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Sheehanigans on Fox

Cindy Sheehan was just on Fox News peddling her brand of moonbattiness. During her interview she said that when in Venezuela she spoke with Chavez about how our two countries could forge bonds that don't involve violence. When asked about Chavez's little habit of detaining and torturing his own citizens, she said this: the American government does it, too.

The logic of moonbats on display.

Expose the Left has the video.

Oops. Forgot to mention Kim Priestap blogs at Kim Priestap: A Conservative Blog in Flyover Country


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Comments (12)

And I saw a blurb that the ... (Below threshold)

And I saw a blurb that the Ditch Witch is heading down here to New Orleans. Just what we need...

Doesn't anyone ever CALL th... (Below threshold)

Doesn't anyone ever CALL that frigging lunatic on these wild claims she makes?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes don't you ... (Below threshold)

Sometimes don't you wonder if Karl Rove is actually needed?

I suspect that's her respon... (Below threshold)

I suspect that's her response to every criticism about another country: the U.S. does it too.

This woman has the intellig... (Below threshold)
Charles Bannerman:

This woman has the intelligence of a turnip. Why would anyone want to hear her babble?

Chuck, please don't insult ... (Below threshold)
Michael Herndon:

Chuck, please don't insult turnips.

I'm no big fan of Sheehan's... (Below threshold)

I'm no big fan of Sheehan's, and Chavez is a despot with a good P.R. sense, but... uh... don't we? Torture and detain our own citizens, I mean?

Whether you think that's a legitimate course of action is a matter of opinion, but that we actually do it is a matter of fact.

Hey it's Cindy Shannon!... (Below threshold)

Hey it's Cindy Shannon!

You would think Cindy would... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

You would think Cindy would know better. Afterall, "Any activity we conduct is within the law. We do not torture. "said President George W. Bush... These intergoation strategies are the ones Dubya and the Penatagon think are the best way forward to fight the war on terrorism and we are seeng the results ."Military interrogators "are adamant that their interrogation strategies are the best ones to use despite a lack of evidence of their success," (and that is only in Gitmo) never mind the Middle East, and how they are viewed by moderate Arabs. It must be like putting a match to a gas drenched service station.

I'd be the last to say we'r... (Below threshold)

I'd be the last to say we're perfect, but Shannon... it doesn't take saying we're perfect in order to say that someone else is worse. Which prison system would *you* rather be in? Which country would *you* rather stand at a podium and make yourself heard denouncing the president?

Heh, so I watched it. The ... (Below threshold)

Heh, so I watched it. The newslady asked Cindy if *she* was treated the way Chaves treats his people when she was protesting at Bush's ranch. She didn't answer (as we know, the answer would be no). I wish the newslady had responded when Cindy said that she opposes that treatment no matter who is doing it no matter what country it is, and asked her if she took the opportunity to denounce Chaves. But I guess they were out of time.

Is Cindy's 15 minutes EVER ... (Below threshold)

Is Cindy's 15 minutes EVER going to end?






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