (23)

Pedrovex: If you give me th... (Below threshold)

Pedrovex: If you give me the chair, I will give you ten (count 'em ten) American dollars. That should make your decision quite simple.

To sweeten the deal, I will also re-name my dog Pedrovex.

(His name is already Pedro,... (Below threshold)

(His name is already Pedro, so it shouldn't affect him too much.)

And how could you say no to... (Below threshold)

And how could you say no to this little puppy?

(If I haven't made myself c... (Below threshold)

(If I haven't made myself clear, I would really like to have the chair. Just wanted to make sure that was obvious.)

Since when was "She earned ... (Below threshold)

Since when was "She earned her degree in IT 9somethingor other) and has worked in the IT field for nine years" the resulting translation from "She has a webcam and will be available to do Lord-only-knows-what if you log in and pay a fee"? Yikes... our IT girls, and boys for that matter, have nothing on Tisha from SLC, UT!

Pedrovex: Let's up the ante... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Pedrovex: Let's up the ante. Assuming that the toothsome young lady in the lower photo delivers the chair, I will name our next child "Pedrovex".

Sadly, I have nothing to na... (Below threshold)

Sadly, I have nothing to name after you, Pedrovex. Not even a chair.

I will tatoo the name Petro... (Below threshold)

I will tatoo the name Petrovex on my inner hip if you give me the bean bag and an autographed photo of Howie Mandel.

j/k but I will take an aut... (Below threshold)

j/k but I will take an autographed picture of the girl on the right.

you can keep the autograph.... (Below threshold)

you can keep the autograph...I will take the girl on the right!

no, not that one...I mean the girl in the picture! ROWR!

"And how could you say no t... (Below threshold)

"And how could you say no to this little puppy?"

Simple, just look here!


rick13: Pedro <a hre... (Below threshold)

rick13: Pedro feels Chica's pain.

I'm not going to stoop so l... (Below threshold)

I'm not going to stoop so low as to beg for a bean bag chair. In fact, even if you want to give it to me I won't take it! No way! You couldn't pay me to take that chair!

P.S. I could be lying - are you a gambler?

I'm pulling the gender card... (Below threshold)

I'm pulling the gender card and the pity card...I'm the only woman who's asked, and at the least the FIRST. AND I'm an unemployed single mother with a 7 year-old daughter who might actually decide to sleep in her own room rather than in mine, if we had the Omni.
And I am a cancer survivor. I've had six operations on my back. I have a ten year-old car into which I just put $1000 in repairs. My roof leaks. I need a haircut. I can't afford to buy more furniture.

OK, pleeeeeease? :-D

And now I just showed it to... (Below threshold)

And now I just showed it to my daughter and she REEEEEALLLY wants it.

Give it to Beth, maybe she'... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Give it to Beth, maybe she'll rename her daughter.

Should you decide to take... (Below threshold)

Should you decide to take the money and give ME the chair I also have an offer. You can have an ADDITIONAL pre-determined amount of cash. The pile of cash may be more, or may be less, than the first pile you got. But, due to the magic of ADDITION, both piles together will be greater than the first pile.
The fact that you took the money means that cash can motivate you. Therefore, my ADDITIONAL cash surely must give you ADDITIONAL motivation.

And where are Jay Stewart a... (Below threshold)

And where are Jay Stewart and Carol Merrill when we need them?????

"I'll take the curtain".....

Give it to Beth, maybe s... (Below threshold)

Give it to Beth, maybe she'll rename her daughter.


I'm too broke to offer any ... (Below threshold)

I'm too broke to offer any bribes, but my boys could really use a soft surface to land on after they jump off the top bunk to try to catch the ceiling fan. They think it will spin them around. And they're supposed to be bright (according to their teachers)

Have pity on the poor colle... (Below threshold)

Have pity on the poor college kid, gift it to me!

As a side note: now quickly we rush to metaphorical whoredom over a bean bag chair!

Sorry, Beth, I was on the l... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Beth, I was on the list as asking for the chair, and I'm female, too (didn't check if you asked before I did... still don't assume gender based on anonymous-ish blog comment names). I've got a 3-yr-old, a 1-yr-old, and one in the oven (due to arrive in June), and it would be nice to have a piece of furniture they couldn't destroy.

I can't compete with the other details, though. ;) Oh, and I've got no bribes to offer Pedrovex.

Sorry posters, I've decided... (Below threshold)

Sorry posters, I've decided to take the prized chair. Chris, its never to late to give your dog a last name and OldCoot it is never to late to name your next kid after Chris's dogs new name. Hoodlumman, if I didn't keep the prize you would of definitely of had it, there is nothing more moving then a stranger talking about Howie Mandel while tatooing your fake name into his/her flesh.






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